Cancer Horoscope Today 2022

" Don’t take the kindness of a Cancer for granted. You will never have that level of good again. "


Vivid and wonderful dreams might have haunted your sleep last night, leaving you feeling disappointed that they weren't real. They had a message to give you, so write them down, set them aside, and then analyze them later. Your psychic abilities are very sharp today, as are your imaginative faculties. This is a great day to get going on an artistic project of some kind that has been at the background of your mind for some time. Enjoy your day.

What will my love life be like this year?


You have much to be grateful for. Why not go out tonight and celebrate with friends? Forget about work and family troubles and kick up your heels and have a high old time. You deserve the break. If you don't seize these moments when you have the opportunity then you risk becoming a far too single-minded individual who thinks of only work at the expense of life's other, greater pleasures.

When will I have children?


Your efficiency and practical abilities are operating at a very high level today. A long-term goal that you have been working toward could finally be reached, bringing good fortune and open acknowledgment. Your efforts will probably be so highly appreciated that you could be asked to continue upward and onward. In other words, major advancement could well be in the works.

Will I be lucky this year?


Today is a powerful day for you. Your emotions may be a bit stubborn but realize the very thing you are resisting is the very thing you need the most. Consider making a major change in your life that will help bring about a more healthy balance between you and the people you associate with. It may be time for a whole new outlook on how you deal with your relationships with others.

How can I attract the right person?


You are not one who particularly likes structure, but know that you probably need it more than anyone else. Today would be a good one to take an honest look at your life and see what kind of adjustments need to be made in order for you to keep it all in control. Discipline is a key element to this day. Try to stay focused and not get distracted by your fluctuating emotions.

How will my financial situation evolve?

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Arrives 24 hours later. Need provision to look at tomorrow’s forecast.


I love a guy he is my fellow and I purpose him and rejected me .but I feel he love me too and he daily make eye contact and I feel he love me too.but he not talk to me. Kindly give me solution

Please I need my life to change for better,I am getting older and I never get married or have any child because things are not been fine with me in terms of money,please I need someone to change my life. Your sincere Olaitan

wow you sounds like my twim I'm live day to day but learning about me first , trust God, and this is just the way life suppose to be also with other people I meet , coworks, stranger I practice pray , and my prostive trails and native trails with pray I stop them before they show I am looking for that special lady women that I can open up to and hold no secerts one that understands me Gods chosen one with that I stay ready throught pray

Only you can change your life. While it's very sensible to seek out persons who have been through what you have and therefore have experience. Ultimately.ately, you are the director of your life and are responsible for turning it around. I wish you luck. X

if i was not that broke right now, i'd give a call to one of you ... i'm so wondering what to do with my life, for about 2 years i'm just turning round and round .. anyway, wish the best to everyone that reads this :)

I know what you mean I am right there in that boat with you. Some days its so dark and feels like I will never really know what happy feels like I wish I could know before I die what it really feels like to be loved and happy.

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