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Daily Horoscope for Libra

Confusion may reign today, particularly if you're the intuitive type. You may pick up some strange vibes from the people around you that can be rather unsettling. Don't try to make sense of them today. It may be that your ESP is a bit off track, or it could be that those whose feelings you're sensing are stressed out and lacking direction. Or it could be both. Either way, you should be back to normal tomorrow. Hang in there!

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Libra daily horoscope

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hi im a libra and i just read this, probably explains why i never want to confront anyone

my ex hates me but i still love her i am also a libra and my horiscope made me think i had a chance i hate everything rn x

It's called Codependency. Libras are always so focused on their mates and never themselves. Maybe that's the problem.

Do we all have the same BRAIN!!!

Ahahah i hate nu flipping life:)

i feel the same but as someone that struggles with sevier depression i find the best way to make things better is go to the rute of the problem the thing that makes u hate ur life fix it and that should help keep ur head high xxx

i am libra, now i have in my hardest situation.... ive been attacking of my panic attack, but i know how to control it,,,,



Hi I ma libra and I am very dificult situation regarding my job and marriage life please I want to to know what we should do for this

Don't think ... Enjoy life today .. To much thinking is not good .. From libra girl..

Don't think ... Enjoy life today .. To much thinking is not good .. From libra girl..

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Characteristics of Libra

Libra dates: September 22nd - October 23rd.

Of all the astrological signs, Libra is the most balanced. Being one of the 3 Air signs, Libra is a communicative and reflective sign and this plays a fundamental role in their both their sentimental and professional life.

The planet that governs it is Venus; a passionate and romantic planet. Its flexible, altruistic and generous character, as well as its charm, are the keys to its success. Love has a prominent place in your life, but beware, Libra is notoriously the most indecisive sign of the zodiac ...

Libra compatibility

Libra and Leo form a special couple; their love is symbiotic and magical. Under the sheets, Leo takes control and lets themselves be seduced by the softness of Libra.

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What is Libra like at work?

Libra is an aesthete: a lover of beauty in all its forms. Any job that requires a strong creative component is the right one for you: actor, painter, sculptor, musician, pastry chef, baker... They are extremely sociable and welcoming people!

Famous Libra people

Here are some VIPs born under the sign of Libra.

John Lennon, Will Smith, Kim Kardashian and Kate Winslet.

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