Libra Horoscope Today 2022

" Sometimes Libras want others to feel happy so bad that they forget to make themselves happy. "


Shy away from making any long-term commitments. As much as you may be feeling restless and ready for a change of environment, today wouldn't be a good day to put a deposit down on a new home, or sign up for a time-share at a resort. There are less expensive ways to cure your wanderlust! Think of planning a weekend away with a close friend. This may be what you really need right now.

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Your best plan of attack today, is to simply not attack at all. There is enough aggressiveness out there. You don't need to add anymore to the fray. Let others duke it out in the ring. Your job is to wait until the dust settles. Try not to get involved in other people's disputes. You might find that you get dragged into the situation further down than you might feel comfortable with.

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Today you may draw inspiration from the works of accomplished artists and use it to spruce up your home. You might find yourself putting up new pictures and knickknacks, or perhaps redoing your color scheme. This should be a lot of fun, but be careful not to get too obsessed with the details. When wondering if a room looks right, step back and view its effect from a distance, then decide if it needs more work!

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Unfortunately it is not a day to focus on fun and games. In fact, you may feel an annoying weightiness on your emotions making you feel heavy and much less energetic than usual. There is a sober tone to the day that is asking you to take a hard-nosed look at reality and make some serious decisions in regard to future goals and plans. You may feel like the buzzer on the timer is about to go off. The minute hand is ticking away and there are a great many more adventures to be had.

Leave your doubts in the past and look forward to a brighter future.


People may be a bit abrasive with their words today, but you will find, after careful assessment, that they really don't mean any harm. More than likely, others may be only slightly informed and you will find that they are acting on misinformation. There is likely to be a cloudy haze in the air. Everyone will have an opinion on the best way to go about tackling the issue. Rely on your own detective-like cunning to cut right to the core of the problem.

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hey girlies get your bag and leave these toxic men!

Why do I keep picking men that are in relationship. I am a Libra with no confident in myself. Help!

I don't know. I have been doing the same thing all my life. And the last relationship just destroyed me. Mentally and emotionally, so bad. I become ill. So now I am focusing on myself at age 46, going back to school full time to finish my degree and hitting the gym. I am looking and feeling awesome. I have learned not taking care of myself is what attracted all these idiots to me. They see a vulnerable person, let's take advantage of her, and I let them because I am not confident; therefore, I let them. So my friend, please take care of yourself first. When you feel good, you make better decisions. I hope you find true love, I am still waiting for one, but I have learned to love myself first. I am 46, but I feel fabulous, and people see that now, and 30-something hit on me now instead of older idiots who are already married and just want a fling. But 30-something is not healthy for me either, so I am still holding out for the one true love but. This time emotionally stranger and did not let my heart run my life. Instead, I use my brain. Good luck; please take care of yourself First.

start by finding someone who is not in a hurry. Someone just interested in really knowing a person for whom they are. Let the rest happen as it will. Unconditional love grows, blooms and is wonderful. One day you awaken and find the peace you were seeking surrounds you warmly, nestled within you. I am a Libra and have had this love for many years. Bliss with no muss, fuss or games. Sadly, my mate passed away and life is once again filled with strife. How I long to recover the closeness, the oneness of such a union.

I'm a Libra and I too struggle with finding my mate. I'm a Libra Sun Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Rising and whe. Ai say I have to divide myself just to find a partner, it sucks. I just want one good relationship in all categories. Where is my other half?? Ugh

Read the book Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood. Don't let the title bother you because it's a real eye opener into why we get into the kind of relationships we do.

im intimidated of the text for today ;-; bro I just wanna get things done today, why is everything going to have to be so slow today!?!?!? venus, sometimes ur just mean, but I don't blame you. its because it teaches us lessons sometimes I guess. I D K


This website greatly described me, as libra. I'm really having a hard time on being indecisive. I hope it's curable somehow.

The more confident we become of ourselves the better the decision making gets. Hang in there.

Positive- i guess- Im a complete sadist or phycopath doe-

lol me too

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