Pluto Is In Aquarius Until 2043! Time For Big Social Change

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Pluto entered Aquarius on January 21, 2024, and is set to cause some huge waves! This planetary transit is a significant one because Pluto only changes zodiac sign every 20 years. Plus; the last time it settled in Aquarius was during the French Revolution ๐Ÿ™ˆ. Oops, well, in any case, we might as well just throw everything out the window, whether it's on a personal or global level. In short, this planetary movement hints at revolutions, so don't be surprised if your life starts to change dramatically.

Pluto Is In Aquarius Until 2043! Time For Big Social Change

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Pluto in Aquarius, my revolution!

Attention please, a big phase of change ahead. Do you think I'm exaggerating? So, a little historical point ๐Ÿง, which I already announced in my 2024 horoscope (#proud), to show you how significant Pluto entering Aquarius is, like a real tsunami. During the French Revolution or even during the drafting of the United States Constitution, Pluto was in Aquarius. 

Despite being a dwarf planet and slow, when it enters Aquarius, it takes on a mischievous air. It encourages revolts, breaks down barriers, and throws social order into chaos ๐Ÿงจ. In the midst of all this? We want change and we want it now! More progressive, but also more explosive than ever, we aspire to evolutions and transformations. And transformations, we will have time to see coming. Firstly, because the phase of change that began on March 23, 2023, was just a taste of what awaits us, since Pluto will be well settled in Aquarius in 2024. Secondly: Pluto enters Aquarius to stay until... March 2043. That means we have plenty of time to prepare for our small and large revolts. ๐Ÿ—“๏ธ Pluto enters Aquarius from January 21 to September 2, 2024. Finally, after retrogradation, it will definitively settle in Aquarius on November 20, 2024, to stay until early March 2043.

Pluto in Aquarius dates ๐Ÿ—“๏ธ; 

Pluto was in Aquarius during the following periods:
  • February 7, 1912 โ€“ March 23, 1914
  • June 6, 1914 โ€“ November 14, 1914
  • April 8, 1995 โ€“ November 9, 1995
  • January 18, 1996 โ€“ April 20, 2023
  • June 11, 2023 โ€“ January 21, 2044
Pluto will be in Aquarius during the following future periods:
  • March 23, 2044 โ€“ July 1, 2044
  • September 4, 2067 โ€“ November 20, 2067
  • January 22, 2068 โ€“ June 30, 2068
Beyond these dates, Pluto's movements into Aquarius will continue in the distant future, but exact dates beyond the ones mentioned are subject to further calculations and observations.

Pluto in Aquarius until 2043

๐Ÿ—“๏ธ Pluto will be in Aquarius from January 21 to September 2, 2024. Finally, after retrograde, he will definitively settle in Aquarius on November 20, 2024, and stay there until the beginning of March 2043.

My tips on how to deal with Pluto in Aquarius

  • Accept change: Pluto is the boss of change, the kind that shakes everything up. So, don't resist, let yourself be carried away by the wave ๐ŸŒŠ. It's time to make room for something new.
  • A little inner check-up: With Pluto, we dive into the deep end of self-analysis. It's time to pause, to take out your little notebook ๐Ÿ““ and ask yourself what really makes you tick. It's also time to sort through our ideas and see what deserves to be kept.
  • Be supportive and open-minded: It's a bit like a big celebration of solidarity and open-mindedness ๐Ÿฅณ. Meet people, share, lend a hand. You'll see, it feels good!
  • Dive into spirituality: It's time to connect with our inner selves, to do some yoga ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ or meditation.
  • Take care of your soul: Pluto's transits can make you think deeply. So, don't forget to take care of yourself. Confide in a friend, exercise, rest.


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Pluto in Aquarius meaning: Pluto = transformation + Aquarius = contestation

Pluto alone encompasses many taboos: death, mourning, anxieties, sexuality, impulses, manipulation, power, occult sciences, etc. But it also symbolizes, above all, transformation and metamorphosis. The idea of mourning is very strong with Pluto, and since there's no gentle way to put it, you'll have to get used to the idea that we're all going to lose something or someone ๐Ÿ˜ฒ. But enough with the pathos, the main idea is to die, yes, but to be reborn better, to divest ourselves in order to gain depth and wisdom. A blessing in disguise, so to speak ๐Ÿ‘! 

