Taurus Horoscope Today 2022

" Everything you know about Taurus is what they want you to know. "


Let the child in you come out and play today. Return to your most primal state and relish in it. Realise that some of the most important lessons in life were the ones that you learned when you were six years old. Return to that state of mind and embrace the simplicity of life that you experienced during that time in your childhood. Life is only complicated because you make it so. Remember what it was like to live carefree - and live that way again.

When will I have children?


You are going through a period in your life right now in which there is major evaluation and assessment of certain life projects. Today's energies are bringing much of that tension into focus, and letting it stick right in place where it affects you most: your heart. You may feel the clock ticking louder than usual and you may get a sense that something is trying to hold you back. The situation probably looks worse than it is.

How can I attract the right person?


As you are generally introspective and somewhat intuitive, you may find today that you are feeling especially so. The thoughts and feelings of others should come to you more clearly than usual, and you could find this a little distracting. Make it work for you - tailor your behavior to suit what you feel others need! It could earn you some special recognition.

Will I find love?


You are being called on to take action in many realms today. People may be tugging at you on all angles to be with them and participate in their world of fun and excitement. It could also be that there are many projects that are catching your attention today and you are experiencing conflict over which ones to put your energy into. Friction may arise as you find yourself tearing away from one situation to participate in another.

What will my love life be like this year?


Dealing with the ups and downs of other members of your household could be easier for you today than it usually is. You're less inclined to be logical and more apt to identify with what other people are feeling. This will increase your understanding of the undercurrents of their situations, and they'll be likely to appreciate your empathy. Don't forget your own concerns, as well. You may see a lot of things in a different light today.

I want to know what fate has in store for me!


I'm new to the horoscope scene. I was into it in high school but now at age 58 I'm way more...trusting(?) with things like this. I wish I knew.

Am a Taurus May 16, praying this year will be a good year for all taurens. God bless

Thanks for giving my 🌟 Star every day is always right keep it up guys ,l really enjoyed it 🙏

My birthday is 17th/5/2003 am i a taurus?

Of course you are!!!

Yes, I am was born may 16 i am a Taurus. I live in the west coast of fl

yes , I was born on the 18th, there are 3 cuspts in every month , early , middle and late, late has been said to be the most stubborn , and the strongest.

You a Taurus,am also born on the same date,, Eduardo Fabila from Papua New Guinea South Pacific islands country


This thungs you are saying is true. I don't have money to start up this astro fame. I really need help.

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