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Gemini and Aquarius compatibility: ♥ They Lack Passion

The attraction between this pair starts out strong and is established in the blink of an eye. However, soon after, seduction will take a back seat and be replaced by intellectual battles. Gemini and Aquarius will eventually find themselves stuck between love and friendship. Once you find yourself in the friend zone, getting out of it can be very tricky. Discover their compatibility score here and whether or not they have a future together.

"Gemini and Aquarius lack desire!" 

Gemini and Aquarius compatibility score: 1/5

These two Air signs love intellectual banter. As friends, they make a solid pair who don’t need to prove with useless explanation that they hold the other to a high regard. In love, they’re more likely to keep up that “best friend” act, but there is no jealously or possession. The bad, however, is they’re too brother-and-sister-like towards the other for sensuality to enrapture the other. Gemini and Aquarius personality could work as great business partners, but when it comes to romance, the spark is likely to be missing.

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Why Gemini and Aquarius work out

This duo lacks sexual attraction and intensity, but one of their strong points is the fact that neither Gemini or Aquarius are jealous or possessive, but extremely tolerant. The key to this duo is their communication. Between you the current is flowing and you can spend hours talking and preparing your little revolution. 

What makes them incompatible:

You'll find each too cyclothymic and this will make it difficult for you to understand each other in the long run and when one of you is in good spirits, the other will not be. So you will spend your time motivating each other and you will get tired of it. 

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Gemini and Aquarius sex life:

You have ideas and fantasies, but are too shy to talk about them and put them in place...

Love advice for this pair:

Spice up your sex life.

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