โ™’ With Aquarius, it's contestation and indignation that prevail, along with an intense desire for freedom and a fierce determination not to be oppressed. Hence, it's understandable why with Pluto in Aquarius there are profound reassessments and desires for destruction. However, destruction can happen gently (if possible ๐Ÿ˜‡!), especially since Aquarius is there for that. Its avant-garde side helps to envision the subsequent reconstruction.

The slower a planet is, the stronger its effects are

As a reminder, in astrology, the slower a planet is, the rarer its transits are and the more important they are. Pluto is what we call a very slow planet. It is generational; many of us have Pluto in the same sign over several generations! It must be said that Pluto completes its revolution around the Sun in more or less 248 years. Likewise, it remains in a sign for more or less 21 years.

What influence does this have on your astrological sign?

After a period of transit of Pluto in Capricorn where we were obliged to manage alone, in an individualistic way sometimes, to find the system D to get by, in a very concrete way, Pluto in Aquarius brings us back to more open-mindedness, to the power of solidarity and to the rise of spirituality. With him, we get to the bottom of things, it is impossible to remain in the superficial.

  • Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio: it's time for a deep mutation, for questions to be asked. On the positive side, Scorpio, with Pluto as its ruling planet, knows all about it. Taurus, will still have a hard time letting go of their little habits, their little comforts, but no choice, when you have to go, you have to go.
  • Leo: you'll have to put your pride aside, an initiatory path is opening before you, but you'll come out of it grown up when you'll have accepted to let go of a contract or an important union. Strength & honor to you.
  • Aquarius: this is a time of stripping away. You could lose a loved one, a reference person, money, a job etc... You will come out richer with a new outlook on life. Oh, I see you coming, no need to freak out, this is about grabbing Pluto's hand and moving forward, rich with its teachings. Don't see Pluto as a destroyer.
  • Aries, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius: Bingo, you are clearly the big winners, Pluto allows you to better understand yourself, others and even make some positive changes in your life.
  • Cancer, Capricorn: it will be less spectacular, but you feel relieved and calmed.
  • Virgo, Pisces: it's an in-between time, one minute it's positive, the next it's negative... Take heart.
If we just go by Pluto's Transit in relation to your Sun's position in your astrological sign, you will be affected in the next 3 years (i.e. by spring 2026) by this influence if your Sun is between 0 and 5 degrees from your sign. If your Sun is at 15 degrees, for example, Pluto will have an impact on you later on...

According to your birth chart, you should already see what influence Pluto has on your rising sign, in addition to your zodiac sign. Also, if you have several planets in Aquarius, Pluto will pass over these planets at some point during its transit in Aquarius. This will produce a particular event and climate. โžก๏ธ For example, if you are Gemini, so your Sun is in Gemini. Pluto is well-connected to your Sun since it is in Aquarius, a "friendly" sign to yours. You will therefore receive positive influences from him. However, let's imagine that your Venus is in Aquarius (at 2 degrees of Aquarius). Well, when Pluto passes over your Venus (at 2 degrees of Aquarius), it will certainly lead to the definitive end of a sentimental relationship. For these details, obviously, a consultation with an astrologer can help.

The influence of Pluto according to its position in the astrological houses

What Pluto means when it's in the 1st house

You have an astonishing ability to regenerate, to emerge from crises. You are a rather mysterious, secretive person who can sometimes be seen as individualistic... In any case, you navigate major reevaluations more easily than others. Individuals with Pluto in the 1st House often have strong impulses and sexuality, although this varies depending on the natal chart. Note: If Pluto in the 1st House is Conjunct the Ascendant (+/-10 degrees orb), it may indicate that there was anxiety around you or real danger at the time of your birth.

