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Leo In Astrology: Everything You Need To Know

Leo likes to stand out and be admired. Proud by nature, this sign's motto could be go hard or go home, which explains why these natives love living in luxury and comfort. Curious by nature, these brave Lions have a great thirst for learning new things. Their social skills mean they are outgoing and always move forward with optimism. Get all the astrology information you need here on this sign.

What zodiac sign is August? - It's Leo!

These natives are born between July 23rd - August 22nd. If you want to know more, read about the Leo personality to get the lowdown on this powerful sign!

The Leo contains the essence of royalty.

Horoscopes for Leo

DAY BY DAY. Is today a good or a bad one for you? Read your Daily Horoscope for Leo

TOMORROW. What about tomorrow and this week? Read your Tomorrow Horoscope for Leo and your weekly horoscope.

2020. Anticipate the next month and take a look into the whole year with the 2021 horoscope for Leo!

Facts about you. Did you know that?...

- You are jealous, 😥 especially when you are in love

- You are the fiercely loyal, 💖 you'll never let your loved ones down

- Celebrity compatibility reveals you are a good match with Michael Phelps 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽

- You're the most likely sign to get famous, 🌟 you have star potential! 😢

- You can be a very selfish zodiac sign 🌙

- You are one of the 3 fire signs

Do you know what your rising sign is?

The ascendant sign can be found in the first astrological house and is indicated by the intersection of the ecliptic. To calculate your ascendant, you need to know where you were born, as well as the date and the time you were born. Use our rising sign calculator to find out more.

What does it mean to have Leo as your rising sign?

Having Leo rising in your birth chart makes you lively, instinctive, feline and observant. For some natives, it will give you more ambition, envy and desire. It's a symbol of creativity and will make you more astute but also more inspired. You will therefore be able to express your feelings and thoughts easier than most. For others, it will multiply your desire for children.

Your sun sign + Leo rising:

Main traits described:

Aries sun Leo rising

Explosive and ambitious

Taurus sun Leo rising

Brilliant and outgoing

Gemini sun Leo rising

Generous and kind

Cancer sun Leo rising

Thoughtful and well-rounded

Leo sun Leo rising

Funny and dynaminc

Virgo sun Leo rising

Authentic and smart

Libra sun Leo rising

Warm and loving

Scorpio sun Leo rising

Eccentric and sociable

Sagittarius sun Leo rising

Fiery and bold

Capricorn sun Leo rising

Determined and focused

Aquarius sun Leo rising

Joyful and positive

Pisces sun Leo rising

Sweet and understanding

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What about Leo and love?

Leo, who is your best match?

 - Leo and Aries: Sexy passion

 - Leo and Cancer: Strong understanding of each other

 - Leo and Libra: Fairytale love

 - Leo and Sagittarius: Fire meets fire

 - Leo and Capricorn: Surprisingly good match

 - Leo and Aquarius: Cute pair

 - Leo and Pisces: Perfect pairing

==> Now you know who you match with, all that's left to do is to consult the Leo compatibility, here are some tips on how to attract a Leo man!

Who are you incompatible with?

 - Leo and Taurus: On two different pages

 - Leo and Gemini: Very unpredictable

 - Leo and Leo: This match is a disaster

 - Leo and Virgo: Nothing in common

 - Leo and Scorpio: Power struggles

==> By the way, here are 5 reasons why you won't regret falling in love with a Leo!

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