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Gemini: Everything About This Intriguing Zodiac Sign

Gemini is known for their quick thinking and their expressive nature. Geminis are individuals animated by an intense curiosity that takes them to new and unchartered horizons. Gemini personality traits include being sympathetic, sociable, intelligent and adaptable in every type of situation. The third zodiac sign is perceptive and understanding of other people's ideas, but have a biased and narcissistic streak. We reveal everything about the Gemini personality here!

Gemini contents:

We reveal the Gemini traits in our unmissable video:

Gemini zodiac dates:

Gemini people are born between May 21 and June 20, which makes them the third star sign 

♊ Gemini sign signification: Is Gemini an Air sign? ♊

Gemini is one of the 3 Air signsLike their companions Libra personality and Aquarius personality, Gemini loves to think deeply about things and try to fix other people’s problem. Gemini matures by taking on the challenging questions no one else wants to address. Your ascendant sign also has an important influence on your personality. Figure out your ascendant with our rising sign calculator.

Which planet rules Gemini?

Mercury, messenger of the Gods is your planet, Gemini. Planet Merucury symbolizes communication, writing, and education. Mercury is said to move around the zodiac at such breakneck speed that the it actually makes its way around the Sun before Earth. Mercury's agility is very impressive and is one of the reasons why Gemini is so efficient and adaptable. Although, on the negative side of things related to their master planet, Gemini people often have trouble focusing and concentrating. Mercury's rapid and destabilizing influence causes the third zodiac sign to be easily distracted.

What does Gemini symbolize?

The symbol for Gemini is the Twins, which is why Gemini people are said to have a dual personalityThanks to the Twins, the Gemini personality excels in exchange and interaction, especially when it comes to sharing thoughts and ideas. Communication is one of the Gemini personality's strongest traits. Gemini zodiac sign symbol also embodies the continuous search for a kindred spirit in friends, partners, or mentors.

Gemini zodiac sign

10 Things to know about a Gemini: What is a Gemini like?

Here are 10 facts you must know about the Gemini traits. If you want to explore the Gemini personality further, check out 15 interesting facts on Gemini.

  • Gemini dates: May 21st to June 20th
  • Gemini strong points: Agility, flexibility, and adaptability
  • Gemini qualities: Speed, curiosity, loquaciousness
  • Gemini faults: Scattered, lightness
  • Gems: Jade, Turquoise
  • Gemini planet: Mercury
  • Gemini element: Air
  • Colors: Multi
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Corresponding Body Parts: Lungs, arms, hands

'Gemini people are the perfect mixture of sunshine and a little hurricane'

Gemini quote

The art of happiness for Gemini

Gemini’s sociable personality means they have no problem meeting new people and making new friends. Being faced with the idea of new experiences really does get your heart racing and inspires you to give everything you come up against 110%. Your curiosity is one of your major character traits and needs to be exercised on a regular basis. Learning new things and visiting new places may seem fairly insignificant to other people, but it’s what makes you happiest.

- Discover how Mercury retrograde will impact Gemini. -

Gemini personality: What are the characteristics of a Gemini?

Gemini is concerned with matters of the mind since their element is Air. Like their companions Libra and Aquarius, Gemini loves to spend time reflecting on important world issues and what they can do to change them. The Gemini personality also loves spending time with friends and family and is never shy about being the center of attention.

Gemini is versatile and curious, but needs to remember that it's important to take on realistic projects. Gemini people can at times get a little ahead of themselves and try to discover everything at once. Gemini people are real fluid thinkers and changing plans at the last minute isn't something that scares a Gemini. 

Gemini traits male:

The Gemini male has a way with words and is a complete charmer. Gemini man is a great conversationalist and always finds the best moment to crack a joke. He is smart, quick-witted, fun, exciting and has a wicked sense of humor. Gemini men are known for their of love of words and expressing their ideas.

Gemini traits female: Gemini dual personality

A Gemini woman is really two personalities in one body. She has two distinct sides to her personality and isn’t afraid to show either of them. The female Gemini personality is very intruding and is the perfect blend of sarcastic and kind. It’s fair to say the Gemini woman definitely has lots of facets to her character.

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Gemini positive and negative traits:

How well do you know the traits of the Gemini personality? Understanding their personality traits will help you build better relationships with Gemini in all areas of love and life. Let’s take a look at Gemini's 5 biggest positive and negative traits.

Gemini's positive traits:
Gemini's negative traits:
1) Flexible
1) Superficial
2) Funny
2) Lack of direction
3) Enthusiastic
3) Bad decision making skills
4) Smart
4) Lack of seriousness
5) Versatile
5) Anxious

Gemini compatibility: Who is Gemini compatible with?

Gemini personality is most compatible with Capricorn as these zodiacs have lots in common and love supporting each other. Gemini will help the shy Capricorn open up and Capricorn will help guide Gemini through tough times.

Gemini incompatibility: Do Gemini and Cancer people get along?

When Gemini and Cancer form a relationship, they make an unlikely duo and are the least compatible zodiac signsSensitive Cancer has a hard time communicating their feelings and ideas; which is something the third zodiac sign has trouble understanding. Gemini and Cancer are just too different and their relationship will create lots of tension due as they don't really understand each other.

More details about Gemini:

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