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Daily horoscope Pisces

Things are flowing well for you, and you will make great progress in whatever project it is that you decide to tackle. Once you get the ball rolling, you will find that a greater force will help push it the rest of the way. You need only to provide the initial impetus. No project is too large for you to tackle on a day like this. Find the strength within yourself to make it happen.

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Pisces daily horoscope

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I read my horoscope today and it seems that I'm going to get my self involved in somethings that involved the church. Which I don't won't too, but I going too do my best to not get to involved......

ThanksBarberfor your response

I am a picese l am a passionate loving person but not liked by many don't know why so jealous towards me and try to hurt me in many ways

If they are jellous of you it showes you are the better person than them.they have a problem with there own lives

I am also a Pisces, and I am looking for love, I must say that everyone that I meet's seems too want something, like today I met a person in the mall today, and the very first things they ask me for was some money, they did not ask me my name, why it's there, when we meet some people the first things they want is money, I have work for years, to gains what I have, don't get me wrong I don't mind sharing, but its always money, Im not just looking for a one night stant..

S LOVE IS IMPORTANT THING,its need affection and attention also...

I am a Pisces born on February 29, so 2020 is especially important to me!

How old are you.....

I "2" Graham...well this is only gonna happen for me ONCE in my life time...02-20-2020...as a true Pisces...I am overly excited...I just hope my "2 fish" play nice all day!! Sending a special Birthday wish to you.. on the morning of the 29th the 1st mirror you see I want you to look into and JUMP BACK with amazement … and say (for me) "well hello you gorgeous man you! and today is your birthday... and so young looking.. you must have been born one very special day.. looks and luck...priceless!!"..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!.. X's 5

I love pisces cannot catch by ✋ but by mind

hey i have something cool to say, Pisces are the most powerful sign even though nobody sees it. they have all the traits of the zodiac signs, talented, gifted funny, friendly,prudent,active,and has the best inner and outer strength of all.

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