Mars Retrograde 2024: The Dates And Effects On The Zodiac Signs

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Mars is the planet of action, willpower and combativeness, but what happens when it figuratively spins out of control? Will this chaotic phase bring you good or bad luck? Whatever happens, you’ll need to buckle up because this is a very fast-moving planet and symbolizes action, and these indicators suggest that a blistering pace will be imposed on us 😮. With this in mind, it is therefore advised not to undertake any new tasks during these periods, because we are likely to suffer from certain blockages. In 2024, the Mars retrograde period spans from December 6, 2024, to February 24, 2025, and here's what you must know about it.

Mars Retrograde 2024: The Dates And Effects On The Zodiac Signs
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When is Mars retrograde in 2024? 🗓️

  • From December 6, 2024, to January 6, 2025, Mars is retrograde in Leo - Under Mars retrograde in Leo, we act spontaneously but with much more reflection, allowing us to use our outstanding synthesis skills to serve our actions better. We are, therefore, less passionate, gain composure, and become more effective.
  • From January 7 to February 24, 2025, Mars is retrograde in Cancer - During this period, we tend to act by controlling and mastering our emotions. We are reluctant to change, improvisation. We are averse to any upheaval and prefer to stay quiet, somewhat timorous, in our cocoon.

Mars is a planet related to physical strength and willpower. When Mars retrogrades, it implies difficulties in containing its energy. As a result, we sometimes tend to choose the wrong direction or move more slowly. When Mars retrogrades, its strengths are curtailed. This new pattern is not at all what Mars represents, with a notion of impulsiveness and spontaneity on display 💃. The potential is not totally canceled, but it needs more time to materialize. Certain slowness or blockages may arise. Thus, a discouragement or an unusual fatigue stroke setting up an action can materialize.

  • ❌ What to avoid doing when Mars is retrograde: Undertaking new activities
  • ✔️ What to do during this phase: Deep thinking and intensive questioning

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What are the effects of Mars retrograde?

When Mars retrograde sets in, its assets are often held back, meaning the notion of impulsiveness and spontaneity are delayed. The effects of the motion paradoxically require more time to materialize and set in. Slowness or obstacles may occur during this period and as a result, a discouragement or an unusual strain of tiredness could appear.


It’s best to take advantage of the Mars retrograde period to slow down and reflect on your life’s desires. Use this time to rethink the way you act and analyze the events that make you angry and upset. Find simple ways to calm your mind to evolve more serenely.

The stars also urge you to take advantage of this time by picking up activities that you haven't yet completed. It would be fruitful for you to take a step back and finalize projects you have going on. The Mars retrograde motion will in fact boost your energy 💪. We must really see the action of Mars retrograde as an opportunity to reflect upon yourself and your wishes. This phase should be seen as an opportunity to look at your personal life and act accordingly.

⚠️ Warning: ⚠️

It’s also necessary to remain prudent if you need to fight against something. Don’t test yourself with new challenges and don’t make major changes, because they could fail during the retrograde phases of Mars.

What happens to each zodiac sign during Mars retrograde?

Scroll through to your zodiac sign to find out how Mars retrograde affects you - Get ready and discover the effects of other planets in retrograde.

  • Aries

    Aries' spirit of initiative and conquest will be multiplied tenfold, but won’t be used in the right way. If these natives feel overworked, they will become aggressive.

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