The meaning of Pluto in the 2nd house

You have excellent financial intuition and can speculate brilliantly. For you, money is primarily a tool of power. You need wealth, possessions to reassure yourself. Depending on the rest of the chart, you may even fall into compulsive behavior, consumerism, becoming addicted to purchases as one becomes dependent on alcohol, drugs... Conversely, Pluto in the 2nd House can lead you to seek more spiritual acquisitions, to lose interest completely in material goods, to become detached.

Pluto in the 3rd house

Pluto in this relational sector may indicate that you constantly feel the need to convince, seduce, or even dominate those around you. You seek stimulating relationships that enrich you. However, your taste for experience, your curiosity may lead you to associate with unusual individuals. Subversive personalities may attract you. Pluto in this position can sometimes trouble the mind. Depending on the rest of the chart, it may reveal an immoral nature... Depending on the aspects received by Pluto, you may also benefit from a strong mind, a deep spirit that criticizes received ideas and forms its own opinions.

Pluto in the 4th house

Pluto in this position can indicate several things (depending on the rest of the chart): you may have grown up in a heavy, unpeaceful, or even violent atmosphere in your childhood. You may have experienced a tragedy in the past that marked your personality, experienced early bereavement or abuse of power by one of your parents. You may also have had passionate relationships with your family of origin, powerful power struggles, and perhaps a definitive rupture. In any case, events have imposed painful experiences on you very early on, which must have shaped your personality and toughened you up. You may also simply work hard to rebuild old homes.

Pluto in the 5th house

Your feelings are intense, you experience love affairs close to obsession. Avoid stories like "dangerous liaisons", which attract you, certainly, but which may lead you down a slippery path. You may also be very demanding, jealous, possessive with your loved one. Your vitality regenerates as you face crises. You are a creative person, who shuns boredom, tepidity, who can provoke and shake people through art. You may also have passionate relationships with your children, who are very important to you. Beware of an obsession with games if your nature tends towards it.

Pluto in the 6th house

You are quite individualistic, energetic, and determined. You make a point of solving your daily problems by yourself. At work, you need to create, otherwise, you get bored quickly. You can rebel quickly and slam the door. Independent, liberal professions suit you well. From a health perspective, you often give in to excesses but you also know how to pull yourself together when needed. Mysteries, puzzles attract you a lot. You solve them more easily than others thanks to your excellent intuition and fine analysis. Negatively, this position of Pluto can lead you to waste your energy in unnecessary conflicts, problems you create or imagine.

Pluto in the 7th house

You need to seduce, fascinate your partner or associates. Some natives may be attracted to individuals who stand out. Overall, there are power dynamics, a "dominant-dominated" power play, passionate crises, jealousy, and constant questioning in your romantic relationships or partnerships. Your challenge is to stop unnecessarily complicating things in order to have strong but solid relationships based on trust.

Pluto in the 8th house

You are authentic. You do not lie to yourself, you always seek to get closer to your inner truth. As a result, you have a hard time dealing with those who live by little arrangements with themselves, those who veil the face, contradict themselves continually, those who live by artifices and superficiality... Your inner world is rich, your unconscious can torment you. You may experience some inner violence, expressed or not, depending on the rest of the chart. Sometimes, you completely give in to your very powerful passions. Then you feel the need to withdraw, to isolate yourself to better analyze yourself. You are very demanding of yourself and others but your charisma and magnetism are seductive and impressive. Financially, you could experience deprivation, voluntary or not. You can also suddenly become wealthy due to complex circumstances.

Pluto in the 9th house

You are very curious by nature, the unknown attracts you, you like new experiences that stimulate you and give you thrills. You don't hesitate to venture, whether on big trips, to atypical destinations, or to broaden your social horizon. You like to change your habits, you enjoy lifestyles different from your own. Very critical of common ideas, you may even be provocative. Higher education related to research, science suits you well. If Pluto receives negative aspects from Mars or Uranus, for example, one should beware of accidents while traveling.

