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Daily horoscope for Taurus

You know very well, as the true Taurus that you are, that some fires die out in order to make room for new ones, and that this cycle repeats itself over and over again. You won't be surprised then, by the lack of enthusiasm you see in the people around you today. Some people may even need a little lesson from you about putting things into perspective, especially if they are feeling discouraged. And you're just the person to help them!

Succeed in love and find 'the one'.

Taurus daily horoscope

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My birthday is 17th/5/2003 am i a taurus?


This thungs you are saying is true. I don't have money to start up this astro fame. I really need help.

I really feel so lost in life I am retired it looks my so called friend really were not friends.I do not trust men anymore .

Forgot to mention i a Taurian.( 04/05/1983 )

I have been alone and single for about 7 years, fooled around a bit in these till date.just benefits and frnds. nothing serious with anyone of em.Just friends. once i had my heart broken i hardly wanted to take anymore chances and now thirst for Love is aroused.Love is essential no matter to try hard to avoid!


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