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Libra Personality Traits: Discover Everything About This Charming Zodiac

Libra personalities are in constant search of peace, fairness and balance. A Libra personality tries to surround themselves with harmony and gentleness. Libra people crave partnership and hate being alone and their main priority is ensuring that justice and equality are served. Libra personality traits include a love of calm environments, great diplomacy and a natural graciousness. Libras, how well do you know your zodiac?

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♎ Libra sign meaning: What kind of sign is a Libra? ♎ 

Libra people are born between September 22nd and October 22nd. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and along with Gemini and Aquarius is an Air sign. Air signs are intellectual characters, logical thinkers and are able to process and understand even the most complicated of ideas. Libra's symbol is the scales of justice, which represent fairness, balance and harmony.

What kind of person is a Libra?

Libra people are very charming, have lots of energy and did we mention they are also huge romantics?! People love Libra's ravishing charm because it’s obvious that it’s natural and specific to your zodiac sign! Libra, one of your best qualities  is your sense of fairness, along with your love of peace and harmony.

Libra, the way you present yourself, dress, and speak attracts attention and admiration from other people who wish they could be just like you. People want to confide in you, Libra and they adore your sociability and sweetness. But every so often, your pressing sense of justice can make you very angry… Libra, your intentions are pure and ultimately all you want is for everyone to be equal. Libras are very romantic and love really is their reason for living.

What are Libras ruled by?

Loving Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, which explains why Libra is so gentle and kind. Much like Taurus, Libra people's love of art, culture and beauty are down to Venus' influence. Thanks to Venus' influence, Libra feel most at ease when they are surrounded by creativity.

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What is a Libra like? 

Here are 10 facts you must know about the Libra personality.

  • Libra dates: September 23rd to October 22nd
  • Libra's strong points: Equilibrium, justice, peace
  • Libra's qualities: Curiosity, sociability
  • Libra's faults: Doubt, superficiality
  • Gems: Sapphire, precious coral
  • Libra's planet: Venus
  • Libra's element: Air
  • Colors: Pastels
  • Metals: Copper, platinum
  • Corresponding Body Parts: Kidneys, bladder, prostate

'A Libra is always happy, so when they are upset, it's a big deal'.

Libra personality: What are the characteristics of a Libra?

Libra's most prominent characteristics include their diplomacy, their sense of fairness, their graciousness and their need for social justice. Libras are natural peacekeepers and hate arguing and fighting. Libra is unsettled by injustice and works hard in order to stop inequality. Libra personalities dread confrontation and prefer to feel at peace. In order to achieve their desired balance, Libra needs to be in a group and hates being alone.

A Libra can be very indecisive and loves spending time weighing up the pros and the cons. Although, in the midst of considering both sides of the argument, they often forget to have their own opinion. Sometimes, a Libra can quickly change their opinion and stifle all other arguments. 

Libra positive and negative traits

How well do you know the traits of the Libra zodiac sign? Understanding Libra's personality traits will help you build better relationships with Libra people in love, work and life. Let’s take a look at Libra's 5 biggest positive and negative traits.

Libra's positive traits:
Libra's negative traits:
1) Sweet
1) Lazy
2) Romantic
2) Indecisive
3) Charming
3) Unreliable
4) Fair
4) Superficial
5) Understanding
5) Vacant

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Libra compatibility: Who is a Libra compatible with?

The most compatible signs with Libra are Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. A Libra will live a blissful relationship with any one of these signs because their love compatibility is very strong. A Libra won't get bored easily with any of these zodiac signs!

What is the best match for a Libra woman?

The perfect boyfriend for a Libra woman is someone free-spirited, idealistic and dreamy. Libras seek love and peace; so their perfect love match needs to be faithful and reliable. Libras are very compatible with Sagittarius and Leo.

How is a Libra in a relationship?

Libra people are huge romantics, very charming, are always sweet and have great sense of humors. The Libra personality is in constant search of a balanced and romantic relationship. Overall, Libra people make great partners in a relationship, although if Libra is ever involved in a love triangle, things could become complicated, because a Libra is extremely indecisive.

Is a Libra man jealous?

Although Libra men have a general reputation for being easy-going, when it comes to love, the green eyed monster can make an appearance and make a Libra man crazy jealous.

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