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Gemini and Leo compatibility: ♥ An Electric Couple

Gemini will be instantly be impressed by Leo's regal behavior and could even be totally thrown off by it. As soon as the seduction games start, the sexual tension between this pair will reach dangerously high levels. On a deeper level, this duo will struggle to accept each other's quirks and demands. Discover the Gemini and Leo compatibility score and whether or not they have a future together.

"Gemini and Leo will need to make lots of sacrifies!" 

Gemini and Leo compatibility score: 2/5

This duo is more strongly based on intellectual admiration than love. Gemini learns to give into the demands of Leo personality, yet Gemini can benefit from Leo’s realism and strength. As friends or co-workers, their rapport shouldn’t work off rivalry. In love, Gemini should be more romantic towards a sentimental Leo. If both signs are able to work through their egocentric behavior, then they could really be a dream couple. Gemini will attempt to take the lead in the relationship and could even end up dominating Leo. 

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Why Gemini and Leo work out

Both in friendship and love, this pair works well together, but only on the condition that rivalry is put aside, which is a challenge for these two zodiacs. Gemini is more romantic and Leo more expressive with their feelings. Gemini, with a Leo at your side, you are not going to be bored, especially if you like to go out and party.

What makes them incompatible:

Although you are both superficial, Leo will judge you much more severely and will class you as too casual for their taste. So if you want your relationship to work, you will have to change completely!

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Gemini and Leo sex life:

Here again you will encounter major passion. And yes, Leo is in action, the 'now' and may exhaust you!

Love advice for this pair:

Make sure you are both on the same page.

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