Pluto in the 10th house

You like power, you seek attention but in an unconventional, sometimes subversive way. Succeeding in a great career doesn't necessarily interest you if it means conforming to social pressure, to what is expected of you. On the contrary, you can succeed by bringing a new perspective, by criticizing, rebelling, shocking, disturbing, and shaking the conventional thinkers. You like to question everything: others but sometimes also your own destiny. Your great analytical sense, strong intuition, and beautiful strategy can lead you into political, scientific environments, into fields related to psychology, mediumship... You can solve puzzles, be confronted in your profession with violence, death... Sexuality can also be an important part of your life (depending on the rest of the chart). This position of Pluto may also indicate an early and impactful death of one of your parents. Unless one of them exercised fascination, great power over you and may have caused you to feel fear...

Pluto in the 11th house

In friendship, with you, it's all or nothing. Either you like, or you dislike, and you reject without discussion. Your powerful instinct helps you really know who you're dealing with and who suits you... You seek constructive discussions with your friends that you can regularly push to question themselves, to reflect on their choices... In short, you like to play psychologist with them! Be careful, sometimes you may become too demanding and possessive. You are gifted for professions related to group therapies. You need to invest yourself in projects, concepts that may seem complicated, even impossible to achieve. The rest of the chart will determine if these will remain "utopias" or "amazing achievements".

Pluto in the 12th house

You possess a strong power of introspection. Your instincts are powerful, they can be aggressive, especially excessive. Whether you hold them back or not, this can lead to anxiety, depression, especially since you can easily dramatize small problems. However, you may also have experienced, or may experience, with this position of Pluto in the House of trials, a real significant drama that forces you to rebuild yourself, to constantly regenerate... What you manage to do more or less well, depending on the other planetary aspects. Pluto asks you in this life to die to be reborn, to purify yourself, to delve deep into yourself to metamorphose. The big existential questions, life/death, the role of Man on earth, etc., obsess you. You are constantly seeking answers. Pluto can give you here a highly developed artistic, mediumistic, or religious fiber. On the negative side, you may fall into a struggle, continual confrontations...

Pluto in astronomy: The dwarf planet

The planet Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. Long considered the last planet in the solar system, it was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006. Its orbit is highly eccentric, so its distance from the Sun varies greatly (between 7 and 4 billion kilometers). Thus, during certain periods, Pluto is closer to the Sun than Neptune, which is usually closer to the Sun! Pluto is mainly composed of rock and methane ice, but also water ice. Its diameter is about two-thirds that of the Moon. Its revolution around the Sun takes 248 years.

Pluto in mythology: god of the Underworld

Pluto, or Hades among the Greeks, is the son of Saturn and Rhea. Like Neptune, he was swallowed by his father and then "freed" by his other brother Jupiter. Thus, the three brothers divided the world, and Pluto became the god of the underworld and underground riches. He is the husband of Proserpina, whom he abducted. He possesses a helmet of invisibility, a scepter (sometimes a staff, a pickaxe, a pitchfork, a horn of plenty...), a chariot and horses, and a three-headed dog: Cerberus, who guards the entrance (and exit!) of the underworld... He is often depicted with a beard, and it is said of him that he is frightening due to the harshness of his features; he is dark, taciturn, implacable, inflexible.

Pluto in astrology symbolizes transformation

Even though Pluto is now classified as a "dwarf planet," astrology cannot ignore its influence! Like Uranus, Pluto is a slow-moving planet, so it will be "collective" because its position in a sign in the zodiac will be shared by a large number of individuals over several years. But Pluto's position is of paramount importance in a natal chart as well as in transits or other predictive techniques. It represents our psyche, our unconscious, our taboos, our instincts, our fears... It represents power in the shadows, magnetism, sexuality, lucidity...

In relation to the other planets in our natal chart or in relation to our astrological houses, Pluto will have a significance specific to our chart (e.g., Pluto well connected to the Sun in a natal chart will give charisma, power, an excellent psychological sense to the native, but if Pluto is poorly connected to the Sun, we are often dealing with a person prone to deep anxieties, often death anxieties and perhaps even an individual confronted with early bereavement...) In transits, Pluto announces the end of something to give way to a rebirth afterwards. After a Pluto transit, one is no longer the same person, the situations are completely different because Pluto metamorphoses, transforms internally; it makes one die to be reborn like the Phoenix rising from its ashes.

