What Messages Do Mirror Hours Reveal? - Their Spiritual Meanings

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It has no doubt all happened to us at least once in our lives, or for some of us, much more regularly. So, what about you? Can you remember when you last noticed a doubled number, such as; 02:02, 01:01, or even 12:12, when looking at the time on your smartphone, or a clock? Although it may seem insignificant; the fact that these similar numbers, also known as mirror hours, appear with such frequency, does indeed suggest that there are hidden meanings behind them. Discover the messages our Angels are attempting to convey with these times.

What Messages Do Mirror Hours Reveal? - Their Spiritual Meanings

What messages do mirror numbers transmit? Here are their meanings:

If you see that the hour and minute numbers are the same, you have just seen a mirror hour. Mirror times occur 24 times a day, and only once an hour, so it can be rare to encounter them. In essence, they transmit and convey a message from a guardian angel to a human being. Discover the meaning behind each angelic message below:

  • 00:00Financial security is on the horizon for you, meaning your luck will change.
  • 01:01: It's likely that someone has feelings for you.
  • 02:02Someone could be hiding something from you. 
  • 03:03Don't trust everyone around you.
  • 04:04Tough times are on the horizon.
  • 05:05: An energetic period awaits you.
  • 06:06You are not alone.
  • 07:07Take time out for yourself.
  • 08:08: Incorporate change into your life.
  • 09:09The best is yet to come.
  • 10:10: Your Angels are preparing a spiritual awakening for you.
  • 11:11A new and exciting beginning is just around the corner for you.
  • 12:12: Stay positive and focus on the greater good.
  • 13:13: Life is smiling down at you.
  • 14:14:  It's time you started setting yourself new goals and aims for the future!
  • 15:15: Passion and sensuality await.
  • 16:16Adopt a positive attitude.
  • 17:17: Drama will invade your life.
  • 18:18: Lucrative opportunities are approaching.
  • 19:19: Think before you act.
  • 20:20: Don't rush things and be sure to take your time.
  • 21:21: You need to learn to accept yourself for who you are, despite other people's views.
  • 22:22: The higher powers are encouraging you.
  • 23:23: Allow yourself to be guided through.

Below you'll find a recap of the times and their meanings;

Mirror hour meanings

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Reversed mirror hours meaning

If when you’re checking the time, you come across an hour with the hour digits reversed with respect to the minute digits, you have come across a reversed hour. They can symbolize changes that we may experience in the future.

  • 01:10You are surrounded by love.
  • 02:20: Good news is approaching.
  • 03:30: Someone has strong feelings for you.
  • 04:40: You've betrayed someone.
  • 05:50A good surprise awaits you.
  • 10:01: Your partner is being unfaithful.
  • 12:21Someone is spreading rumors about you.
  • 13:31: A wave of negativity will wash over you.
  • 14:41: Your finances are getting you down.
  • 15:51: Someone is dreaming about you.
  • 20:02: Someone is missing you dearly.
  • 21:12Your angel wishes the best for you.
  • 23:32Someone is spreading rumors about you.

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Mirror hours meaning in love

Depending on the hour displayed, the meanings vary enormously. They can, in fact, speak of love, feelings but also of difficulties. Let's discover together how to interpret the 24 mirror hours. Just as there are hours that are conducive to spiritual awakening or professional development, there are mirror hours specifically related to love. Here is a quick overview of the most important messages that the higher powers deliver when it comes to love. In the context of love, seeing mirror hours may be interpreted as a sign or message related to your romantic life. The specific meaning can vary depending on the number sequence and your personal beliefs or intuition.

Mirror time:
Meaning in love:
00:00 mirror time
If your watch, clock or cell phone shows this time the moment you look at it, you'll be faced with a difficult choice that will involve sacrifice.
It suggests that someone has strong feelings for you.
Your close circle is hiding something from you. Take this as a warning. Something is going on behind your back.

Someone around you has bad intentions. You could be their victim. This warning asks you to take action, not to be a victim.


