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Gemini Compatibility : What Zodiac Sign Does Gemini Match Best With?

Gemini is such a fun and exciting zodiac sign that it’s literally impossible to get bored with Gemini around. Intelligent and open, Gemini knows exactly how to entertain their partners and will never fall into a boring routine. Gemini’s free spirit makes them awesome partners who love to be on the move. Who is Gemini compatible with? Are you compatible with a Gemini?

Born between May 21st and June 20th, Gemini is an Air sign, which is why they love their freedom so much. Gemini’s master planet is Mercury and Mercury ensures Gemini’s flexibility, fun character and adaptability. Want to know more about Gemini? Check out all of Gemini’s personality traits.

Are you a Gemini and want to know which zodiac signs you are compatible with? The good news is Geminis make great partners and really are fun and amusing characters. Gemini your lovely personality makes you a real catch, but that doesn't mean you are compatible with everyone...

Gemini compatibility: What zodiac sign does Gemini match best with?

Gemini's desire for freedom is often a lot stronger than their desire to maintain a serious relationship. Geminis often have childlike personalities and love having fun and laughing along with their partners. Gemini personalities aren't big on commitment, which is why it can be hard for Gemini to find someone. Despite their childish ways, Geminis are charming and very loving. Which zodiac sign is the best match for Gemini? Find out here!

Gemini friends, click on your crush' zodiac sign and find out if you are compatible in love. Are you compatible with Gemini? Are you crushing on a Gemini, find out how to attract a Gemini man thanks to our top tips.

Who are you compatible with, Gemini?

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