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Daily horoscope Gemini

Today's planetary alignment is suggesting introspection. No, this isn't a prison sentence! Everyone knows that you're not too keen on introspection, but the aspects are inciting you to make a major inner transformation in the way you deal with others, and you should take some time to mull this over. "Be less proud" is the simple message, but you will need a bit of meditation in order to fully integrate it into your soul...

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Gemini daily horoscope

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I have already done it myself my cleaning and washing before you tell me. But thanks I’m always in the go and aBout

ugh, why is my life so boring? I am a Gemini, I should have more excitement in my life right now

dont worry

Ya today I texted my crush wish me best of luck hope I could get him .

yasss go gemini personnn

What did he say?

Not bad but not exact

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