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5 Reasons To Fall For A Sagittarius

If you were born between the 22nd November and the 21st December, you’re zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign, along with Leo and Aries, which means they love life and having a good time!

5 reasons to fall for a Sagittarius

Is the man of your dreams a Sagittarius? If so, congratulations! With a Sagittarius in your life you’ll never be bored again! Half man half horse, Sagittarius is amongst the kindest zodiac signs, but why should you fall for them? Our experts have complied the 5 best reasons to fall for a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius’ are naturally very charming and their charm is their secret weapon when seducing. They are naturally optimistic and enthusiastic, making us want to follow them and date them!

    1. Their sense of humor and positivity

         Sagittarius’ prefer smiling than complaining, when you are around them everything seems to run smoothly.

    2. Their commitment

         When Sagittarius’ are in a relationship, they commit quickly and foresee things for the long-term, little flings just aren't for them.

    3. Sociable

         There are no dull moments with a Sagittarius around, when they go out, they know all the best places and everyone for that matter!

    4. Their generosity

         Sagittarius’ adore making their loved ones happy, especially when it comes to their birthdays and special ocassions, they love spoiling people with expensive presents.

    5. Their sense of family

         Family is everything for Sagittarius’ meaning they won’t hesitate about putting them first, despite their professional ambition.

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