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2022 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope: Year Of The Water Tiger

On February 1st, 2022, the Chinese New Year begins under the sign of the Water Tiger. Here, we can certainly look forward to the Water Tiger year being an active and dynamic one, albeit oriented towards expansion and adventure. That’s right, the Year of the Tiger will be drastically different from the zen and relaxed Year of the Ox in 2021. Now, we bet you can’t wait to find out what’s in store, so without further ado, discover your 2022 Chinese zodiac horoscope.

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Chinese sign

Your birth year
Many worries will punctuate your year. However, you will overcome them thanks to your positive attitude regarding the future.
👉 Check out the Ox horoscope 2022

Head for adventure. By letting your fine intuitions guide you, you will make wise decisions and will have plenty to marvel at.
👉 Check out the Goat horoscope 2022

This is a year under the sign of action. You will take the lead and seize every opportunity that comes your way.
👉 Check out the Rat horoscope 2022

This year is too "punchy" for the wise and clear-sighted Snake. Leave your ambitions behind and take a year off.
👉 Check out the Snake horoscope 2022

Luck will shine upon you. You will enjoy yourself, work hard and see your efforts crowned with success. Although, beware of jealous people.
👉 Discover the Dragon horoscope 2022

This is your year! You'll be rubbing shoulders with luck all the time, making big decisions, and imposing yourself with talent.
👉 Discover the Tiger horoscope 2022

This is a period of waiting for the venerable Rabbit. You will get your affairs in order and focus on 2023, where the best awaits you.
👉 Check out the Rabbit horoscope 2022

Nothing but happiness. You'll be lucky, shine brightly, and won't refuse yourself anything, not even a love story.
👉 Discover the Horse horoscope 2022
1944-1956-1968-1980 1992- 2004-2016-2028
A period of instability is coming, and you might have to defend yourself. You will clearly lack motivation.
👉 Discover the Monkey horoscope 2022


All this turmoil will threaten your peace of mind. Take this opportunity to review your priorities, both in love and in business.
👉 Discover the Rooster horoscope 2022
Luck will be with you and your life will certainly come together. Your love and professional life will be very busy.
👉 Discover the Dog horoscope 2022
An invigorating, but risky year awaits you. Know how to make do with what you have, at least for this year.
👉 Discover the Pig horoscope 2022

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According to the Chinese horoscope 2022, change is in sight!

On February 1, 2022, in China, the Year of the Tiger will succeed the Year of the Ox. Here, we will thus go from a rather calm Yin year to an active Yang year, which will focus on social expansion and boldness. 🐅 The Tiger is the third Chinese zodiac sign and is reputed for being an outstanding competitor and an ambitious fighter, who loves to get the adrenaline rising. This majestic animal loves taking on new challenges and can’t bear routine or mediocrity. It should be noted that the water element that accompanies this Tiger in 2022 is also a softening factor.

What does the year of the Water Tiger have in store for us? 🐯

The world is changing and 2022 will be the year of all opportunities and possibilities. Under the noble and majestic Tiger, great feats and programs will be in the air. Many of the Chinese zodiac signs will experience changes in life, in housing, in jobs, in associates, and in partners... Advanced techniques, astrology, magnetism, and psychology will also play influential parts. On the whole, the Year of the Tiger 2022 will be both eventful and exhilarating.

Interesting fact:

The Chinese calendar is a lunar-solar calendar, which is based on the annual cycle of the sun and the regular cycle of the phases of the Moon. The date of the Chinese New Year varies each year between January 21 and February 19 depends on the time of the 2nd New Moon from the winter solstice, when the sun is in Aquarius.

Who are the luckiest Chinese zodiac signs in 2022?

According to Chinese astrology 2022, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, and Dog, are the 4 signs that can look forward to the most success in all realms of their life. Ox and Horse will also have a favorable time this year. Additionally, the lives of Snake, Rooster, Pig, and Dog will be relatively stable. Some minor problems may enter their lives at certain times, but they can all be resolved. Overall, they won't encounter many major ups and downs.

Let’s take a look at the personality of those born in a Tiger year

As you were born in a Yang year, you are known for being active, positive, and future-oriented. Like the beautiful feline you embody, you have great authority and power over others, and this allows you to be obeyed at the drop of a hat. With you, people don’t dare procrastinate and will always work to their full potential. Tiger people always obey, and quickly, especially as you are not very patient. You are therefore naturally independent, enthusiastic, and have a real taste for competition. In short, you are lucky, audacious, and proud.


In China, the Tiger is considered the goddess of the home, meaning you are endowed with a very particular talent that is not easy to detect. Of course, the talent we are referring to is your protectiveness. Naturally, you watch over the safety of children, but, you bring peace and happiness to families. In addition, you have another gift in that you ward off evil spirits and prevent disasters. This powerful animal grants families a sense of protection, that's why a pair of lion-guardians are often seen in front of the entrance of every Chinese house, in order to ward off bad luck.

- Discover your Chinese zodiac personality here -

2022 is the Year of the Tiger, but when are the next Chinese New Years? 

What are the signs that will represent the next few years?

