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About Us

Since its creation in 1999, Astrocenter has been able to establish itself as an astrological reference on the Internet by generating the most traffic among other sites in the same field.

Available in 4 languages (French, English, German and Spanish) and accessible from these websites: Astrocenter.fr, Astrocentre.co.uk, Astrocenter.de, Astrocentro.com, our objective is to debunk the concept of astrology and to rationalize a field that's often belittled.  

We work with over 250 well renowned astrologers and clairvoyants. This allows us to give you the opportunity to check your free daily horoscope, your romantic forecast, your numerology, and to make your daily Tarot draw. You will also have access to your own Astrocenter/AstroFame account providing you with personalized reports on astral themes, monthly and annual forecasts, emotional trends, and the best Tarot draws. Furthermore, the best of numerology, Chinese and Vedic astrology, and various ancestral oracles will be available to you.

Since 2006, we have been broadcasting the first TV channel to provide 100% astrology, which can be found on TV broadbands (LiveBox Orange, Free TV, Bouygues Telecom…) and Internet broadcasts.

Astrocenter is a brand belonging to WENGO SAS, a subsidiary of Vivendi.

Websites available in English:

www.astrocentre.co.uk: Developed to offer a unique and original service involving free personalized daily horoscope. We also offer premium services requiring a membership fee which will give you access to astral themes, compatibility assessments, junior themes, numerological studies and many more…

www.astrofame.com : Just like AstroCentre, this is our new site catering to our American customers.

Moreover, our daily celebrity column for lets you see which celebrity shares the same birthday or zodiac sign as you. Our star astrologer, Ema Fontayne, is also on hand to provide her exclusive horoscopes.

www.wengo.com: Wengo enables individuals to connect directly with competent professionals across a range of sectors. With immediate responses to questions by telephone or email, you can talk with a professional at a convenient time for you and in complete confidence.

Wengo is pleased to say that, thanks to a complete and rigorous selection of clairvoyants, we're able to restore respectability to a field which is often criticized despite its undeniable success.


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we would like to use your horoscope for my school newspaper but didnt want to put it on there without your permission. Would you mind if we used your content if we give credit? Thank you we would really appreciate it.

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