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Cancer and Libra Compatibility: ♥ Requires Dedication

At first glance, this duo seems pretty much doomed, but there's more to it than that! The intellectual Libra will struggle to understand the moodswings of the Crab. And in turn, Libra's party animal nature will get to Cancer and tick them off silently. The vast difference in sociability is what seems to be most problematic for this pairing. When it comes to their emotional needs, both partners present severe differences that must be worked on if they are to be overcome. Discover the Cancer and Libra compatibility score here.

"Cancer and Libra represent an introvert and extrovert!" 

Cancer and Libra compatibility score: 2/5

Both Cancer and Libra desire a lasting relationship and are equally big romantics, however, Libra personality may complain when Cancer doesn’t communicate well. Lasting love could be in the air for these two, as long as both of them are willing to compromise! Conversely, Cancer may get jealous seeing Libra go out, see the world, and seduce others…they should focus on family values to stay strong. At work, they’re known to take sick days, but in a creative activity, they can make excellent progress!

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Can this match work out?

Both Cancer and Libra place more importance on feelings than anything else, which means it can be a challenge for them to see things for what they really are. When it comes to creative activities, this pair will excel together. If this pair manages to overcome the differences in their personalities, they could lead a happy life together. 

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Cancer and Libra sex life

The Cancer and Libra compatibility falls a little flat when it comes to sex! This pair lacks the natural complicity and affinity that the body requires for great sex. Neither partner is able to fully understand the other's desires or comprise in order to fulfill them. In short, exchange of caresses, reciprocal attention and understanding of the pleasure of the other incite them to a romantico-cerebral sexuality, the erotic broom of the hearts sex side!

Love advice for this pair:

Be open and honest about your needs.

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