When Is Venus Retrograde In 2022, And What Effects Will It Have?

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Venus; the planet of love, doesn't exactly sound so sweet during the retrograde phase. This movement has an impact on every area of your life including, romances, harmony, and your finances. During this phase, your thoughts will be dominated by relationship and money doubts, but, will you get through it scot-free? What will the impact of Venus retrograde be, from December 19, 2021 - January 29, 2022, on your zodiac sign, and how about after, when it goes direct? Astrologer, Susan Taylor, delivers her insights.


Venus was retrograde in Capricorn from December 19, 2021 - January 29, 2022. In fact, Venus will not retrograde again during 2022. This next phase will take place on July 23, 2023, in Leo.

When Venus is retrograde, difficulties at the emotional and sentimental level are felt. Everything that this planet represents is felt in a more timid and discreet way. During this period, your thoughts will be more accessible on love, sensuality but also financial possessions.

Venus goes retrograde every 20 months, for about 42 days.

  • What to avoid during this phase: Starting new relationships. 
  • What you ought to be doing: Making plans in the financial field and getting back in touch with old friends and lovers.

What you must anticipate during Venus retrograde 

Venus governs how we feel and how we love. It acts on our capacity for seduction and on the way we know how to express our emotions. The planet also governs the arts, pleasures, material aspects and relationships between individuals. When this planet spins out of control, it's not advised to launch new activities directly related to its sphere.

Venus retrograde in Capricorn pushes us to take a step back on our attachment and our feelings. We need to deepen our reflection, in order to differentiate between love and desire and to become aware of the evolution of our feelings for a person. Here, Venus makes us less spontaneous, colder, more distant, but it is a good period to reposition ourselves in relation to those we love in order to find or maintain a relational balance.

This phase shows struggles when it comes to expressing our feelings and emotions. Indeed, thoughts are more related to love and finances. Thus, this period isn't favorable for new investments or new encounters. New developments in the field of art and beauty do not bode well during this period either. 

On December 19, 2021, Venus in Capricorn will retrograde. It will resume its direct course on January 29, 2022. Venus, the star of love, feelings, and affection is located in an Earth sign, Capricorn, an analytical sign, which naturally distances itself from emotions. On the negative side, this can make you cold and distant. On the positive side, it allows you to remain lucid and honest in your relationships with others.

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The effects of Venus retrograde

During this period, finance, property, and the creative and artistic side of things all have their place at this time. Think about how you can make these themes evolve in your life. With a domain of love well present in this phase of retrograde Venus, don't hesitate to show and release your feelings. This phase will allow your heart to speak and transform your relationship. Free yourself from the frustrations of love or past failures to move towards emotional success.


Show your feelings and let yourself be guided by your relationship, without letting yourself be overwhelmed by emotions that are too deeply rooted.

What will happen when Venus goes direct on January 29, 2022?

As soon as Venus resumes its direct course, you may feel a sense of relief in your love life, especially if your relationships have been a little rusty lately. This will mark the end of an indecisive period and push us into a time for action. When faced with us, our friends, family, lovers, or business partners are also clearer in their desires and needs.

Here, Venus becomes direct in Capricorn again. Capricorn, being a concrete and demanding sign, will urge us to take stock of our relationships and to acknowledge our deepest desires.  Whether you are in a relationship or single, you will no longer procrastinate and ask yourself endless questions. Venus being in connection with possessions means it is also the right time to decide on a real estate project, after gathering so much information on it.

All the zodiac signs are to be impacted by Venus going direct again, however, for Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Taurus, the journey will be more marked. Natives of these signs will really have the feeling of taking a big step forward in their decision-making process. For the others, you will find more lightness, appeasement, and spontaneity in your relationships.

How will your zodiac sign deal with this period?

The signs or ascendants who will sail through this period are; Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Although, the period will be more stressful for Cancer, Aries, Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius, and Gemini.

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  • Aries

    During the retrograde motion of Venus, Aries will have a greater need for independence than usual, and their relationships, both amorous and friendly, could be tarnished by quarrels.

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Hi, I loved the article. I wanted to ask if someone could tell me what this would mean for me and my bf and me? He's cancer sun, taurus moon, capricorn rising, venus in gemini. I'm virgo sun, taurus moon, libra rising and my venus is in Cancer. I really don't want this to impact our relationship negatively and I'm desperate for tips to avoid negative changes for us during this period. I appreciate all help.

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