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Daily Horoscope for Aries

You may say one thing one minute and the opposite thing the next. Most of the time, you continue to jump from one issue to the next like this with no hassle, but today people are likely going to call you on it. Think about what you really mean before you say it. Don't do all your thinking aloud while other people can hear. Your continuous thought process might be mistaken for your final analysis and confusion is likely to ensue.

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My boyfriend break up with me,I want to know if he will still come back to me, this is making it the third time he's breaking up with me.

if your boyfriend broke up with you a 3rd time why are you still pining over him to come back after the 2nd time of the break up believe me I've been in this situation before and a relative said to me why put yourself through this torture because it's not good for your health get rid of this idea he will come back and if he does come back tell him it's not working out between you 2 and slam the door because he does not love you

It's a lie everyone don't trust it but I love the horoscope though

Love life

Would like to know about future relationships

if this relationship makes you think of someone you broke up with then that person is not the right one for you you can trust me on that one because I've been through 6 relationships and only one of those 6 was the truest one and I let him go



Yes i would love to know about ky future relationship..


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