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What Is Planetary Retrograde And What Does It Affect?

If you’ve ever delved into the world of astrology, then you'll know that the term retrograde describes a backwards planetary motion which triggers chaos, bad luck and destruction. Planetary retrograde is capable of making everything in your world fall into place or in the worst case scenario totally fall apart. That's why it's so crucial to know when it takes place and how to act when this motion is in full force. Susan Taylor, our very own astrologer, tells us how this phenomenon impacts your life and what you must do to get through it.

What does retrograde mean?

Retrograde occurs when planets seem to slow down, then stop their movement and go backwards against their typical orbit pattern. Eventually, they will however resume their "normal" course. The planets revolve around the Sun, but because we observe them from Earth, this leads to an optical effect and we are led to believe that the planets move backwards during this period. Whilst this motion seems plausible, in reality, the planets do actually continue their circle imperturbably!

In astrology, the effects of a retrograde planet change according to the usual influences of the star. When this phenomenon occurs, massive changes take place, and your emotions will be more volatile than ever. Find out how the planets in astrology work.

- Mercury is currently retrograde in Scorpio! Discover the impact on your sign -

What impact does each planetary retrograde have?

It might come as a surprise to learn that every planet goes through retrograde at some point. But the question is how does retrograde affect each planet and how are people impacted by this movement?

Click on each planet and find out what happens when it goes retrograde:










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Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

In traditional astrology, the concept of retrograde has been attributed to internalization and introspection. It's linked to the process of spiritual development and growth via extensive reflection. This spiritual process develops despite our natural instincts and contrary to our spontaneous primary tendencies. A retrograde planet is seen as an "energy node", that is to say an evolutionary constraint inherited from the past which will shape the present incarnation..

Mercury Retrograde

Has an effect on: Communication, transportation, technology, travel, clear-thinking

Retrograde frequency: 3-4 times a year (lasting approximately 21 days)

When Mercury is in retrograde, all forms of communication and connection are strained. It’s during these periods that misunderstandings should always be expected. Journeys will feel longer and more tiresome than ever before, and technology that works perfectly will appear to break overnight.

The key to overcoming Mercury retrograde is to avoid making any big decisions. It’s not that the people around you aren’t trustworthy, but the risk of misunderstandings is too great to sign any contracts or make any serious agreements. If any important events arise then it’s essential that you plan in advance so that you arrive in time and show the best of yourself.

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Saturn Retrograde

What this motion influences: Reputation, social standing, structure, work, politics

Retrograde frequency: Once a year (lasting a few months)

When Saturn is in retrograde, it can have a tendency to boost your maturity. You’ll have a clearer view of your duties and privileges, and your smaller worries and anxieties will fade away as a result. That’s not to say that Saturn Retrograde is all positives though, as there’ll be fresh seriousness in your life that will prevent you from relaxing and leaving your work at the office door.

During Saturn retrograde, it can be a good idea to reflect on yourself! The Ringed Planet urges introspection, so put your habits and relationships under the microscope and consider the parts of your life that you wish to see last into the future.

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Venus Retrograde

Has an impact on: Love, marriage, partnerships, passion

Retrograde frequency: Every 19 months (lasting 42 days)

When in retrograde, Venus has a habit of causing havoc in your love life! Relationships can become frosty, and tensions have a tendency to arise. Venus retrograde offers up a clearer view of what you want from romance, which can force you to either bring an end to a relationship, or equally, throw yourself headfirst into a new one.

It’s during Venus retrograde that you’ll learn a lot about yourself and how you handle emotion. There might be problems bubbling beneath the surface of your relationship, and all it takes is Venus to lift the lid for you to learn what your love life is really made of. In addition, avoid embracing passion too quickly as you’re likely to regret the decision’s you’ve made once Venus retrograde passes.

