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Daily horoscope for Taurus

Generally you tend to be naturally drawn towards social, political and humanitarian issues, and today news about some startling events could come your way which awakens that part of you to a higher degree than you've ever experienced before. You might identify with those involved, and thus want to get involved with groups associated with these events, thus changing your life forever. You're here to make a difference, so go to it.

Discover what the future has in store for you.

Taurus daily horoscope

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My birthday is 17th/5/2003 am i a taurus?


This thungs you are saying is true. I don't have money to start up this astro fame. I really need help.

I really feel so lost in life I am retired it looks my so called friend really were not friends.I do not trust men anymore .

Forgot to mention i a Taurian.( 04/05/1983 )

I have been alone and single for about 7 years, fooled around a bit in these till date.just benefits and frnds. nothing serious with anyone of em.Just friends. once i had my heart broken i hardly wanted to take anymore chances and now thirst for Love is aroused.Love is essential no matter to try hard to avoid!


Characteristics of Taurus

Taurus dates: April 20 to May 20

This is a feminine sign governed by Venus and the Moon. Taurus is positioned opposite the sign of Scorpio on the astrological wheel. This is an Earth sign who enjoys being close to nature, which explains why these natives seek authenticity and concreteness. In love, they are jealous and often possessive, yet seek a stable and peaceful relationship. We can always count on this sign because they are so organized and precise.

Taurus compatibility

Taurus is compatible with the sign of Capricorn. Together, they form a well-matched and cohesive pair, despite their two seemingly contrasting characters.

Get more insights into the Taurus compatibility here.

What is Taurus like at work?

Professionally, Taurus is a persevering and determined person who is not afraid to accept even the most difficult and complex challenges.

Famous Taurus people

Here are some VIPs born under the sign of Taurus.

Al Pacino, George Clooney, Megan Fox, Adele, Penelope Cruz and Jack Nicholson are all natives of this sign.

♈ Learn more about this sign in: ♈

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