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Libra And Gemini Compatibility: ♥ A Promising Pair

This pair has endless points in common and never seems to get bored or tire of each other. However, their harmonious encounter will always revolve around intellectual exchange and their shared passion for social outings and activities. They are both curious and interested in everything, which means they will never run out of ideas to brighten up their daily lives. Read on for more details on the Libra and Gemini compatibility and discover their love score.

"Libra and Gemini will get on amazingly well!" 

Libra and Gemini compatibility score: 3/5

Given that they’re both Air signs, the rapport between this duo is carefree and playful. Two artists come to mind! When it comes to love, Gemini personality is chatty and laidback and therefore a good match for the gentle and bohemian Libra. Their relationship is based on rich debate, equality and both Gemini and Libra are happy to support each other in all circumstances. Dating is one thing for this couple, but can they take their relationship to the next level and get serious?

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Could Libra and Gemini have a successful relationship?

Gemini is more serious, while Libra’s happy demeanor gets them through hard times. They should count on flexibility in times when Gemini can’t commit to a Libra who has marriage on the mind. Commitment phobe Gemini has trouble foreseeing a solid future along a Libra who craves marriage and kids.

They could have a successful relationship because they exchange a lot and on many different topics. They are a couple of communication, sharing and sociability! Outings, invitations and travel structure your relationship.

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What could bring this couple down:

Libra, you are constantly looking for balance and playing cat and mouse with yourself but also with others. This could in fact, lead your relationship to break up.

Libra and Gemini sex life:

If all goes well, the two of you can take off for seventh heaven under the duvet.

Love advice for this pair:

Be open with your feelings.

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