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Daily horoscope for Taurus

A delay in receiving acknowledgment of some sort could happen today. This might be disappointing, but don't let it get you down. You will receive it, just maybe not today! This is not a good day, however, to execute any legal contracts or start a vacation. It is a great day for taking a good long look at mundane tasks and taking care of them. Get busy and hang in there!

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Taurus daily horoscope

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This thungs you are saying is true. I don't have money to start up this astro fame. I really need help.

I really feel so lost in life I am retired it looks my so called friend really were not friends.I do not trust men anymore .

Forgot to mention i a Taurian.( 04/05/1983 )

I have been alone and single for about 7 years, fooled around a bit in these till date.just benefits and frnds. nothing serious with anyone of em.Just friends. once i had my heart broken i hardly wanted to take anymore chances and now thirst for Love is aroused.Love is essential no matter to try hard to avoid!


My name is Rohan santhosh i'm from india my father has been struggling a lot due to our financial problems. his business went under and a lot of money is now in debt. my father ows a lot of money to other people. is there any possible way that these problems will be goin away from my life this year??

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