What's My Rising Sign? - Figure It Out With Our Online Calculator!

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Your rising sign, also known as your ascendant, is an essential point of your natal chart. In astrology, it reveals information about the way you behave, plus, it also evokes vital insights on your attitude towards other people, and it even influences how other folks view you. By entering your time, place, and date of birth into our 100% free and accurate rising sign calculator, you'll have all the elements necessary to discover your ascendant sign. Plus, here you'll learn how this astrological component blends with your zodiac sign, and gain more insights into how it impacts your life!

What's My Rising Sign? - Figure It Out With Our Online Calculator!
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How to calculte your rising sign? - It's simple, use our calculator below ⬇️;

Calculate my rising sign

Your rising sign is determined by the time and place of your birth. To figure out your ascendant, fill in the form below:

Are you wondering how to find your rising sign? Well, with our rising sign calculator, you need to know your birthplace, as well as the day and the exact time of your birth. Then, a study of the astronomical tables will follow to determine the location of your ascendant in the sky along the Eastern horizon at the time you were born.

The rising sign, also known as the cusp (or beginning) of the first astrological house, is indicated by the intersection of the horizon with the point of the ecliptic. In order to calculate it, you can use a computer program or use the Table of Houses, which indicates the degree of the ecliptic where the ascendant is located according to the sidereal time of the birth chart and the geographical latitude of the person's birthplace.

The Sun takes about a month to cross a zodiac sign, yet the Earth's rotation indicates that the sign that rises on the horizon changes every 2 hours. Your ascendant is therefore determined by the time and place of your birth. This is why someone born on the same day and year as you, is not necessarily like you at all!

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💡 Our rising sign calculator is 100% reliable, here's why: 💡

Susan Taylor has spent many long hours transcribing this complex calculation. She has taken into account many parameters, such as the different time zones, summer or winter hours etc... This explains why sometimes you won’t find the same rising sign on different websites, and trust us; we receive many messages informing us of this. Although, rest assured that our rising sign calculator is the correct one.💫

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How do you manually calculate your rising sign? - Use our rising sign chart below to find your ascendant ⬇️;

Just like your astrological sign, your ascendant is one of the essential elements of your natal chart. It is the sign of the zodiac that rises in the East at the exact moment of your birth and requires that you know its exact time of birth in order to calculate it.

Rising sign chart

* Note: If you were born between April - October, deduct one hour from your birth time. *


1= Aries, 2= Taurus, 3= Gemini, 4= Cancer, 5= Leo, 6= Virgo, 7=Libra, 8= Scorpio, 9= Sagittarius, 10= Capricorn, 11= Aquarius, 12= Pisces.


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For more insights into your personality - Click on your ascendant sign below:

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What is my rising sign, and what does it mean? – It represents your deeper, inner self

According to Susan Taylor, our head astrologer, we tend to be more like our ascendant sign rather than our sun sign after the age of 30. Indeed, this probably explains why many of you don’t recognize yourselves in the description of your sign.

Rising signs

The rising sign is your "inner self", what you are intrinsically in the first astrological house. It’s located opposite the descendant, in house 7, which represents "me + the other", and therefore influences your relationships and love stories.

The description of a native's personality will be more complete if we look at the position of the Sun in their chart AND the position of their ascendant. We can have signs that are quite different, but which are complementary! If you do not recognize yourself in the description of your sun sign, it is possible that your rising sign has taken the upper hand on your personality, unless it is your Moon sign that predominates, this is particularly the case for many women.

 💡 FAQ 💡 ▼

Why is my rising sign most important?

The ascendant sign is considered important in astrology because it influences how you present yourself to the outside world and how you are perceived by others. Here are a few reasons why it is often considered significant:

  • Influence on appearance and behavior: Your rising sign is determined by the precise time and place of your birth. It can influence your physical appearance, style of dress, and behavior, giving others a first impression of your personality.
  • Impact on the way you express yourself: It can play a role in the way you communicate, your energy, and your style. It can influence your general approach to life and the way you interact with others.
  • Relationship with your Sun sign: Your ascendant can modify or complement the characteristics of your Sun sign (your main zodiac sign based on your date of birth). It can add nuances or additional traits to your personality.
  • Revealing your life path and destiny: Some astrologers consider the ascendant sign to represent your life path and destiny. It can reveal the challenges, opportunities, and important themes you're likely to encounter in the course of your life.
  • The ascendant of an astrological sign reveals strong characteristics of your personality, and also gives you clues to learn how to externalize your emotions. It's worth noting that it's more important after the age of 30. In fact, with maturity and advancing age, certain character traits become more nuanced and others more pronounced!
  • If you feel that your ascendant is taking over, it's because it has always had a strong influence on your personality. You can see the importance of the ascendant at any time in your life. Some even believe that our rising sign accompanies each of us little by little, until it becomes our sun sign in our next life.

What role does your rising sign play in shaping your personality?

Each ascendant has its own strengths and weaknesses that combine with the characteristics of your zodiac sign. In short, our ascendant plays a fundamental role in defining a complete picture of our personality and inclinations.

Rising sign:
Your strengths:
Your weaknesses:
Brave, determined
Stubborn, impulsive
Loyal, logical
Jealous, greedy
Sincere, versatile
Fickle, unfaithful
Sensitive, real
Sad, gloomy
Generous, romantic
Selfish, proud
Faithful, humble
Paranoid, insecure
Diplomatic, sensitive
Vengeful, indecisive
Charming, creative
Resentful, vindictive
Positive, focused
Fake, insensitive
Independent, strong
Rigid, indifferent
Bold, original
Cold, unsociable
Sweet, kind
Invasive, insecure

➡️  Use our sun moon rising calculator and discover the meaning of the M on your palm.

