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Mercury Retrograde : When Is Mercury Retrograde In 2018?

You’ve no doubt already heard about Mercury retrograde and the effects this planetary phenomenon has on us and our lives. Whenever anyone has a problem or when bad things occur, our first reaction is to blame Mercury in retrograde and guess what? This destructive planetary sensation is real! If problems seem to cumulate in your life it could be because Mercury is in retrograde.

Anticipate the Mercury retrograde phases in 2018 with our help, Mercury retrograde 2018 dates and advice.

Mercury Retrograde

What does it mean that Mercury is in retrograde?

Mercury retrogradeis a change in the movement of the Mercury and is said to set off bad luck. Running late, last minute changes out pf your control, car problems as well as relationship problems are all thought to be effects of Mercury retrograde. Do any of these problems sound familiar? The answers as to why could be Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde meaning and effects

Mercury is in its retrograde phase for around three weeks throughout the year. During these periods, Mercury appears to slow down and moves backwards through the zodiac.

Signs Mercury is in retrograde:

  • You are less proactive
  • Setbacks
  • Closing other people out
  • Self-doubt
  • Questioning yourself

Mercury retrograde is a period in which people should avoid making important decisions and purchases. During the Mercury retrograde phase people should concentrate on working on themselves and focus on their future goals and projects.

Organizing important events such as a wedding or even interviewing for a new job aren’t advised when Mercury is in retrograde.

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Mercury retrograde 2018

23rd March – 14th April - Mercury retrograde Aries 2018

Confusion, misunderstandings and financial problems could feature in Aries’ lives during this period. Our advice is to take a closer look at your accounts and opt for open and direct communication. The zodiac signs that will be the most affected by Mercury retrograde between March 23rd and April 14th are those that are located opposite Mercury or that have Mercury as a ruling planet.

Mercury retrograde will provoke tardiness, misunderstandings and communication lapses. From March 23rd until April 14th Mercury retrograde will be in Aries.

Zodiac signs affected by Mercury retrograde

Aries – Mercury retrograde will distract Aries people and throw them off. Putting down a concrete idea will be difficult for an Aries during this period.

Cancer – Cancer will encounter lots of professional setbacks.

Libra – Libra will experience lots of misunderstandings and communication problems in their relationship.

Capricorn – Communication problems within the family setting could appear during this period of time.

Gemini  - Arguments with friends will be frequent for Gemini.

Virgo – Virgo people will feel tense and worried during this period, things will get complicated for them!

The best way to get through Mercury retrograde is to plan everything you do meticulously and why not make sure your tardiness doesn’t wreck your day and leave even earlier to avoid being late. When it comes to messaging people, make sure your messages are sent properly because as we know by now, nothing is out of reach for Mercury retrograde. As for appointments, dates and meetings it’s best you double check you have the dates and times right when Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury retrograde July 25th – August 18th

Mercury in retrograde at this time will cause lots of arguments and problems in relationship. When it comes to organizing dates, don’t rely on technology because misunderstandings will appear.

Mercury retrograde November 17th – December 6th

If you have trouble with administrative tasks this period of time will be complicated for you. Whether it’s your tax return or any other important document, be sure that you don’t send them off too late! Hang in there!


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