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Leo: Personality Traits Of This Emblematic Sign

Leo, you are the natural leader of the zodiac. Your need to be loved, respected and admired drives you along. Your personality traits include being generous, warm, authoritative, yet sometimes uncompromising. A Leo loves being the center of attention, but can also be very self-conscious at times, especially in love. For those of you born under this sign, how much do you know about your traits? We reveal the astrology insights you need!

Leo zodiac sign dates:

This sign's dates go from July 23 - August 23. Does that make you a Leo?

♌ Leo zodiac sign meaning ♌

The Lion’s mane, spine and two halves of the heart represent Leo. The use of a Lion expresses the bold leadership, courageous attitude and adventurous qualities of this zodiac sign. 

Your ascendant sign also has an important influence on your personality. Figure it out with our rising sign calculator.

What is Leo's ruling planet? 

The Sun is Leo's master planet. It's the most important planet in the zodiac chart and symbolizes a person’s determination and energy. When the Sun is poorly positioned, it means problems could be in store for the zodiac signs it rules. The Sun energizes you and boosts your warm personality.

The Sun offers Leo its brilliance, which explains why they love being the center of attention! Thanks to the Sun, Leo's warm and generous personality get them noticed. 

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Leo traits: 10 Facts to know 

Here are 10 facts you must know about this zodiac personality.

  • Season: Summer
  • Strengths: Kind, organized
  • Famous celebrities: Kylie Jenner and Joe Jonas
  • Faults: Pride, authoritarian attitude
  • Gems: Topaz, diamond
  • Ruling planet: The Sun
  • Zodiac element: Fire
  • Colors: Yellow, orange
  • Metal: Gold
  • Corresponding body parts: Heart, eyes, arteries

Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

This sign embodies pure ambition, as well as the happy and radiant domination of circumstances. Their charismatic characters make them addictive, however their pride can at times get the better of them.

'These regal Lions tend to have very strong instincts'.

Leo quote

The art of happiness for Leo

To feel happy on a daily basis, you need to feel useful and important to other people. You love being there for your friends and family and giving them advice when they are faced with tough times. Dreaming big and the thought of doing amazing things that other people will marvel at really motivate you. 

Your caring and generous personality make you one of the best and most understanding friends to have.

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Leo personality: Do Leos like a lot of attention?

Yes! Leos love attention and having people's eyes on them. This zodiac is one of the 3 Fire signs and is therefore a natural born leader! People born under this sign see life as a performance, which is why they always give everything their best shot. Our 

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What are the characteristics of a Leo?

This sign places a lot of importance on their own needs, and often puts themselves before others. They love being surrounded by friends who appreciate their generosity and loyalty. People of this sign are known as the life and soul of the party and bring warmth everywhere they go. 

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Leo positive and negative traits

Understanding Leo traits will help you build better and stronger relationships with them in love and at work. Let’s take a look at their 5 biggest positive and negative traits.

Positive traits:
Negative traits:
1) Caring
1) Arrogance
2) Optimistic
2) Inflexibility
3) Kind
3) Laziness
4) Loyal
4) Pride
5) Honest
5) Domineering

Leo traits male:

Leo men are proud, loyal and ambitious people. These men make great leaders, and when they are in positions of power, they are well-liked and admired. They is amongst the most generous males of the zodiac and have a real affectionate and cheerful side to the characters.

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Leo woman traits:

Leo woman traits include being affectionate, warm and cheerful. These ladies are said to bring sunshine into people’s lives with their generosity and loyalty. On the negative side, they can be quite selfish, demanding, impatient and picky.

Is a Leo jealous?

Leo is one of the most jealous zodiac signsWhen they in love they become possessive of their mate and are prone to jealousy. They can be self-conscious which explains why they are always so worried about their partners cheating. 

When it comes to love, they need time to let their guard down.

Are Leos the most loyal?

Leo is one of the most loyal zodiac signs. When they find what they are looking for in a relationship, they will fall deeply in love and stay faithful forever. Once they find their perfect soulmate they will really open up and let their guard down. 

In a nutshell, the ferocious lion will become a harmless and gentle kitty cat.

Leo compatibility: What zodiacs are compatible with Leo?

Leo people are most compatible with Sagittarius and Libra. With Sagittarius, they make a good love match because they share the same vision and life goal, they really are on the same wavelength. With Libra, their classy personalities and similar hobbies make them the perfect match.

Are two Leos compatible?

This love match will make for a very passionate and fiery relationship, trust us, sparks will fly! This relationship has potential to blossom into a beautiful one; however two Leos together means a power struggle is inevitable. This couple needs to remember to make love not war!

Which tarot card is Leo's? It's Strength

The Blade of Strength, the eleventh card of the Tarot Marseille, perfectly represents the sign of the Leo. Strength is the card of control, vitality and determination. Represented by a woman holding a lion's head in her hands, it symbolizes power and wisdom. It announces success and victory, but also excess and lack of control.

What is the meaning of the Strength tarot card?

- Positive aspects: Union, stability, harmony, firmness.

- Negative aspects: Lack of confidence, excess, impatience.

We reveal more personality traits in our unmissable video:

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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world Astrology, Tarot and Numerology and I also love sharing my insights into every aspect of these domains. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world Astrology, Tarot and Numerology and I also love sharing my insights into every aspect of these domains. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

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leo can be different if they have many planets in another sign


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