A trial awaits you. It is up to you to be on your guard and to believe in your abilities.


This indicates that someone you know is very attracted to you.


The message here indicates that you have a lot of influence on a person, that you mean a lot to them.


It announces a person's love for you but gives a clue: this person has clear eyes.


The message is an invitation to distrust. It is a warning about a situation where you will be very weakened.


You will certainly meet someone who will help you and understand you.


Your guardian angel indicates that an encounter will turn you upside down and that love will fall on you with uncommon force.


You may be madly in love, but it will not be reciprocated.


When you discover this mirror hour, make a wish.


You should see one of your most cherished wishes come true.


The message is clear: if you have just experienced a failure, don't give up. You will reverse the trend.


This mirror hour makes you realize that your former love relationship is not over.


It speaks of a light-haired person who is secretly thinking about you.


It also says that arguments in your love relationship will arise and weaken your relationship.

This mirror hour announces that a project dear to you will take shape.

The message here is an invitation to patience and moderation.


Know that the person you love is thinking a lot about you and that you can be serene for the future of your relationship.


It is an invitation to have confidence in yourself and to persevere in your actions.


You will be contacted. Very soon. It will be a person who has strong feelings for you.


This indicates that your love relationship is going to be long-term, that love is shared and powerful.

Why do I keep seeing mirror numbers twin flames? - What’s their link?

Let's remember that perfection is not a quest, for that would mean chasing after something that is no longer on Earth. The Twin Flame journey is never finished, so don't think you have to be perfect to earn the right to be happy. If you notice mirror hours, the message here is that the happiness of the soul journey is that of welcoming yourself along the way and learning to fully embody your authenticity. It's also about recognizing the power of the heart, the stubbornness of the mind, and the costume of the ego.

Seeing mirror hours and thinking of someone

Seeing a mirror hour, or other identical number combinations, can evoke a sense of connection and spiritual awakening. Often seen as signs from the cosmos or angelic messages, these times can also evoke thoughts of someone special in our lives. When our thoughts naturally turn to a specific person at the moment we encounter a mirror hour, this can be interpreted as a subtle energetic link that transcends time and space. Whether it's a loved one or a friend we remember fondly, these mysterious moments reinforce the sense that our connections go beyond tangible reality, reflecting the deep, mysterious nature of our human relationships.

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What are mirror numbers?

When our eyes randomly come across a mirror hour when we are going about our daily lives, there is always a reason behind it. Paying attention to these messages, which appear in the form of numbers, is a matter of belief. It's up to you to decipher a meaning, or to consider the mirror hours that surround you as a simple coincidence. Seeing these special times acts a significant coincidence. They are indeed communications sent by our guardian angels to clarify a situation, to orientate us in a dilemma, to announce good news, or to warn us of danger along our life path. 

Mirror hours are "double digits" that attract a person's attention, in fact, they are said to be directly related to the divine and cosmic plans. Likewise, many see these synchronicities as a clear manifestation of fate. Plus, being receptive to numerical apparitions allows one to refine one's intuition to better guide one's choices.  

Guardian Angel

As soon as someone crosses a mirror hour, they will certainly be curious to unravel its secret. 

Can we wait for the arrival of a mirror hour?

Synchronicity is based on the surprise effect of something that we did not expect, and that challenges us. It is therefore not recommended to wait for the appearance of a mirror hour. However, you can increase the appearance of synchronicities on a daily basis and therefore, more easily come across mirror hours. All you have to do is make yourself available and receptive to the messages of the Universe.

What does it mean to see mirror hours? - Reasons why you see them

Noticing a mirror hour three times is a coincidence, and seeing it twice in a row is called chance, but seeing it regularly is, indeed, fate.  Generally, we come across a mirror hour during a moment of reflection, and for no apparent reason. Our eyes are inexplicably attracted to a phone, a clock, an oven... and the same time constantly appears. The hours appear in your life to encourage you or to warn you. 

