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How To Attract A Cancer Man: Get Our Top Seduction Tips

If you’ve fallen for a Cancer man, you’ve fallen for the teddy bear of the zodiac signs. Although, this doesn’t mean that the Cancer male lacks personality! Attracting a Cancer man is no small feat and it may even take you some time before he falls in love. Don’t miss our advice on how to attract a Cancer man and make him your boyfriend. With our expert seduction tips Cancer man will be in love with you ASAP!


♋ Cancer personality: Loving! ♋

The Cancer personality is a real gentle character! Though completely void of aggressiveness, Cancer isn’t any less subdued! Cancer man builds walls up around him and always looks to protect himself! As a sensitive zodiac signthis is a sign that’s very intuitive and attentive towards others. 

A Cancer male appreciates a predictable rhythm that gives him security and reassurance as Cancer doesn’t like change. Cancer man needs strong connections in order to move forward because he often focuses on the past. Family is very important to a Cancer man which means he'll make an excellent parent. 


"Never underestimate the power or the intuition of a Cancer".

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Find out how to attract men using their zodiac signs.

How to attract a Cancer man with our top seduction tips in our unmissable video:

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How to attract a Cancer man: Be understanding

Want to win over a Cancer male? Here's how! Cancer dreams of a partner who’s super maternal or child-like. His ideal other half is a little bit of a dreamer and needs to be reassured and protected. This is a sign who places a lot of importance on the home and family, which is why he dreams of meeting a woman who wants a family. 

date Cancer

A housewife is very suitable for this guy! To attract a Cancer man and make him your boyfriend, you’ll need to spend a lot of time with him and reassure him. 

Earning a Cancer man's trust can take some time because he wants to be certain of his choice. We've made knowing how to attract a man Cancer simple! Discover the influence of Cancer rising on each zodiac sign.

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How to attract a Cancer man in 5 steps:

If a Cancer man is the object of your desires and you want to make them yours we have the solution for you! Here's our condensed 5 step guide on how to attract a Cancer man. With our seduction tips, you'll know how to make him yours forever. If you follow our 5 simple seduction steps, your Cancer male will find you totally irresistible and will want to live happily ever after with you :

  • Express your love of family.
  • Cook up a storm in the kitchen.
  • Show him how organized you are.
  • Make him feel wanted.
  • Listen to him and his worries.

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What to say to attract a Cancer man:

In order to attract a male Cancer and win him over, he needs to hear that you are sincere, honest and truthful with your feelings. 

Cancer man's worst nightmare is being left heartbroken by someone they really liked. If you want to attract a Cancer man and seduce him, you need to open your heart and tell him that you are ready for a relationship. Take control of the situation because a Cancer male will never make the first important move.

How to attract a Cancer woman: Be sensitive and traditional

We have the best secrets to win over a Cancer! The key to attracting a Cancer woman is being vulnerable and open to finding love. Cancer females are instantly attracted to people in need of help and support.

 Showing your softer and more sensitive side will really appeal to a Cancer woman. 

It’s a well-known fact that Cancer women can’t resist caring and kind people who dream of changing the world. Cancer women are very attracted to traditional values so being loyal, faithful and honest are important for them.

How to impress a Cancer man: Do the chasing

If you want to impress a Cancer man you could have your work cut out for you because Cancer guys hate making the first move! Cancer men fear rejection so in order to impress your Cancer crush, you need to win his trust. Cancer men are attracted to people who care about their feelings and dreams.

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❤ A Cancer man in love ❤

Cancer man is super possessive in love. He has an almost vital need to be with his partner 24/7 and doesn’t like to be very far from his partner for too long. His emotional dependence can sometimes scare or surprise people.


On the flipside, Cancer males in love are very reliable, you can always count on them… When he is in love he’ll do anything for his partner.

How to get a Cancer man to chase you: Open your heart

Cancer men don’t open their hearts up quickly and are naturally shy. If you want to get a Cancer man to chase you, you need to reveal your feelings, listen to him and reassure him when necessary. By being there for your Cancer man he will fall crazy in love with you and chase you everywhere!

Signs a Cancer man likes you

Cancer men are hyper sensitive and very emotional making it easy to identify when a Cancer man likes you. When a Cancer man likes someone he becomes even shyer around them and gets really nervous. It’s fair to say he isn’t the smoothest when it comes to seduction and relationships.

Cancer man likes...

A Cancer man likes sensitivity, honesty, traditional values. Above all a Cancer man appreciates trustworthiness. Cancer guys are often timid which is why they love it when their crush leads the conversations. Although a Cancer man is normally reserved and an introverted zodiac sign, he likes having fun and partying too!

