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Leo Personality: Everything You've Always Dreamed Of Knowing

If you are a native of this sign, you'll understand that it's your need to be loved, respected and admired that drives forward. Your personality traits include being generous, warm, authoritative, yet sometimes uncompromising. Indeed, a Leo personality loves being the center of attention, but can also be very self-conscious at times, especially when they are in love. It's time for this sign to step into the spotlight once again, because Susan Taylor reveals the astrology insights you need on this charismatic character. After all, when your ruling planet is the sun, it's tough to be discreet!

Facts to know about the Leo personality traits

We've picked out 15 fun facts about Leo which are guaranteed to blow you away!

  • Leo dates: July 23 - August 22
  • Season: Summer
  • Strengths: Kind, organized
  • Famous celebrities: Kylie Jenner and Joe Jonas
  • Faults: Pride, authoritarian attitude
  • Gems: Topaz, diamond
  • Zodiac element: Fire
  • Colors: Yellow, orange
  • Metal: Gold
  • Corresponding body parts: Heart, eyes, arteries

♌ What does Leo symbolize? ♌

The Lion’s mane, spine and two halves of the heart represent Leo. The use of a Lion expresses the bold leadership, courageous attitude and adventurous qualities of this sun sign. In the zodiac, Leo symbolizes power and royalty, as well as generosity, pride, glory, nobility and vanity and arrogance. It is the sign of love, of the heart, of creation, whether it be our works or our children. There is always an idea of luxury, pleasure and ambition associated with this sign. 


The Sun is your dominant planet and this radiant star offers you all its brightness, meaning it's impossible to miss you! Your appearance is always neat and you emit an indescribable aura that attracts people. Your warm, generous personality is rather dominant and authoritarian.

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The dates and personality of Leo: July 23 - August 22

The Leo personality is one you cannot miss because these natives are always in the thick of things and have an indescribable aura that people follow. They overflow with self-confidence and know how to get their way in order to be successful. They adore having their loved ones share in their joy and always play up for an audience. They are above all generous and a very loyal zodiac sign.

This sign places a lot of importance on their own needs, and often puts themselves before others. They love being surrounded by friends who appreciate their generosity and loyalty. Natives of this sign are known as the life and soul of the party and bring warmth everywhere they go.  They love attention and having people's eyes on them. This zodiac is one of the 3 Fire signs and is therefore a natural born commander! These folks see life as a performance, which is why they always give everything their best shot.

These folks are true party animals! They are charming and self-assured, and always know how to bring a crowd together. Although, despite their bubbly characters, difficulties can arise when these natives become obsessed with their own accomplishments. They can be arrogant, inflexible and even lazy.

What are the main qualities of the Leo personality? - These natives are loyal and ambitious

You are definitely impressive! As folks who overflow with energy and who are always well surrounded, you only aspire to one thing, and that is to make your life extraordinary. Of course, your need to always be noticed can sometimes overshadow those around you, but you compensate with levels of loyalty and faithfulness that are only equaled by your generosity. You hate mediocrity, so nothing pleases you more than spoiling your loved ones, even if it means paying a heavy price. You are brilliant and passionate, indeed you are driven by a fierce ambition that feeds both your professional life and your personal projects.

Your organizational skills are really only at their peak when you're putting on grand and lavish events for yourself and others. Plus, your friends had better follow your lead because your drive is boundless. It's simple, if you don't remain active, if you don't go out, boredom gets the better of you. It's the same thing at work, where you can't stand half measures. You are always willing to take on more responsibilities and set up big projects. You know that prestige cannot be obtained without getting your hands dirty and nothing is more beautiful in your eyes than the recognition of those around you.

What are Leo's personality flaws? - These folks are proud and authoritarian

As one of the proudest zodiac signs, these folks want to be in the limelight at all costs, even if it means crushing all those around them. They cannot bear to be relegated to the background, and the thought of living in the shadows makes them anxious. They are often authoritarian and sometimes even despotic, and their outbursts cannot be erased with gifts...

You are often bossy and need to learn that your outbursts cannot be erased with gifts. No, you can't buy forgiveness that easily... Your pride often prevents you from challenging yourself, but if you do, you may find that your drive and enthusiasm make you an excellent leader. Although, there's no need to boss everyone around with a superior, paternalistic tone. You're wearing yourself out by constantly trying to impress other people. You ought to pay less attention to the superficial aspects of life and instead make more room for the person you really are at heart.

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What does it mean to have Leo as your rising sign?

