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Cancer and Leo Compatibility: ♥ On The Same Wave Length

This duo marks the coming together of the persevering crab and the royal feline. Although this pair seems very different and even a little submissive and dominant, they have what it takes to form a breathtaking relationship. The mixture of sensitivity and pure audacity may be surprising, yet it produces a successful couple just instantly clicks. Cancer and Leo share lots of hobbies and appear to be made for each other. Discover the Cancer and Leo compatibility score here for more insights!

"The Cancer and Leo are a force to be reckoned with!" 

Cancer and Leo compatibility score: 4/5

This pair could really go the distance and become a fantastic couple because their personalities really blend well together. An honest and strong Leo can protect a childlike and emotional Cancer. Leo personality will feel loved by a Cancer, while they can also help Cancer transform their dreams more than mere ideas. They often fall into the stereotypical wifely and husbandly trap, but if they swap roles, they could be surprised!

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Can this match work out?

Leo could help Cancer seize opportunities and make their dreams a reality; Leos really are great at building people’s confidence up. Cancer will always be there for Leo and will provide an excellent shoulder to cry on, as well as great advice. Together they are virtually unstoppable and love establishing common goals to stimulate and challenge themselves.

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Cancer and Leo sex life

The only real downfall to this couple is their expectations when it comes to sex. Cancer desires tender sexual activity with plenty of caresses, whereas Leo on the other hand needs passion and crazy positions to feel fulfilled. If they're able to express their carnal desires and compromise on them, the Cancer and Leo compatibility could last forever.

Love advice for this pair:

Take into account each other's feelings and personality quirks.

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