Cancer man: Best qualities

This guy makes an excellent head of the family. Cancer males feel the need to protect and provide for their families. Cancer man has so much love to give and great at giving advice. He is also very determined; when he wants something, he won’t give up…

Cancer traits: Downfalls

A Cancer man's sensitivity can become excessive at times. Cancer's sensitivity can at times interfere with his love life or professional life. His pessimism can equally become burdensome for his friends, colleagues, or family.

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Cancer compatibility: Who is Cancer compatible with?

Cancer gets along with Scorpio personality and Pisces personality and can form a beautiful relationship with the two. The Cancer zodiac sign appreciates the depth of Scorpio and Pisces’s empathy.

Cancer personality: What does Cancer want?

This is a guy who’s emotional, sensitive, and very receptive to other people’s feelings. Cancer loves stability and only really wants someone takes care of him! He likes to cuddle and is a huge foodie. In short, he dreams of a simple life full of tenderness and little pleasures. Cancer is imaginative and could daydream for hours on end.

Cancer personality: What does Cancer dislike?

Cancer is often focused on the past and is very nostalgic. He’s very attached to his roots, and often tends to idealize his Mother. With him, it’s best to avoid criticizing your Mother-in-law because you’ll hurt him since he idolizes her. Cancer often adopts childlike behavior when feeling attacked. 

dislike Cancer

By criticizing his relationship with his Mom, you’ll cause him to give you the cold shoulder immediately! If he feels like he’s in danger, he may become aggressive…

Cancer man: The reasons why we love him!

Cancer's need for security and attention is very touching. Since he’s a true romantic, he doesn’t hesitate to go all out in order to win over someone’s heart. Candlelight dinners and walks in the countryside are the Cancer man's dream dates! He’s patient, understanding and giving. When he’s found his soulmate, he thinks of nothing else but starting a family!

Cancer man: A Cancer guy's favorite hobbies!

For a Cancer, his home is essential and he loves to spend hours making it more welcoming. Cancer spends his weekends bargain-hunting at second-hand stores, yard sales, and antique stores. 


He’s always finding something wonderful! He also likes DIY activities, working in the garden, or refurbishing furniture. He loves aquatic hobbies too like: swimming, canoeing, fishing, or long walks around a lake.

Cancer 2020: Will the Cancer man fall in love?

Cancer compatibility in 2020:

Is Cancer man likely to fall in love in 2020?:

Cancer + Taurus


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tell about gemini woman and cancer man. how is the match also? cuz im seeing a cancer man right now but we’re on LDR

Ok so I'm a Taurus and was with this cancer for 5years (he was my first bf) then we went our separate ways. It's been 6 years since I've seen him even though we live in the same city? Anywho He pops up at a family's house party one night and I think the fire is starting to spark again. Or at least hes trying. He has been looking/asking for me threw close family and although it feels good to be chased..theres Only one problem. We both are in relationships. I'm. Currently with a Leo Although I'm not happy with mr.leo and we have become distant, i cant just leave this leo of 4 years (we have 2 children) And there's a reason this said cancer is an EX right. I dont think I should re open this book when I'm 90% sure of how it ends. But yet I cant get this cancer out of my head!!!! I feel horrible I dont want anyone to get hurt. It's just getting harder resist talking to this ex cancer

I have a crush on a cancer man and im a taurus, we both love the same show but I want to get a bit closer to him. Help please

I have a crush on a cancer guy but I'm a sagittarius, so idk if that would work or not

Depends on your birth charts its hard to tell just by your sun signs. Look up your birth chart compatibility.

I'm a saggi married to a cancer male and trust its very hard at times due to saggi ways of independence,we are constantly bumping heads.The cancer will verbally abuse u if angered the words will cut so deep that thoughts of divorce will clearly be a thought.He will judge and manipulate at all costs to have his way.He is the biggest narcissist in every way,so if u poke the Beast he will continue to show up periodically b/c he feels u have already decline or rejected him.He does not like women who strong minded for its a challenge to break u down for him to have total control and dominion in the marriage..wow is all I can the most passionate creature but deadly if tested. Choose words and sarcasm wisely for he hates to be mimic by others.

I have a crush to a cancer man and I’m a scorpio. I have been crush to him since July and now it’s August. I’m just a simple girl... He looks rlly cute when he play badminton...💘💘

I'm a Scorpio too and I'm starting a relationship with a Cancer man. We met on online dating and he has already insisted that we not talk to or pursue anyone else on the dating site even though we haven't met in person yet. He seems to need a lot of reassurance which I like. We've sent each other tons of sweet and also sexy text messages and we seem to be forming a bond. I really like his commitment to making a commitment. Ha Ha.


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