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Daily horoscope Taurus

If you don't express yourself today, other people might get the impression that something is wrong. It could be that the person you're talking with thinks that they're boring you. Make sure you contribute something to the current conversation. Strong opinions are likely to be shot back and forth so don't forget that yours is just as valid as everyone else's. Keep it lively and witty.

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Taurus daily horoscope

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I really feel so lost in life I am retired it looks my so called friend really were not friends.I do not trust men anymore .

Forgot to mention i a Taurian.( 04/05/1983 )

I have been alone and single for about 7 years, fooled around a bit in these till date.just benefits and frnds. nothing serious with anyone of em.Just friends. once i had my heart broken i hardly wanted to take anymore chances and now thirst for Love is aroused.Love is essential no matter to try hard to avoid!

My name is Rohan santhosh i'm from india my father has been struggling a lot due to our financial problems. his business went under and a lot of money is now in debt. my father ows a lot of money to other people. is there any possible way that these problems will be goin away from my life this year??

I’m a Taurus girl and my xbf is Virgo, I broke up him because he was always a secret to me, he often kept me secret when he was with women. He couldn’t be faithful to me. Many times he lied when he was with women so it was best for me to be apart to him because I was so hurt, he knew my dislikes but she kept doing them over and over again. What do you think? Does he love me or he does have any desire to be with for the rest of his life? I’ll have everything for him but in returned he hurts me so much.

If he is cheating on you meaning you are not meant to be together, so you can give me a try since am also a Taurus born.

If he hurts you that's not love. Move on and find your true love that will take your heart and heal it true his love..

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