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Chinese Horoscope 2020: Year Of The Rat Forecast

Chinese New Year began on January 25, 2020 and marks the Year of the Rat. Each of the Chinese animal signs is set to live an invigorating and eventful few months according to Susan Taylor's predictions. Will the Year of the Rat be a lucky one for you? In any case, this animal encourages respect and announces a renewal. Your horoscope predictions reveal what’s in store for your sign.

What is my Chinese zodiac sign?

Your sign derives from your birth year, according to the lunar calendar. Find your sign using your birth year in our list below:

Find your sign below:

  • Rat: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020
  • Ox: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021
  • Tiger: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022
  • Rabbit: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023
  • Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024
  • Snake: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025
  • Horse: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026
  • Goat: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027
  • Monkey: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028
  • Rooster: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029
  • Dog: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030
  • Pig: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Are you one of the luckiest Chinese zodiac signs?

Chinese horoscope 2020: Click on your sign for your predictions

Ox horoscope 2020
Goat horoscope 2020
Rat horoscope 2020
Snake horoscope 2020
Dragon horoscope 2020
Tiger horoscope 2020
Rabbit horoscope 2020
Horse horoscope 2020
Monkey horoscope 2020
Rooster horoscope 2020
Dog horoscope 2020
Pig horoscope 2020

What is the animal for Chinese New Year 2020? - It's the White Metal Rat

Our Chinese New Year Calendar is the best way to follow Lunar New Year dates and the discover which animal signs are to come. Want to learn more about yourself? Figure out your Chinese ascendant sign here.

Get more insights into the Chinese zodiac signs and your personality.


Chinese New Year start dates:
Animal Signs:

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What does the Year of the Rat symbolize?

The Year of the Rat represents success, accomplishments and rewards. Friendship, love and cohesion will play important roles in the lives of all the 2020 astrological. The animals can look forward to a positive and upbeat next 12 months.


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Chinese New Year 2020: Will it be positive for you?

It's certainly going to be a very exciting and prosperous one for lots of usWe reveal everything you need to know for 2020 astrological. Will you fall pregnant in 2020? Our Chinese conception calendar reveals all!

Chinese zodiac sign:

Good fortune:

Year of the Rat described:



A happy time full of love!


You're going to make money.


You'll become stronger.


An amazing journey ahead.


A calm one.


Stand up and be counted.


Follow your dreams.


Chase your goals.


A lucky period.


Time to shine.


Success is in sight.


It's your time.

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Chinese zodiac compatibility: What signs are compatible?

Wondering who your sign goes well with in love? Read up on Chinese zodiac compatibility for the answer. Certain pairs signs get along like a house on fire and others are totally incompatible. 

Chinese zodiac compatibility test


Chinese elements and their strengths and weaknesses

Each of the astrology signs is associated with one of five Chinese elements. Legend states that the world is composed of these five elements which are said to affect our destiny. Each element group therefore also has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Chinese elements:

Associated signs:

Metal element

Monkey, Rooster
Brave and strong


Tiger, Rabbit
Patience and stability
Too passive


Rat, Pig
Gentle and smart


Snake, Horse
Passion and creativity


Ox, Dragon, Goat, Dog
Loyal and honest

- Discover your child's personality according to their Chinese sign. -

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Year of the Metal Rat predictions

Ox horoscope 2020: A great stretch!

Next date of the Ox – 2021

It's going to be a fabulous one for the Ox! Your predictions promise you immense success thanks your hard work finally paying off. Ox, your social life will flourish and you'll seize the opportunity to discover more about yourself. Opening yourself up to other people will be challenging for you, but will eventually lead you to immense happiness.


Goat horoscope 2020: The best ever!

Next year of the Goat – 2027

It's set to be extremely positive for people born in Goat. Excellent perspectives lie in front of you and your dreams really are set to become a reality during the Year of the Rat. This period will see you will focus on your health, your relationships with your family as well as your household. Financial reward is also in store for the Goat.


Rat horoscope 2020: A patch of success

Next date of the Rat – 2020

The next couple of months are set to be full of impressive accomplishments for the Rat Chinese zodiac sign. Rat horoscope 2020 will bring good opportunities that will propel you to success in matters of business. Success is definitely in sight for you and you won’t be short of winning ideas either!


Snake horoscope 2020: A rocky run

Next year of the Snake – 2025

The Snake and the Pig are situated opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. Snake, your horoscope comes with a stark warning; if you want to progress in the right direction, you must learn to forgive. Focusing on the past will only hold you back, so make the choice to look to the future.


Dragon horoscope 2020: A succession of surprises

Next year of the Dragon – 2024

The Dragon will be one of the luckiest Chinese zodiac signs during the 12 months of the Rat. Everything sounds great, right? Dragon will be one of the most fortunate signs in astrology 2020 as long as they manage to leave the past in the past.


Tiger horoscope 2020: A passionate interval!

Next date of the Tiger – 2022

Love, passion and extreme sensuality are just some of the amazing things that await Tiger in this phase. The next 12 months will be beautiful for you and will see you achieve the success you have always dreamed of. You are a true inspiration and believe it or not, many people look up to you.


Rabbit horoscope 2020: A lucky chapter

Next year of the Rabbit - 2023

This year is looking extremely favorable for the Rabbit sign. Rabbit, you can expect all of your dreams to come true during the Year of the Rat, so don’t stop dreaming big! Financial rewards, serenity and harmony are set to make this chapter completely unforgettable. Believe in yourself and you’ll go very far!

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Horse horoscope 2020: A phase of joy

Next year of the Horse – 2026

Horse, your horoscope brings with it some truly amazing gifts of pure happiness. Everything will be positive for you, whether it be in your love life or even professionally. You will be more determined than ever during this spell and luck is on your side because you are set to succeed.


Monkey horoscope 2020: Time for dreaming

Next date of the Monkey – 2028

Fun, joy and happiness are in order for the Monkey zodiac sign in 2020. Get ready to spend lots of time with your family and close friends. The Year of the Rat will be favorable to Monkey, so be sure to make the most of it! Luck is on your side which means you must dream big.


Rooster horoscope 2020: An ambitious phase

Next year of the Rooster – 2029

It's set to be one of the best spells ever for the Rooster zodiac sign. Positivity and a wave of love will full your heart with joy and happiness. Your horoscope is full of beautiful moments and will lead you to accomplishing your greatest goals along the way. Success is just around the corner.


Dog horoscope 2020: A period of unthinkable achievements

Next year of the Dog – 2030

2020 is set to be extremely positive for the Dog zodiac sign. The next few months will feature fantastic joy, dizzying professional success and even a new interest in health and fitness.


Pig horoscope 2020: Your time to shine

Next date of the Rat – 2031

Your predictions are amazing and  will give you the opportunity to flourish and to follow your dreams. Your strength will help you move mountains and you will definitely see your professional projects through to the end. Nothing can stop you!


Get more insights on your predictions in our video:

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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'Always waiting for a good Monkey year and even in Monkey Year, Chinese say 'the two monkeys rub wrongly'.. Next year says good for being around family and close friends; just what I've been doing for years with family and crave the opposite of. Plus, I'm a 7 Life Path. Oh well, doomed to solitude and no love life.

Nice article, this is very interesting. I can say that I'm a big fan of the Chinese zodiac sign, I really enjoyed reading this.

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