Mercury Retrograde 2023: April 21 - May 14, Prepare For Craziness!

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You’ve no doubt already heard about Mercury retrograde and the effects of this scary phenomenon. Now, whenever bad luck curses us, our first reaction is to blame this destructive planetary movement. From car problems to missed trains; we love to point the finger at this event, but in actual fact, this calamitous motion is indeed REAL! Unlike previous years, this phenomenon occurs a total of 4 times in 2023, so be sure to discover our advice on how to get through each phase, as well as the misfortunes each zodiac sign can expect.

Mercury Retrograde 2023: April 21 - May 14, Prepare For Craziness!

Are we in Mercury retrograde? — No, the cycle ended on May 14, 2023 😱

Mercury is the fastest moving planet, and symbolizes intellect, reason, and communication and when it metaphorically spins out of control by entering this infamous cycle, it leaves us to deal with the consequences… Although every planet of the solar system goes retrograde at some point, the effects of Mercury entering this motion are often more intense and bring about even more misfortune than most other planets.

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What is Mercury retrograde?

It's a change in the direction of the planet in the sky and is said to set off setbacks and tribulations. This movement is in fact a visual effect and begins when the planet commences its so-called backward motion in the night sky through the zodiac. So, no, Mercury's orbit of the sun won't change direction, because it's an optical illusion. This chaotic process includes the slowing down and eventual stagnation of the planet. It's this unnatural movement that creates so much uproar. Concretely, whilst in this stage, the planet will for example jump from Pisces back to Aquarius, plunging us into mayhem.


For astrologers, these phases coincide with major psychological changes. Due to the fact that the planet figuratively moves backward, its energy can no longer fully express itself, causing internal disturbances or slowdowns in many individuals.

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Mercury retrograde 2023: What are the dates, and what can I expect? 

In 2023, Mercury will retrograde four times. Here are the dates to remember and the effects to anticipate.

  • January 1 to 17, in Capricorn
  • April 21 to May 14, in Taurus
  • August 23 to September 14, in Virgo
  • December 13 to December 31, in Sagittarius

From January 1, 2023, to January 17, 2023, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn 

This period impacts the nervous system and our moods will be altered. This retrograde movement modifies our state of mind and impacts our emotions. Stress and impatience will occupy an important place in our daily lives, and it will be difficult to put things into perspective.  

From April 21 to May 14, 2023, Mercury retrograde in Taurus

Whatever our astrological identity, everything we undertake during this Mercury retrograde phase will require more time. Also, some of our plans or projects will be slowed down. Nevertheless, this phase does not have to be experienced as a bad thing. It can even serve to give a new impetus to our projects, gain another understanding, and thus make the necessary changes to get through this astrological event. 

With Taurus being a pragmatic sign, Mercury impacts our practical life, and our sense of organization. Mercury requires us to think and wait instead of making any hasty decisions. That being said, we'll be more sure of ourselves and of our decisions when Mercury goes direct again on May 15.

Astrologist Susan Taylor

Here's what you need to retain from this particular phase:

- During this cycle, beware of communication issues that will lead to misunderstandings. 

- Financially speaking, each sign will have to be extra careful when it comes to checking their bank accounts. 

- Here, you’ll have to watch your expenses and check your bills. 

- Keep in mind that Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will affect your finances, so make sure you keep on top of things.

How will each sign be impacted when Mercury is retrograde from April 21 - May 14, 2023?

  • Aries: You’ll be tempted to spend money, but Mercury will sound the alarm and bringing you back down to earth. Remember that you need to live beyond your means!
  • Taurus: Mercury retrograde in your sign suggests you meditate on an action you took in the past that didn't benefit you. This is a good time to think about it and, why not, reconsider your decision.
  • Gemini: Be careful not to give in to a financial proposal that could turn out to be fraudulent.
  • Cancer: This is not the time to mix your private and professional life, because a friendship could suffer as a result of misunderstandings...
  • Leo: In your professional life, your efforts may not be successful. In any case, be patient and review your methods!
  • Virgo: Mercury, your planet, is retrograde in an allied sign. Small hiccups are possible in your daily life, but nothing to worry about if you don't focus on the details.  
  • Libra: Mercury retrograde may remind you of a memory from the past that you had buried. This is also a good time to analyze your dreams; there are keys to them!
  • Scorpio: Mercury may well delay a contract, or a commitment you were hoping for. Don't take it the wrong way. Take advantage of this period to analyze the path you are taking.
  • Sagittarius: A machine that malfunctions, a breakdown, or any other hassle of daily life annoys you. Your nerves are affected: know how to put things in perspective!
  • Capricorn: Faced with practical or financial blockages that hinder your progress, you will take advantage of this to fine-tune your plans and modify them if necessary.
  • Aquarius: This is not the time to start renovation work in your home and if it's already underway, setbacks are likely. In the family, misunderstandings can tarnish the atmosphere.
  • Pisces: A delayed contract signing or cancelled trip can be financially damaging. Solutions will come, especially if you don't get lost in your emotions.

