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5 Reasons To Fall For A Libra

If you were born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October, you’re zodiac sign is Libra. A Libra is an air sign, along with Gemini and Aquarius, which means they are all about the mind and know that everything begins with an idea! Dating a Libra is a fantastic experience you won't regret!

5 Reasons to fall for a Libra

The sign of elegance, finesse and balance a Libra always aims to please, even if they can be annoying with their indecisiveness. The Libra is charming like no other, whihc makes them difficult to resist… Sensual and gentle they fall in love quickly. But be aware… A Libra can be very picky about who they fall in love with. A Libra would never put themselves into a situation where they’ll be out of control or in a toxic relationship.

5 good reasons to fall for a Libra

  1. Their diplomacy, their gentle spirit and their sense of harmony: it’s near impossible to fall out with a Libra, even when you’re dating them! They search above all for harmony and they’ll work for this continuously.
  2. Their interior decorating taste: A Libra loves to decorate her home with sparkle, anything a Libra touches will have that spark and you won’t have to worry about bad taste. A Libra will devote themselves to making your home beautiful.
  3. Their sense of justice: A Libra is known for being fair in their judgement and they’ll go out of their way to respect your needs and wants (for example they will happily come with you to an event that she is uninterested in but because it will make you happy). Of course, they expect the same behavior in return…
  4. They’re a romantic: A real softie for romance, if a Libra is in love with you they won’t hold anything back. 
  5. Fantastic in the bedroom: A Libra is guided by the planet Venus who is the planet of sensuality and pleasure – sex with a Libra is something you'll never forget, they’ll take you to Nirvana.

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