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Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

Find your strength from within. There is a great deal of it tucked down in there, and more than likely, it will be ready to spew up like a volcano. Let your passion drive your engine today and you will be amazed at the incredible places you will go. Don't be afraid to take things to the extreme. More than likely, your fantastic good luck will pull you out of any sticky predicament in which you might find yourself.

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Scorpio daily horoscope

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Characteristics of Scorpio

Scorpio dates: October 21 to November 22.

Being a Water sign, Scorpio is positioned opposite Taurus in the astrological wheel. Governed by the planets Mars and Pluto, this sign's main qualities are certainly their composure and tenacity. Scorpio has a strong personality and is stubborn and strict with themselves and with others. In love, these natives aren't interested in superficial relationships, for them love is a passionate, mystical and all-encompassing experience. 

Scorpio compatibility

Scorpio and Cancer form a strong couple, they are made to be together. Empathetic, generous and loving, theirs is a sincere and passionate relationship. Scorpio's weaknesses lie in Cancer's sensitivity, understanding and security.

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What is Scorpio like at work?

Scorpio is totally unpredictable at work! Their intelligence, adaptability and charm are often cancelled out by a childish and immature attitude. They hate mediocrity and lies, so never betray the trust of a Scorpio because they will never forgive you.

Famous Scorpio people

Here are some VIPs born under the sign of Scorpio.

Julia Roberts, Leonardo Di Caprio, Katy Perry and Anne Hathaway.

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