Leo Horoscope Today 2022

" Leo’s motto: Eyes on the prize. Feet on the ground. Heart on fire. "


Artistic or spiritual inspiration could come your way through dreams and visions today. You could find it easier than usual to slip into a meditative or contemplative state, often approaching near-loss of consciousness. Write down any insights you may receive - you may want to make use of them later. A female friend could want to share your experiences. She also might want to borrow something from you which you aren't all that keen to lend!

How can I attract the right person?


You might enjoy a special day with your romantic partner. You'll want to spend time being close with your sweetheart. You have been very busy lately, and your relationship might need some extra attention. Do something fun. Don't just sit at home. Go out with some friends to a lively restaurant, have some interesting food and good conversation. Or head to a musical concert. Dare to break out of your usual routine.

What is my soulmate's zodiac sign?


Unexpected information may be coming at you today from out of the blue. You will find that this information is extremely important, so make sure to keep all lines of communication open. You are apt to learn some important lessons regarding the collective and working harmoniously with groups of people to fulfill not just your own needs, but also the needs of the people around you. Let other people's viewpoints be heard.

How will my relationship work out?


Your energy level could be a little low right now. Usually, you have the strength of a dozen lions. But today you could be more in the mood for a long catnap! Be gentle on yourself. Don't push yourself too hard. Extend deadlines on major projects if possible. Give yourself more time to gather your strength and to get your mind clear. Today your brain could be as fuzzy as your royal fur!

How can I communicate with my guardian angel?


Quietly step into the background if things aren't going the way you would like. Don't try to stick your nose into someone else's business, even if you think you know exactly the right way for them to proceed. More than likely, people will have very strong opinions about the day, and they will not be swayed in any direction. The best you can do is take care of yourself, and you will probably find that what this means is for you to be neither seen nor heard.

Will I pass my exams?

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I want to see the Leo money horoscope, not everything else. I left today 7/8/22. I got sent everywhere else. I don't like this new stuff and ads.

How True GC/ i'm a physiologist and the only person you should believe in is YOURSELF and nothing happens in your life unless you want to make that change. You might or not have any faith but I myself with my own two eyes have seen miracles. All it took was one prayer and I've had faith ever since and it didn't take a card reader.

I laugh when I read my horoscope because it does not sound too much like me. I learned a long time ago that I must rely on myself solely, not a horoscope.

I am love with a pisces man, its almost 2 years now...want to know if we have a future together,,,please respond thank you

walay forever Hoyyy..

When am I going to get my success

What will my career..doctor or teacher or something

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