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Our Guide to Tackling Stress

Sweaty palms, stomach pains, cold sweats, disturbed sleeping patterns, inexplicable moodiness… Everyone suffers stress in different ways. What's for sure is that no two people are alike, especially when faced with troubling situations which make our hearts race and our blood pressures rise.

We can trace stress back to the beginning of time; when our ancestors had to hunt to find food and ended up finding themselves face to face with scary, wild beasts, and a psychological reaction forced them to huddle up into a ball to protect themselves. Here’s some good news for you, stress isn’t an emotion but rather a psychological reaction that fades away when the cause of the problem is tackled. 

Here are 6 effective tips to tackle stress.

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1) Breathe!

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of taking deep breaths: deep breaths help to calm us down in tense situations. Learn to breathe deeply through your nose and exhale slowly whilst gently contracting your abdominal muscles, after only a few minutes of deep breathing, you’ll feel relaxed and calm once again.

2) Listen!

Listen to some calming music or sounds to fully relax yourself. Have a little jam session and try to find the music that works for you. From Mozart to Coldplay or even the sounds of dolphins, the possibilities are endless! The principle is simple, in order to destress with music, you have to dedicate a few minutes each day, or more, if you have the time, listening to what relaxes you, and eventually you’ll figure out how to totally let go of your stress.

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3) Laugh!

Yes, laughing is a great way to destress, so do more of it! Laughing triggers muscular and breathing reactions and secretes endorphins, which spread through your brain and help you feel better. Find what works for you and has you in stiches, maybe watching comedy films, looking at joke websites or simply spending more time with your friends?… Just laugh! Try forcing yourself to smile too, especially when you are confronted by a tough situation. It may seem a bit forced at the beginning, but you’ll eventually realize that a smile helps put things into perspective and calm you down.

4) Sing!

Firstly because signing means working on your breathing and secondly because your vocal cords are directly connected to your emotional state. The more stressed you are, the more tense your vocal cords become; signing helps loosen them up and releases the tension. By singing you’ll notice your energy will be more positive, and your breathing will be more controlled. So, to hell with being embarrassed, sing wherever and whenever you can: in the shower, in the car, whilst cooking, in a choir or doing karaoke…

5) Foot massages

The Chinese have used orthopedic reflexology for centuries, as well as the Russians who always get their feet massaged before going to sleep at night, they both appreciate the benefits of this ancient method of relaxation. The principle is simple, all of our organs have a connecting point located in the arch of our feet, and by stimulating these points through massage, we can unknot aches, pains and even stress! Try it, you’ll soon fall in love with the technique.

6) The Fixed astrological signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Those born under the Fixed astrological signs are symbolized by the tortoise and the fable of the fountain. ‘Running is pointless, we just have to start moving at the right moment…’ With this in mind, they’ll take off at the right moment. Those with the Fixed astrologic signs are slow and steady workers and their meticulousness means their work is normally faultless, although on the downside of things, their thoroughness can stop them from seeing the bigger picture, as they often too focused on small details. It’s up to you to teach them to work fluidly and efficiently.

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