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Mars Retrograde

Provokes: War, energy, motivation

Retrograde frequency: Every 25 months (lasting 80 days)

Mars symbolizes our drive and ability to act, so it’s no surprised that it does the complete opposite when in retrograde. You might be filled with ambition and desperate to see your life progress, but the Red Planet will refuse to make things budge- which has disastrous effects on your temper! Plans will fail to become a reality, and your patience will be tested to its very limits.

When Mars is in retrograde, it’s important that you keep a tight rein on your emotions. Frustrations will kick in, and your normally calm demeanor will be steamrolled by anger and rage. That said, this bubbling emotion will give you the chance to reflect on the unresolved conflicts within, and confront the parts of your personality that are holding you back.

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Pluto Retrograde

What it influences: Transformation, change, psychic energy

Retrograde frequency: Once a year (lasting approximately 5 months)

When Pluto retrogrades, we are often plunged into the very depths of our own identities. There’s a newfound sense of confusion, and it’s likely that you’ll struggle to come to terms with who you are and what your purpose in life is.

Pluto retrograde forces us to confront the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves, which can often have devastating effects. It’s key during these periods that you steer clear of anything too heavy as it can be incredibly damaging for your morale. Perhaps it’s best to keep yourself occupied so as to fight off the moments of introspection.

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Neptune Retrograde

Has an effect on: Dreams, imagination, fantasy

Retrograde frequency: Once a year (lasting approximately 5-6 months)

Neptune has the ability to open our minds and souls at the best of times, and this is taken to a whole new level when it retrogrades. Spirituality arrives in full force, and whilst it does bring a little open-mindedness, it can leave you open to deceptions and delusions. Your sense of logic will take a backseat, and you’ll be left fantasizing things that will most likely never be.

When Neptune retrogrades, it’s essential that you keep your mind from the clouds and your feet firmly fixed to the ground. If not, you’ll find yourself crashing back to reality once Neptune retrograde ends and the rose-tinted glasses are gone. However, that’s not to say that you should completely avoid the fantasy, as you’ll be able to learn a whole lot more about yourself and your subconscious thanks to how vivid your dreams are during the retrograde period.

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Jupiter Retrograde

What it impacts: Luck

Retrograde frequency: Once a year (lasting approximately 3-4 months)

Jupiter’s retrograde is exactly what you need if you happen to find yourself losing your way! The Giant Planet seeks out truth and wisdom, and so provides you with the opportunity to look at the bigger picture and point out where you’re going wrong. You’ll recognize how lucky you are to have arrived at where you are, and your appreciation for life will skyrocket.

During these periods of retrograde, the key can be found in self-improvement! Reflect on what makes you happy and how you can extend this joyfulness long into the future. Embrace the planet’s introspective abilities, as you’ll come away from the period with a newfound recognition of your own talents, and a closer spiritual bond between your mind and soul.

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Uranus Retrograde

What this movement causes: Chaos, freedom

Retrograde frequency: Once a year (lasting 5 months)

Uranus in retrograde is the very bringer of enlightenment! Whilst other planetary retrogrades tend to force change out of your impulse, Uranus’s retrograde urge you to be more coolheaded and objective in your approach. There are negative parts of your life that you choose to ignore, but Uranus will send down a ‘lightning bolt moment’, and your eyes will be opened to the things that hold you back.

On realizing the aspects of your life that are in desperate need of change, it’s often the case that you’ll attempt to transform yourself rapidly. As a result, you can lose your sense of self, and damage relationships with loved ones that aren’t prepared for such a dramatic transformation.

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Retrograde dates for 2021: When does each planet go retrograde?

Discover the retrograde dates here and prepare yourself to for what's to come. Be warned, certain planets inflict more chaos than others. 


Retrograde dates for 2021:
January 30 - February 20
May 29 - June 21
September 27 - October 17
December 19
Mars won't go retrograde in 2021
June 20 - October 17
May 23 - October 10
August 19
June 25 - November 30
April 27 - October 5

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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