August 23 to September 14, 2023, Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Our patience is tested, and we are pushed to ground ourselves. When Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, it is best to avoid signing contracts and doing business, as omissions and disputes may arise later. This is a time that requires reason and stability to overcome every problem. 

December 13, 2023, to December 31, 2023, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius

This suggests difficulties with good communication. This movement also pushes us to want to explore our potential and creativity, but this is without the confusion that is associated with this retrograde. Likewise, this is a time to take stock of our situation by combining reflection with each of our actions. 

What happens when Mercury retrograde is over?

Fortunately, all bad things must come to an end. Indeed, the fastest planet in the zodiac goes direct, everything that happened during the retrograde could come back to haunt us. Now, you would think that the post-retrograde period would be beneficial, however, this is the time when communications and drama kick into high gear, when the effects really begin. This will be a time to revisit events that occurred during the pre-retrograde shadow period, and nothing should be taken for granted. This is obviously easier said than done, as secrets and scandals will be revealed. One word of advice: be careful what you say!

This is what happens when Mercury is retrograde in each sign:

Mercury retrograde in Aries

Your projects often get put back during this period, but don't let that worry you. If you let setbacks stress you out, you may lose time and feel like dropping everything!

Mercury retrograde in Taurus

Practical concerns are possible at work! Important appointments, meetings, or job interviews are often postponed, or even canceled.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini

This is not the time to fly or sail! Do you have to travel? Beware of strikes or breakdowns that delay your means of transportation...

In Cancer

You'll experience some psychological fatigue. People will invite you to interesting functions, but you'll be too tired.

Sign Leo

Expect confusion in your relationship or in your associations! In any case, misunderstandings reign and cause tensions. Above all, do not let the situation get out of hand! Do not sign any contracts or commitments for the time being!

In Virgo

Your daily life will be turned upside down. Electrical appliances including your phone won't work and parcels could get lost.

In Libra

You'll have trouble letting go and relaxing. Too many internal tensions shake you up during the retrograde period.

In Scorpio

This is not the time to undertake renovations at home! Beware of communication problems and misinterpretations...

In Sagittarius

If you have to sign a contract or an important document, don't do anything before the 28th... Or read the document again! And don't forget what's written in between the lines!

In Capricorn

Beware, your bank may call you because you've mismanaged your accounts. An unexpected expense puts you in the red!

In Aquarius

You have trouble concentrating and feel like you are thinking more slowly than usual these days. Beware of your absent-mindedness!

In Pisces

Everything seems to be on hold! Nothing goes as planned, it's as if you've been put under a nasty spell so that mail or deliveries are systematically lost!

Here are 5 signs which indicate Mercury is in retrograde:

  • You feel less proactive
  • You experience unexpected setbacks
  • You isolate yourself
  • You start doubting everything
  • You feel lostMercury

What should you not do during Mercury retrograde 2023? Plus, what you should definitely do

The best way to get through this testing period is to plan everything you do meticulously. Here's a guide of what to do and what to avoid doing in order to emerge scot-free.

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Always have a back-up plan
Be negative
Be flexible
Bottle things up
Avoid signing contracts
Be attentive
Jump into things head first
Use the Mercury retrograde period as a time to reflect
Have unrealistic demands

Susan Taylor’s insights: How sensitive are you to this cycle?

Finally, it should be noted that the different periods of Mercury in retrograde do not have the same effects for all the natives. The impacts of this cycle depend on the position of the planet at our birth, but also on the sign the planet crosses during the retrograde. Plus, for the most sensitive amongst us, the effects of the retrograde can be felt before the phase begins and last a few days longer too.

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Article presented by Susan Taylor

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My 24th birthday is September 27th, being the day Mercury retrograde starts, is that going to be bad for me? I feel as though this year has been good for me but Mercury retrograde is normally never my friend so I’m kind of concerned. Anyone have any insight for me?

Hey Jennie I understand a little your concern. Im a Libra too! My birthday is on Oct. 5th and I'm a bit worried too. But I have spoken to a few spiritual professionals and they say to Remain positive and do not dwell on any negative. Remain flexible and anticipate changes. Also double and triple check everything and don't make any life altering decisions during the peak of the retrograde. Since your birthday is on the day it begins, I highly suggest kicking back and celebrating as much as you can but also pray on your birthday or do some spiritual work, do some goal planning, etc. Im personally going through a lot of scary changes and I understand how frustrating it can be when things fall apart. Just know that you have love and support from Above and from a stranger(lol, me). Stay optimistic no matter what! Don't let fear take over you. Just know that things WILL work themselves out! Hope this helps a little!:] With early birthday hugs, Heidi:)

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