Solar system

In this sense, it is an extremely rich planet because it can turn us into the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis! But be careful when Pluto is retrograde, ouch, ouch, ouch! ๐Ÿ‘‰ Discover the dates of Pluto Retrograde.

  • Positive influence: Sense of complexity, rigor, regeneration, psychological intuition, redemption, lucidity...
  • Negative influence: Anxiety, death, morbidity, destruction and self-destruction, mourning, Machiavellianism, crisis manipulation, underground action, pollution, plots...
  • From a symbolic point of view, Pluto represents: Transformation, metamorphosis, sense of dialectic, death and rebirth, psyche, material ambition, will to power, impulses, instinct, sexuality, intensity, powerful people, detectives, psychologists, sexologists, clairvoyants, spiritists...

What influence does Pluto have in each zodiac sign?

One must think big! Pluto remains in a sign for between 12 and 30 years (its orbit is irregular), so Pluto in a sign has a generational aspect rather than an individual one.

Pluto in Aries

Bold, you are endowed with inexhaustible energy. Risk doesn't frighten you. Passionate, you defend your convictions fervently. You are capable of charging ahead, fighting, fully engaging in what you believe in. However, you are capable of turning away overnight from what you once adored if you are disappointed. Avoid falling into aggression, violence, and instead highlight your lucidity and your formidable courage.

Pluto in Taurus

You are stubborn, a hard worker in your job, not easily satisfied. You are rather perfectionistic and have a lot of trouble adapting to changes. You prioritize security, protection above all. In love, you can indeed be very protective, very sensual, to the point sometimes of exaggerating and falling into possessiveness and jealousy (depending on the rest of the chart, of course). You often struggle to compromise. Financially, you are quite materialistic, thirsty for possessions.

Pluto in Gemini

You struggle to satisfy your great curiosity, you need to analyze and understand everything, your cerebral activity is intense to the point of sometimes causing mental agitation. You are more prone than others to worry. Depending on the rest of your chart, either you scatter yourself and your lack of concentration limits you. Or you are quite brilliant, capable of great creativity and fruitful ideas.

Pluto in Cancer

Your emotions are intense, deep; you possess a developed sixth sense and may even have premonition gifts. This can help you with your anxiety about the future and your fear of the unknown, which are more present in you. You sometimes show sensitivity for good or bad reasons. Indeed, you intuitively feel your surroundings, but sometimes misinterpret intentions and can develop a certain paranoia.

Pluto in Leo

You are rather proud and ambitious. You demand a lot from yourself, and even if you thirst for power, it comes with a certain rigor: you want to deserve things! You possess natural authority and magnetism. Depending on the rest of your chart, your domineering character, your need to assert yourself can lead you to bold, provocative behavior in relation to established ideas, conservatismโ€ฆ However, in your quest for recognition, you can also fall into exhibitionism, an elusive side, a quest for the absolute, difficulties in finding your identity.

Pluto in Virgo

Your analytical and critical mind gets to the bottom of things. You tackle problems by plunging into them deeply, which allows you to find explanations and often solutions. You are wary of strong impulses, violent instincts, and try to control them with reason. Quite anxious, you need to plan things, to secure and preserve your environment. Professions like psychologist, graphologist may suit you.

Pluto in Libra

You are a passionate person, extremely sensitive to the idea of choice, dilemma, judgment, justice. In search of perfect balance, you do not hesitate to make decisions, to question everything. Your thirst for truth can sometimes make you uncompromising. Your social life, your relationships with others are essential to your well-being, and yet you do not hesitate to upset your relationships due to perfectionism or extreme lucidity.

