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Horoscope For Today Taurus

You could be outvoted today. You and your family members might be trying to make a decision about something. Maybe you are planning a trip or a vacation. You might want to do one thing, and your spouse and kids might want to do something else. If you can't come to an agreement, don't be afraid to give in. You'll still have fun doing what they want, so you're not really losing!

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Taurus daily horoscope

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Will my current lover be my husband? and will i be financially stable with my life?

Will I be very successful and wealthy and live a luxury lavish life. And will the rest of my life be the best of my life?

Will I go to oversea to pursue my future dreams


When i get my ex back in my life again?

Oh Taurus-we are the sign of LOVE. They come to us. If they never got loved as a child or don't have love now, or need some extra love on the side they will seek out love bug Taurus. There is no need to chase after a man-we're too lazy lol and if he wanted you he would still be with you. Don't do the recycled BF bit- it wastes our youth and you always break up for the same reason over and over. Stop it ! Just throw out some Love vibes where ever you are and love at first sight will come to you. Promise.


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