January 22, 2023 - February 9, 2024
February 10, 2024 - January 28, 2025
January 29, 2025 - February 16, 2026
February 17, 2026 - February 5, 2027

What is my Chinese zodiac sign?

If you don't know your sign, don't panic, just find your birth year in our tables below, and we'll enlighten you.

If you were born between 1924 - 1960

Between 1924 - 1936
Between 1937 - 1948
Between 1948 - 1960
05/02/1924 - 24/01/1925
24/01/1936 - 10/02/1937
10/02/1948 - 28/01/1949
25/01/1925 - 10/01/1926
11/01/1937 - 30/01/1938
29/01/1949 - 16/02/1950
13/02/1926 - 01/02/1927
31/01/1938 - 18/02/1939
17/02/1950 - 05/02/1951
02/02/1927 - 22/01/1928
19/02/1939 - 07/02/1940
06/02/1951 - 26/01/1952
23/01/1928 - 09/02/2029
08/02/1940 - 26/01/1941
27/01/1952 - 13/02/1953
10/02/2029 - 29/01/1930
27/01/1941 - 14/02/1942
14/02/1953 - 02/02/1954
30/01/1930 - 16/02/1931
15/02/1942 - 04/02/1943
03/02/1954 - 23/01/1955
17/02/1931 - 05/02/1932
05/02/1943 - 24/01/1944
 24/01/1955 - 11/02/1956
06/02/1932 - 25/01/1933
25/01/1944 - 12/02/1945
12/02/1956 - 30/01/1957
26/01/1933 - 13/02/1934
13/02/1945 - 01/02/1946
31/01/1957 - 17/02/1958
14/02/1934 - 03/02/1935
02/02/1946 - 21/01/1947
18/02/1958 - 07/02/1959
04/02/1935 - 23/01/1936
22/01/1947 - 09/02/1948
08/02/1959 - 27/01/1960

If you were born between 1960 - 1984

Between 1960 - 1972
Between 1972 - 1984
28/01/1960 - 14/02/1961
15/02/1972 - 02/02/1973
15/02/1961 - 04/02/1962
03/02/1973 - 22/01/1974
05/02/1962 - 24/01/1963
 23/01/1974 - 10/02/1975
25/01/1963 - 12/02/1964
11/01/1975 - 30/01/1976
13/02/1964 - 01/02/1965
31/01/1976 - 17/02/1977
02/02/1965 - 20/01/1966
18/02/1977 -  06/02/1978
21/01/1966 - 08/02/1967
07/02/1978 - 27/01/1979
09/02/1967 - 29/01/1968
28/01/1979 - 15/02/1980
30/01/1968 - 16/02/1969
16/02/1980 - 04/02/1981
17/02/1969 - 05/02/1970
05/02/1981 - 24/01/1982
06/02/1970 - 26/01/1971
25/01/1982 - 12/02/1983
27/01/1971 - 14/02/1972
13/02/1983 - 01/02/1984

If you were born after 1984

Between 1984 - 1996
Between 1996 - 2008
Between 2008 - 2020
02/02/1984 - 19/02/1985
19/02/1996 - 06/02/1997
07/02/2008 - 25/01/2009
20/02/1985 - 08/02/1986
 07/02/1997 - 27/01/1998
26/01/2009 - 13/02/2010
09/02/1986 - 28/01/1987
28/01/1998 - 15/02/1999
14/02/2010 - 02/02/2011
29/01/1987 - 16/02/1988
16/02/1999 - 04/02/2000
03/02/2011 - 22/01/2012
 17/02/1988 - 05/02/1989
05/02/2000 - 23/01/2001
23/01/2012 - 09/02/2013
06/02/1989 - 26/01/1990
24/01/2001 - 11/02/2002
10/02/2013 - 30/01/2014
 27/01/1990 - 14/02/1991
12/02/2002 - 31/01/2003
31/01/2014 - 18/02/2015
15/02/1991 - 03/02/1992
01/02/2003 - 21/01/2004
19/02/2015 - 07/02/2016
 04/02/1992 - 22/01/1993
 22/01/2004 - 08/02/2005
08/02/2016 - 27/01/2017
23/01/1993 - 09/02/1994
09/02/2005 - 28/01/2006
28/01/2017 - 15/02/2018
 10/02/1994 - 30/01/1995
29/01/2006 - 17/02/2007
16/02/2018 - 04/02/2019
31/01/1995 - 18/02/1996
 18/02/2007 - 06/02/2008
05/02/2019 - 24/01/2020

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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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Hi i want to know more this year 2022 since this is my year now year of the tiger. Born January 2 1974

Please, please let this be true.

I wish I had your gift. To be able to predict People's Futures, astronomy astrology all fascinate me so much. Thank you. You for giving us guidance.

IM A GIRL BORNED May 15,1973 what is my future year 2020 , my career an wealth

'Always waiting for a good Monkey year and even in Monkey Year, Chinese say 'the two monkeys rub wrongly'.. Next year says good for being around family and close friends; just what I've been doing for years with family and crave the opposite of. Plus, I'm a 7 Life Path. Oh well, doomed to solitude and no love life.


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