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto is at home here since it is the ruling planet of Scorpio. It is comfortable here, it can unleash all its power, all its strength. With such a position of Pluto, you are somewhat extreme in your way of life, you detest lukewarmness, you seek passion in everything. You possess surprising resources, excellent regenerative power, you were born in a period of great changes, upheavals. For you, existence is in perpetual evolution. Nothing is ever fixed, nothing is ever acquired. Depending on the rest of your chart, you can adopt extremist behavior, be ready to do anything to get your way. Financially, you can achieve feats and then risk losing everything overnight...

Pluto in Sagittarius

You have a critical view of social structures, established things. You mistrust moralizers. You seek truth elsewhere, not necessarily the one you were taught. This can lead you to adventures in distant countries, discoveries of other influences, other cultures. It can also lead you to professions related to research, medicine, etc. Negatively, depending on the rest of the natal chart, this position of Pluto may lead you towards vanity, lack of scruples, political or religious indoctrination.

Pluto in Capricorn

Your extreme lucidity, excellent logical reasoning, and tenacity support you. Nevertheless, your defense mechanism can lead to a certain moral hardness, a certain individualism, a lack of solidarity. Out of fear of suffering, one may disregard one's feelings and emotions. One may focus on tangible things like extreme ambitions and adopt a distrust of human relationships, a refusal of concessions. The important thing for you is to go straight to the point, without being distracted by love or friendship. However, your sense of honor makes you a reliable person who detests empty words. (All of this is subject to nuance depending on the rest of the chart).

Pluto in Aquarius

This configuration is linked to the French Revolution and the birth of the United States of America. It gives you a progressive and rebellious spirit. You are in a perpetual quest for novelty, evolution, progress. If you feel stifled in an atmosphere you find suffocating (couple, living environment, work, country, politics, etc.), you do not hesitate to shake things up. Whether it's building or destroying, your mind is extremely pragmatic. Information concerning the future of humanity fascinates you; you love to learn. Depending on the rest of the chart, you can be very independent, individualistic to the point of having difficulty living as part of a couple, a family.

Pluto in Pisces

With Pluto in Pisces, we dive into the power of deep feelings, their expression, into lyricism. You are more sensitive to the suffering of others, which makes you more altruistic but at the same time, it can lead you into a destabilizing emotional spiral. You are often more lucid for others than for yourself. In love, for example, you can easily let yourself be overwhelmed, even drowned.

You need to feel strong emotions, you seek thrills, and if your life lacks magical moments, to your taste, it may lead you, depending on the rest of the natal chart, to dependencies (alcohol, drugs, religious fanaticism, etc.). On the positive side, if other planets help you to control these emotional currents, you are capable of great inspirations, great clarity, even mediumistic gifts.

3 key points to know about Pluto

  • Apparent solar revolution (the time it takes the planet to go around the zodiac to return to its starting point): 248 years
  • Physical function associated with Pluto: Unconscious, purification, genetic mechanism, power, justice, death and rebirth...
  • Metal associated with Pluto: Plutonium

>>> So, there you go, youโ€™re now an expert on this planet! That said, thereโ€™s still so much to learn about our solar system, especially when it comes to knowing which planet rules over your sign, so open your mind and watch the night sky become alive before your very eyes!

Susan Taylorโ€™s insights: Planetary transits matter!

The position of the planets greatly influences our personality, our talents and events. If you want to know more about yourself, your relationships or upcoming events, don't hesitate to contact one of our astrologers for an exciting exchange.

If you have questions about your future, if you need answers, don't hesitate to make an appointment with one of our psychics. They will enlighten you about your future with great attention.

- The future is mine -

Article presented by Susan Taylor

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What Date Is The New Moon In May 2024? It's The 8th, In Taurus

Even though itโ€™s invisible in the sky, a New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and symbolically represents a fresh start for each of us. Its energies urge us to double our efforts and to prepare for the rewards to come. Now, with this in mind, we bet you're wondering what happens during this phase, and what influence the New Moon exerts on our bodies and minds. ๐ŸŒ‘ Susan Taylor answers all of your questions and reveals how can we make the most out of this prosperous instance. Discover all the dates of this important phase, and anticipate this catalyst motion.