Having Leo rising in your birth chart makes you lively, instinctive, feline and observant. For some natives, it will give you more ambition, envy and desire. It's a symbol of creativity and will make you more astute but also more inspired. You will therefore be able to express your feelings and thoughts easier than most. For others, it will multiply your desire for children.

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Now that you know your ascendant, discover your personality in more detail:

Leo compatibility: Who is their perfect partner?

Leo people are most compatible with Aries, Sagittarius and Libra. With Sagittarius, they make a good love match because they share the same vision and life goal, they really are on the same wavelength. With Libra, their classy personalities and similar hobbies make them the perfect match. 

Their best matches are: 


The person of their dreams has to have a good aura, a sparkling personality and be able to shine by your side. These natives want to live with a distinguished and elegant person whom they can shower with gifts. 

What type of person are they incompatible with?

"I never have any luck", "it's too hard", "things never go my way". As soon as a Leo personality hears these kinds of negative sentences, they instantly run away! Nothing turns them off more than people who complain all the time. Negativity is contagious, and these natives don't want to lose their optimism or dim their shine. This type of person is very toxic to this personality. Listening to them complain all day long can make them brood and angry...

We reveal more personality traits in our unmissable video:

Leo video

More details about this sign:

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* Literature Source: The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, Author; Joanna Martine Woolfolk, Published in 2012 and available here: Amazon - The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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Leo and proud of it.

Maybe for a baby Leo, but even then they are kind and caring, they might be true in some circumstances though. Put ourselves before others, good God women get real. We are actually manipulated and used by every other zodiac sign probably more than anybody else is. I Leo I've had cancer friends for years never one time have the asked me how I was, but I get to hear all about them... I could care less about being the center of attention, same goes for ALL the Leo's I know. Leos have a large personality and like to make their friends happy and do goofy things. It is not for the attention of everybody or anybody if people pay attention that's their own deal. When you see Leo being arrogant or egotistical they are usually joking or already got the "I hate you" vibe from that person. Oh yeah, we're highly sensitive to how other people feel, as in we already know. Every Leo I know has an animal affinity and are empathic as well, oh and all the Aries I know too. Leo's are incredibly naive and gullible, never see those on there. That's why we get taken advantage of so often, and put up that nice little shield you describe. We learn early, people lie and manipulate, so we don't want many to come close and will put on the aloof air. We observe everyone, yes even while we're entertaining people. Yes, we are confident as well as insecure, both in their own way. We keep our feelings close, learned really early like above. But, we do feel Everything, can't handle everyone else's emotions if you can't contain your own (water 🙄 they can't even handle their own, very few do it). Generous because we like to, only the young may require any external validation, other than our special people. Never require praise or compliments, we laugh about that one. Have guys try to treat us according to this nonsense. It Would be nice to get equal effort though, we rarely get that. I've personally been manipulated, lied to, and used by every water sign though. The water guys, I have no problem with the emotions or anything like that, but they see us as a conquest,largely due to mistaken astrology characteristics, heartbroken doesn't even describe it, walked all over too. We give our all trying to give the benefit of the doubt and typically get played with, by friends and romantic partners equally. So, why the exterior you see? Top 3 Leo, evolved and always evolving more, I have no problem admitting and working on my less than desirable qualities. But, please separate some childish characteristics from stereotyping all of us. Even the ones who display those traits are probably just trying to be accepted somewhere since we are constantly ostracized for confidence and a large personality that just wants to make you laugh.

I agree, most of what we do is for fun and to make others feel comfortable. Sometimes we try too hard. We do love to entertain, not extravagant but classy. We are generous people, I will put on fancy parties for others but not for myself. We are definitely not part animals. We are very observant, verbals and non-verbals. We are mostly disliked for our huge heart and friendly personality

Leo and proud of it.

Erin! YES!!! Thank you! I always shake my head when these things say I want to be the center of attention and that I am self absorbed, putting myself above others. That is the complete opposite of me. HA! I will about kill myself for others but won't for myself. I rarely put my needs before others, even to my own determined. (I am working on this. Its a work in progress.) And party animal?! Do they know us? I hate crowds. A small group of family or close friends is where I am happiest. Crowds give me anxiety, and I tend to withdraw or find a corner where I can people watch. I am grateful you posted and made me realize I am not alone! :)

I am a Leo.....you are on point so correct.

I agree whole heartedly! I am a Leo also and seen the same! Thanks

Thank you so much, this sign is all about my life and I'm very proud to be a Leo

leo can be different if they have many planets in another sign

Thats so true ! All signs are like that...thats why not all Leo's, or other signs, are the same. All the different planets, on the date and time of your birth, are what make you unique !


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