Mirror hours appear for different reasons:

  • To help you solve a problem
  • clear up confusion
  • guide you through a dilemma
  • tell you good news
  • warn you of a danger
  • help you find love
  • help you strengthen ties

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What do mirror hours mean spiritually?

From a mystical and spiritual point of view, the meaning of numbers allows us to elevate our consciousness in the broadest sense of the term. For example, we are all invested with a life mission, and according to the divine plan, each soul incarnated on earth has its own destiny to determine. Thus, to define the real meaning of our incarnation, the Universe puts us to the test more than once. These numbers that appear to us in the analogical form are nothing more than a divine warning that certain things must be understood in order to follow our path.

Through a mirror hour, the universe may try to send you:

  • A warning
  • An encouragement
  • A message regarding a behavior to avoid
  • A solution to a love problem
  • A path or a way to follow to reach fulfillment

What do you do when you see a mirror hour?

One thing is certain, this is a very personal message for you, meaning you need to do some thinking and deep introspection! The mirror hours express cosmic vibrations and remind you that something magical is happening in your life right now. It's a call to pay attention to everything around you. The numbers are there to give you insight into all aspects of your life, your career, your relationships, and your life mission. Deciphering these messages is essential, and can open your consciousness to higher planes so that you can have a better understanding of what you are experiencing and approach the future with confidence and serenity.

Mirror hour angels - The angel associated with each time

It is believed that each hour of the day is guarded and protected by a specific angel and that these angels can help bring guidance, comfort, and protection to those who call upon them. The exact reasons for the association of angels with specific hours of the day vary, but it is generally believed that this reflects the different aspects of the angels' powers and responsibilities, as well as the different energies that are present in the world at different times of the day.

What the Angel symbolizes:
symbol of success, helps to initiate major changes in your life
symbol of kindness and forgiveness, instills patience
symbol of indulgence and enlightenment of the spirit

understanding and harmony/reconciliation and fulfillment
benevolence and brotherhood/protection of the influential
trust and grace
honor and prestige / good luck
measure and benevolence / clairvoyance and intuition
longevity of life / protected from disasters
prestige and radiance / success and recognition
serenity and luck
bravery in overcoming trials
symbol of mutual aid

abundance and progress
achievement of goals and search for the ideal
notoriety and prestige
honor and faith
fighting spirit and healing
independence and freedom
symbol of life source/success in your projects
fertility and health
appeasement and boldness
disclosure and clarity of mind

Mirror hours and synchronicity

Synchronicity is admitting that everything that happens has a particular reason. It is an identical numerical succession that can be found on the hour at any time of the day and which transmits a celestial message to us. There are so many combinations of synchronicity that our eyes can come across during the day, and each one brings us a very precise and significant message about the conjunctures we are living. When you go deeper into the world of spirituality and trust what it tells you, you will see your daily life in a new way. 

What does a mirror hour mean according to numerology?

Each of these hours has a hidden meaning, which numerology can bring to light. For the hours with several numbers, it is enough to calculate the hour and the minutes in this way: 22:20 = 22+20 = 42. The number attached to the triple hour 22:20 is therefore 42. It has a master number which governs its influences. Here it is 6 (4+2 =6). When determining the meaning of this hour according to numerology, we will question the meaning of the number 42, placed under the influence of the number 6.

Susan Taylor's insights: Trust the meanings

How many times have you already seen a mirror hour and wondered what the significance was, plus, why you were seeing it so frequently? Throughout our lives, we experience critical periods, and periods that accompany important changes on a personal, emotional or professional level. During these times we are more sensitive to the vibrations of the Universe, and therefore more receptive to the messages of our angels. If you see the same mirror hour over and over again, it means that your angel has an important message to communicate to you. The easiest and most reliable way to find out is to be guided by trained and professional people who can communicate with them: mediums and psychics. For your first consultation, Astrofame offers you the chance to start your reading for free with one of our experts.

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More content:

* Literature Source: Angel Numbers 101, Author; Doreen Virtue, Published in 2008 and available here: https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Numbers-101-Meaning-Sequences/dp/1401920012

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