2024 Retrograde Dates And The Effects To Watch Out For

If youโ€™ve ever delved into the world of astrology, then you'll know that the term retrograde describes a backward planetary motion that has a reputation for turning things upside down. This trajectory can do either of two things; it can make everything fall into place or, in the worst-case scenario, it can make everything fall apart ๐Ÿช. With its influences being so different, it's crucial to know that dates of when each planet is in its retrograde phase in 2024. Susan Taylor, tells us how this phenomenon impacts your life, gives you the important dates, and reveals her tips to get through the ordeal.

Write A New Moon Abundance Check, The Ritual To Attract Prosperity

The New Moon is a powerful time and is synonymous with renewal, recognition, as well as the beginning of a new cycle, whereas the Full Moon is a phase of completion, fertility, and transformation. During these important phases, why not try writing an abundance check to entice prosperity and wealth into your life? Doing this will guarantee positive things in all areas of your life, including financially as well as in terms of relationships and love. We reveal how this simple ritual could change your life for the better, so what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and prepare to welcome great things into your life.

Our most popular astrology rankings

What Is The Ugliest Zodiac Sign? Ranking From The Prettiest To The Least

Astrology explains how influential the planets are, and how their movements could change the course of our lives. As for our zodiac signs, they influence our personalities, attitudes, and desires, so why wouldnโ€™t they impact our looks and images? What do the stars say about your beauty and the image that you project? ๐Ÿ‘ฉ Weโ€™ve compiled a ranking from the prettiest to the ugliest zodiac sign; so the question is, where do you fit in?

The Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign Revealed!

Nowadays, the term narcissist is thrown around very loosely, to the point that many of us are paranoid about being surrounded by people with this personality disorder. โš ๏ธ Although, that being said, itโ€™s estimated that up to 5% of people are narcissists, so youโ€™re probably right to be worried after all! Discover which personalities, our astrologer, Susan Taylor, believes display these scary tendencies. So, which zodiac signs are usually narcissists?

Evil Zodiac Signs; Who Is The Most Demonic, And Who Is The Least?

We are all different when it comes to tolerance and patience, yet some of us have scarily low levels of these qualities, and are far from being saints. Weโ€™ve taken a look at the stars and can now reveal which zodiac signs are the evilest and who should never be messed with ๐Ÿ˜ก. Are you a real evil genius, or are you too kind to cunningly plot? We're about to get all Game of Thrones on you, it's time to find out who has the most demonic personality, and the ultimate bad side.

What Is The Most Hated Zodiac Sign? - The Top 6, Ranked

Life is undeniably a wild journey, during which we are fortunate enough to meet people we instantly get on with, however, from a less fortunate perspective, we also come across folks that we instantly dislike. You know, those people who, by simply breathing, rub us up the wrong way and make us want to pull our hair out. ๐Ÿ˜จ As with many things, astrology and in particular our personality traits, are often responsible for how appreciated or in this case unappreciated we are by our peers. Discover which 6 zodiac signs are the most hated.

What Is The Sexiest Zodiac Sign? - How Hot Are You?

Beauty is not always enough to make you attractive and drop-dead gorgeous. In fact, being sexy is a state of mind and an attitude. As youโ€™ve probably witnessed, hot people attract you and draw you in with their electric charm and seductive ways. Some zodiac signs, by their nature, give off this little something extra that draws people in, so without further ado, letโ€™s discover who is the sexiest according to astrology. Here are the top 6, ranked ๐Ÿ’ƒ.

How Do The Zodiac Signs Deal With Stress?

Itโ€™s virtually impossible for us not to be anxious at the moment! What with the global pandemic, the constant isolation, money worries and other general frustrations that the situation might trigger. All these factors seem to weigh heavily on our frail shoulders, but some of us manage the pressure better than others. Astrologist, Susan Taylor reveals her ranking of the zodiac signs from the most to the least stressed, and something tells us that you'll inevitably recognize yourself and will definitely agree with your placement!

Amanda's psychic experience on Astrofame

Amanda's psychic experience on Astrofame