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Which Planet Rules Over Your Sign?

Did you know that each zodiac sign possesses a “master” planet? Each zodiac is governed by a planet, and this planet gives you precious information on your personality and your way of anticipating events according to your sign. Discover what your master planet is now!

Each sign is ruled by a planet and it’s what determines the biggest characteristics of a person's personality. Your character obviously won’t be the same in accordance to your governing star because each planet brings its own characteristics. 

Be aware that this planet doesn’t act as a dominant planet, and is only defined when working with an extensive analysis of your birth chart! Here, the planet will act as a “master” of your sign, something that “guides” your zodiac sign.

What is your ruling planet?

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Are you an Aries? Your planet is Mars!

Mars encourages you to live in the moment and experiment! People governed by Mars love confrontation with others, and often bang on walls and furniture, their movements are quick, abrupt, and ill-tempered. This is a direct person who is spontaneous and is never at a loss for words. Mars people know what they wants very quickly and will fly off the handle, throwing a huge fit of anger if anyone rubs shoulders with them a little too closely.

Are you a Taurus or Libra? Your planet is Venus!

Venus is very good for relationships because the planet likes to please others and is an ideal collaborator. Venus people are happy when they feel loved but it’s catastrophic if anyone rejects them! Their reactions are always emotional. Venus people are always on the lookout for beauty and harmony.

Are you a Gemini or Virgo? Your Planet is Mercury!

Mercury is an intellectual planet, and analyzes and puts things into perspective in regards to emotions. People ruled by Mercury are suspicious about feelings; however, they love to joke around and have more than one trick up his sleeve. Mercury’s very curious and often clever. 

Are you a Cancer? Your planet is the Moon!

The Moon is a star that’s sweet and feminine! The Moon mothers the other planets and loves to appear protective. The Moon is also a “humorous” planet and sometimes throws childlike tantrums. What a paradox! This is a hypersensitive planet who reacts based on emotions without keeping much composure.

Are you a Leo? Your planet is the Sun!

The sun never goes unnoticed and does everything to attract attention. People governed by the Sun are image-conscious and very sensitive to the gazes of others.

Are you a Scorpio? Your planet is Pluto!

Complex and very subtle, Pluto is charismatic, with a self-destructive side. Pluto people know how to put themselves in other people's shoes and have an analytical and comical side. 

Are you a Sagittarius? Your planet is Jupiter!

Jupiter has the art of being able to work in a group and likes working with people who have different qualities. Jupiter people like to form teams and distribute roles. They possess a lot of practical sense and know how to make good use of everything. Optimistic, they looks on the bright side of life!

Are you a Capricorn? Your planet is Saturn!

Saturn is rigorous and leaves nothing to chance. Saturn people are honest and sometimes restrictive, they hate a wanton “I love you.” For them, words are full of meaning, and they use them precisely and sincerely.

Are you an Aquarius? Your planet is Uranus!

Uranus knows his field impeccably and is a pioneer who can offer some lovely inventions to everyone. In any case, he always wants things to move forward and make progress. An individualist, he doesn’t surround himself with people who could cause him to waste time.

Are you a Pisces? Your planet is Neptune!

Very adaptable, Neptune evolves and transforms, and is very receptive to group trends. Inspiration and imagination are two of Neptune’s best qualities. He’s turned off by material and rational preoccupations and is more intuitive than intellectual. In relationships, he looks for unity.

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