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Daily horoscope Leo

Your intuition could be stronger than usual. You might find that you are able to anticipate events before they happen. Or you could pick up an impression about a situation that is based on nonverbal cues. You'll be good at interpreting undercurrents and figuring out what is really happening beneath the surface. Be a detective. Dare to do a little investigating. You could find out something juicy or scandalous.

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Leo daily horoscope

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When am I going to get my success

What will my career..doctor or teacher or something

Is waheed good for me

When I will get marrid

when you learn to spell it (married)


Will get pregnant this year


Characteristics of Leo

Leo dates: July 23rd to August 22nd

Directed by the Sun, Leo is positioned in front of Aquarius in the wheel of the zodiac. Majestic, proud and determined, Leo is one of the 3 Fire signs. Both in love and professionally, this sign tends to impose itself and its strong ideas. Like the animal that represents it, Leos love to be admired and honored. This sign is disciplined and authoritative, although it is also generous and gentle. Idealist and ambitious, Leo always expects the best and hates to fail!

Leo compatibility

Leo is compatible with Aries; this pair makes the ideal combination of two complementary signs, one of Air and the other of Fire. They love each other intensely and do everything to satisfy each other's needs.

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What is Leo like at work?

On a professional level, Leo is the leader par excellence. This personality is authoritarian, generous, determined, and sees challenges as opportunities to grow and improve. Endowed with inexhaustible energy, he is one of the most diligent and hardworking signs.

Famous Leo people

Here are some VIPs born under the sign of Leo.

Madonna, Barak Obama and Robert De Niro.

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