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Sagittarius Personality: Discover What Makes Them So Loveable

Sagittarius natives are born between November 22 - December 21, and are naturally enthusiastic, curious, fun loving, and energetic. There's no question about it, this sign are one of the biggest wanderers of the zodiac and its natives are on a constant quest for happiness. Their traits include being serene, optimistic, and adventurous. With their jovial and naΓ―ve nature, as well as their love for travel and exploration, they tend to head for the hills when drama arises. Here's what you need to know about the Sagittarius personality.

Sagittarius is full of energy and optimism and is very well appreciated for their good moods and positivity.

Your dates: November 22 - December 21. 

If you are born between those dates, know that you are the ninth sign of the zodiac and one of the three Fire signsNatives of this sign are easily recognized by their happy and bubbly personalities as well as their upbeat attitudes.


♐ What does Sagittarius mean? ♐

Sagittarius is symbolized and represented by the mythical Centaur, the Archer. This zodiac symbol is portrayed as an arrow pointing upwards; embodying the need to do great things. The upwards pointing arrow is also said to represent this signs’ optimistic and happy-go-lucky attitude. Sagittarius zodiac sign

What is the Sagittarius personality like?

The Sagittarius personality is enthusiastic, cheerful, optimistic, warm and very generous. These natives live for happiness and love spreading joy everywhere they go. Optimistic by nature, they always believe that the best is yet to come, which is why they never give up hope.

Dynamic and radiant, Sagittarius is often talkative. These folks needs to be surrounded by people who take the time to listen to them and their thoughts. With their open and philosophical minds, they love great going on adventures, in search of wisdom and the meaning of life. They value their freedom and have a superb sense of humour, which explains why they are so well liked.


Sagittarius is skilled at sharing ideas and taking courageous steps to make their goals a reality. Like Aries and Leo, this zodiac sign needs to keep moving and travelling in order to feel good about themselves. Rather than staying at home, they love to explore and see the world, all whilst learning new things. 

What are the best traits of the Sagittarius personality?

Benevolent, friendly and always in a good mood, these natives have many strong points! First of all, people love their adventurous spirit and always look forward to listening to their anecdotes. Their open-mindedness is also one of his strong points; they are always happy to welcome and discover different cultures, new languages or ways of life totally opposite to their own.

How about their worst traits?

These folks are certainly exceptional beings, but like everyone else, they also have a few flaws. Their lack of seriousness explains why they often find it difficult to manage too many responsibilities. These natives can also lack tact and say what they think without any filter at the risk of hurting their interlocutor or alienating others. They should also work on your impatience, because they can't bear to wait. That being said, they often arrive late, or worse, forget an appointment or what you were asked to do...

Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

Sagittarius is the sign of human adventure, of games of life and luck, of natural expansion, of the joy of living and of naive optimism. These traits sometimes make people born under this sign unrealistic.

What is Sagittarius' ruling planet? - Jupiter

Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun and the biggest planet in the solar system. It symbolizes heroic action, success and bravery. It's also the master of everything that is fast and impacting.


 Combined with luck and opulence, this planet often makes Sagittarius lucky in life. Due to its large size, this planet is also related to expansion and construction. 

Jupiter’s influence on this sun sign can be negative because the planet encourages natives of this sign to spend their money on unnecessary things. Jupiter also encourages people born under this sign to make the most of life and go with the flow. 

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What makes these folks happy?

Happiness is strongly linked to being in an optimistic state of mind for this zodiac sign. Sagittarius, you are a positive thinker and put your faith in the higher powers to lead you towards good fortune. 

You always manage to see the glass half full and almost always look on the bright side of things, even when you are faced with some tough situations. You radiate happiness and are always there to support your friends and family. 


Susan Taylor's essential facts you must know about this sign

Here are a selection of facts you must know about this sign. If you want to explore this sign further, check out interesting facts on Sagittarius.

  • Strong points: Great sense of optimism and humor
  • Qualities: Courage, sincerity
  • Negative traits: Self-sufficient
  • Gems: Garnet, Sapphire
  • Colors: Dark blue, red
  • Metals: Tin
  • Corresponding body parts: Thigh, liver

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♐ Essential astrology information: ♐

The Sagittarius constellation spans from 240° - 270° in celestial longitude of the zodiac. Traditional Greek mythology connects this mutable sign with the centaur Chiron. It’s said that Chiron trained Achilles at archery. This explains why the sign is represented by a bow and arrow.

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Sagittarius compatibility: Aries is their perfect partner

This pair make for a solid love match and share a common love of adventure and the great outdoors. They share similar sense of humors and love having fun! Together, chemistry will take hold of their relationship and they'll never get bored of each other. Generous and dynamic, this pair are very quickly on the same wavelength. In private, they are true support systems for each other and they share the same vision of existence. 


These natives also forms a good bond with Leo, who is extroverted and sociable, just like them. Both of them are very optimistic, and enjoy going out, travelling and intellectual exchanges. Nothing frightens them, they are always ready to evolve.

Who are they incompatible with?

The least compatible signs with Sagittarius is said to be Virgo. This duo will have a hard time trying to make their relationship work because they are simply too different. The truth is, this pair doesn't have a lot in common. Essentially, Virgo is too shy, and unable to keep up with this adventure loving sign. Virgo could see these natives lose their beautiful joie de vivre.

Which Tarot card corresponds to Sagittarius? It's the Chariot

The Chariot, is the card of will, endurance and maturity. This card announces success in the professional and sentimental fields. The blade represented by a chariot drawn by two horses, one blue and the other red, and guided by a prince. From one end to the other, the Chariot must be interpreted as a bearer of hope, desire and courage, but also of obstacles and difficulties.

What is the significance of the Chariot in a tarot spread?

- Positive aspects: Confidence, freedom of action, success.

- Negative aspects: Failure, obstacles, uncertainties.

What does it mean to have Sagittarius as your rising sign?

Having Sagittarius rising sign in your natal chart will mean you want to shake up your habits regularly. You will aspire to discover and learn about new things, all whilst your thirst for knowledge and broadening your horizons pushes you on. Thanks to this ascendant, you also possess amazing intuition as well as an unfailing optimism! 

Calculate your rising sign here -

Your sun sign + Sagittarius rising:

Main traits described:

Aries sun Sagittarius rising

Energetic and sociable

Taurus sun Sagittarius rising

Eloquent and harmonious

Gemini sun Sagittarius rising

Creative and original

Cancer sun Sagittarius rising

Touchy yet dreamy

Leo sun Sagittarius rising

Patient and strong

Virgo sun Sagittarius rising

Wise and sympathetic

Libra sun Sagittarius rising

Sensual and loving

Scorpio sun Sagittarius rising

Complex and optimistic

Sagittarius sun Sagittarius rising

Cheerful and dynamic

Capricorn sun Sagittarius rising

Charming and reserved

Aquarius sun Sagittarius rising

Independent and avant-garde

Pisces sun Sagittarius rising

Fearless and strong

'These folks are attracted to other who know themselves and have strong personalities'.

Sagittarius quote

We reveal more traits in our unmissable video:

Sagittarius video

More details about this sign:

Now that you have read up on this star sign, Susan Taylor suggests you go one step further and check out all this great content:

* Literature Source: The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, Author; Joanna Martine Woolfolk, Published in 2012 and available here: Amazon - The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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