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Daily Horoscope for Cancer

Are you feeling totally fed up with everyone around you right now? Are you dreaming of walking out the door and not returning? Go ahead - just for today though! You probably really need a break from everyone. Why not go get a massage and float away for a while. Your family will be happy to have you back, especially if you left them with plenty of assignments. Have a great mini vacation!

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Cancer daily horoscope

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if i was not that broke right now, i'd give a call to one of you ... i'm so wondering what to do with my life, for about 2 years i'm just turning round and round .. anyway, wish the best to everyone that reads this :)

it have been 6month i'm in a relation and i said my mom and then my mom and dad want i break my relation

I've read loads of horoscopes today, and they're all similar... except for yours! I think I'll go with the majority!

Please don’t allow people to use dirty language on the internet when it comes to my horoscope section.It sounds as if Jessica has a very bad problem.I find it appalling and she needs to resolve her problems.

Susan Taylor

Thank you for pointing this out to us. Sorry about this Barabara. We hope you enjoy your horoscope!

Hello how are you what are you doing

Characteristics of Cancer

Cancer dates: June 22nd to July 22nd

Governed by the Moon and Jupiter, Cancer is positioned in front of Capricorn in the wheel of the zodiac. As a Water sign, Cancer is sensitive and intuitive. Often melancholic, this sign likes simplicity and seeks sincere and loyal relationships, both emotionally and professionally. Sensitivity is certainly one of their best qualities, but it becomes a double-edged sword when emotions take over and push it to make ill-considered decisions.

Cancer compatibility

Cancer is compatible with Scorpio. We know how to respond to each other's needs, they are two signs that complement each other and can build a strong and lasting relationship.

Get more insights into the Cancer compatibility here.

What is Cancer like at work?

Due to their sensitive and forgiving nature, Cancer people almost never pose a threat in the workplace. What is important to them is creating a collaborative and communicative relationship.

Famous Cancer people

Here are some VIPs born under the sign of Cancer.

Tom Cruise, Selena Gomez and Meryl Streep.

Discover more famous Cancer celebrities here.

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