What house is my rising sign in?

Your rising sign is the sign that was on the horizon at the moment of your birth, and it represents the way you present yourself to the world and your first impression on others. The house of your rising sign is the house that starts at the degree of your rising sign.

For example, if your rising sign is in Aries, and it is at 10 degrees, the house that starts at 10 degrees Aries is your first house. Your second house will start at the degree that follows, which would be 11 degrees, and so on. Knowing the house of your rising sign can give you insight into the areas of life where you are most likely to focus your energy and attention, as well as the themes and qualities that are important to your personal identity and self-expression.

💡 Common misconceptions about rising signs: 💡

To calculate mine, I only need my date and time of birth - FALSE

The sun doesn't rise at the same time in New York as in Sydney. The local time varies with the longitude of your place of birth, established in relation to the Greenwich meridian, which represents point 0. Latitude, too, allows you to locate a point on the earth from imaginary horizontal lines running from the Equator to the North and South. Hence, the importance of specifying your location to calculate your ascendant.

It doesn't matter if my birth time is approximate - FALSE

It's important to know the exact time of your birth to accurately define your ascendant. The zodiac is divided into 360°. An error of three or four minutes can result in a deviation of one degree and falsify the calculation. That's why twins born just a few minutes apart don't necessarily have the same ascendant. And don't forget to subtract one or two hours (summer/winter time) to get the calculation right.

Which rising signs are compatible?

Rising sign compatibility offers valuable insights into the dynamics of relationships, highlighting which pairs are naturally attuned to each other's energy and communication styles. While compatibility extends beyond rising signs alone, certain combinations tend to harmonize more effortlessly than others. 

Here are the best matches;

  • Aries rising: Best compatibility with Leo rising  for high energy and mutual respect
  • Taurus rising: Best compatibility with Virgo rising for stable and nurturing partnership
  • Gemini rising: Best compatibility with Libra rising for social harmony and lively communication
  • Cancer rising: Best compatibility with Pisces rising for deep emotional connection and empathy
  • Leo rising: Best compatibility with Sagittarius rising for adventurous and enthusiastic duo
  • Virgo rising: Best compatibility with Capricorn rising for grounded and practical connection
  • Libra rising: Best compatibility with Gemini rising for social harmony and lively communication
  • Scorpio rising: Best compatibility with Cancer rising for deep emotional connection and empathy
  • Sagittarius rising: Best compatibility with Aquarius rising for free-spirited and intellectually stimulating bond
  • Capricorn rising: Best compatibility with Taurus rising for grounded and ambitious duo
  • Aquarius rising: Best compatibility with Sagittarius rising for free-spirited and intellectually stimulating bond
  • Pisces rising: Best compatibility with Scorpio rising for intuitive and transformative partnership

While these are just a few examples, exploring rising sign compatibility can offer valuable insights into the potential for mutual understanding, growth, and harmony in relationships.

Practical tips on how to make the most of your rising sign 🌟

Tips tailored to each rising sign can empower you to navigate life with confidence and intention:

Aries rising
  • - Embrace boldness by pursuing new challenges.
  • - Practice patience and consider consequences.
  • - Build stronger connections through emotional intelligence.
Taurus rising
  • - Prioritize self-care and comfort.
  • - Develop financial stability with a budget.
  • - Stay open to new experiences and perspectives.
Gemini rising
  • - Explore diverse interests and hobbies.
  • - Enhance communication and set boundaries for self-care.
Cancer rising
  • - Honor your intuition and create a nurturing environment.
  • - Practice self-compassion and set healthy boundaries.
Leo rising
  • - Step into leadership roles and embrace charisma.
  • - Engage in creative pursuits for joy and fulfillment.
Virgo rising
  • - Utilize analytical skills for excellence.
  • - Develop healthy habits for well-being.
Libra rising
  • - Seek compromise in relationships for harmony.
  • - Embrace creativity and surround yourself with beauty.
Scorpio rising
  • - Delve deep into emotions for insights.
  • - Embrace transformation and release old patterns.
Sagittarius rising
  • - Seek new experiences and maintain an optimistic outlook.
Capricorn rising
  • - Set ambitious goals and balance with self-care.
Aquarius rising
  • - Champion causes and cultivate community.
Pisces rising
  • - Nurture your creative imagination and set boundaries.
  • - Find peace through mindfulness and presence.

How does your ascendant impact your zodiac sign?

After discovering your rising sign with the help of our ascendant calculator, scroll through our slideshow below for more insights into its influence.

  • Aries

    Full of courage

    The Aries rising is brave and impulsive, which explains why they are also so far ahead of the others. Being competitive and outspoken are important factors in your life, although your brashness can at times get under people’s skin. Your spontaneity is charming and adds a touch of excitement to your personality.

    Aries love compatibility: for you, Libra, Leo and Sagittarius are charming signs.

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Hi Susan, Is it feasible to determine my ascendant if I lack the necessary information, but can provide additional data to indicate significant events in my life, such as the birthdates of my children or the date of my marriage? Thank you. Marianna

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What are the benefits of discovering my rising sign? ▼

Discovering your rising sign can provide deep insights into your personality, how others perceive you, and your life path. It can help you understand your strengths, challenges, and how to navigate life's opportunities.

What can I expect during a rising sign reading? ▼

During a rising sign reading, the astrologer will analyze your birth chart to reveal your rising sign and its implications. You will gain insights into your personality, relationships, and potential future paths.

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