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Leo and Virgo compatibility: ♥ Two Complete Opposites

Virgo's perspicacity attracts the respect of Leo, who greatly appreciates the methodical efficiency and formidable sense of organization of their other half. This pair is fundamentally different and struggles to fulfill each other's needs and desires. Leo needs affection, whereas Virgo can be stingy with compliments and standoffish. Read on for more details on the Leo and Virgo compatibility and discover their love score.

"Leo and Virgo will be in constant competition with each other" 

Leo and Virgo compatibility score: 1/5

These two zodiacs are too different to be in a successful relationship! Even if the lure of a magical sort of love seems like everything, Leo and Virgo personality are incompatible! Leo is curious and open to anything, while Virgo is shy and attached to their usual habits. In a professional rapport , they make an excellent duo if Leo has a superior position. As lovers, Virgo doesn’t have what it take to keep satisfied. Their intimacy often suffers because sensual Leo wants someone more experimental than Virgo…this couple works better in intellectual matters.

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How Leo and Virgo's love could work out

In a relationship Virgo’s lack of passion could annoy Leo, but in the long-term and Virgo won’t feel comfortable enough to take a stand against Leo. Sexually, Leo will need more from Virgo and unfortunately, Virgo won’t be capable of fulfilling Leo’s needs. The only way this relationship could succeed is if it is based on intellectual topics. Leo and Virgo, opt for friendship over love.

Virgo knows perfectly well how to bring Leo to reason and incite them to settle down. Leo on the other hands knows how to make Virgo come out of their shell and move forward.

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What could bring this couple down:

Your relationship, however, is not a foregone conclusion because you are very different and you could even get bored at each other's side. If you want it to work you will have to make concessions and compromises!

Leo and Virgo sex life:

You don't have the same needs or desires in the bedroom, which means that it's unlikely to work out between you!

Love advice for this pair:

Opt for friendship rather than love.

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