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Daily horoscope Libra

There is a ray of sunshine that is likely to shine down on you. It could be that things have been cloudy in your head lately, making it harder for you to maintain a positive and upbeat disposition. Today's news will be uplifting, and you will most likely be reminded of all the good times that are in store for you. Others may feel a bit of stress and strain, but you should be able to see through this and appreciate the benefits of the situation.

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Libra daily horoscope

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Ahahah i hate nu flipping life:)

i am libra, now i have in my hardest situation.... ive been attacking of my panic attack, but i know how to control it,,,,

Don't think ... Enjoy life today .. To much thinking is not good .. From libra girl..

Don't think ... Enjoy life today .. To much thinking is not good .. From libra girl..

I am sorry to hear of your hardship a while back. That is very interesting to me as well because I am a Libra and was going through quite the hardship myself about the same time. May I ask how you are now?

First of all please know that everything will be okay. It will feel like this for a little while and it's totally ok to let this emotions go through your system. The important thing is to not let them stay. When you feel overwhelmed close your eyes and take 10 deep conscious breaths. Make sure you try your best to clear your mind even though it seems hard. Stay in the moment. Take ONE day at a time, one task at a time. Prioritize and do one thing at a time. Anxiety is caused by worrying about the future, things that are not happening yet. Go to a beach, go for a hike, try meditation, exercise, try your best to keep your mind off whatever situation you might be going through. You are STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. You got this, mind over matter. You have the power of changing this emotions and remember, this is just a rough patch. You will be ok my friend, I promise you that.

I can tone down the alcohol, too much wine. I'll wait until the weekend!

Im in the same boat,we can do it easy.

been looking at homes on the market available all day plus my roommate just emailed me today that she is moving out - today. This is 100% accurate!

Wow cute I like it

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