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Aquarius Personality: Discover Your Astrological Truths

Born between January 20 and February 19, Aquarius natives are very independent and are constantly in search of freedom; so much so that they reject a conventional lifestyle and pursue their own path. As the penultimate zodiac sign, these natives are real chameleons thanks to their adaptability and creativity. They shine thanks to their originality, curiosity and unpredictability. Their characters are truly captivating which is why we've chosen to reveal everything you need to know about their personality traits.

These folks aspire to detach themselves from their environment and instead create their own values and affirm their freedom.

Your dates: January 20 - February 19

Does this mean that this is your sign? People born under this star sign are the perfect examples of folks of the Age of Aquarius, meaning they place lots of importance on charity work and social conscience. Original, non-conformist, opportunist, curious and changeable these folks are able to adapt to any situation.


What does Aquarius mean?

In the zodiac, this sign symbolizes the future, modernity, friendship, freedom and fraternity. It represents science, avant-garde ideas, space, waves, cinema, electricity, internet and new technologies.This sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranus; planets of individuality and independence. This configuration explains why this zodiac personality is connected with notions of freedom. These people's traits include being original, brave and curious. Aquarius traits

♒ Essential astrology information: ♒

This is a Fixed sign and spans from 300° - 330° across the ecliptic and is among the oldest constellations in the sky. It’s located in an area often called the "Sea", because of its abundance of aquatic constellations such as Whale, Fish and Eridan.

♒ Is Aquarius a Water sign? ♒

No, it's one of the 3 Air signsalong with Libra and Gemini. Air signs need to exercise their minds and stay active in order to avoid boredom. Air signs are intellectual, bold and bright. The zodiac symbol for Aquarius includes water which is why people assume that it's a Water sign.

What is this personality really like?

These folks are very independent people who cherishe freedom. They hate the idea of things hindering or slowing them down in their desires. They adore being in control and following their dreams; despite what anyone else thinks. They love to travel because they appreciate change and new experiences. Their main quality is their lively intellectual capacity, although this can make them unpredictable and stubborn. When they are convinced that they are right, no one will be able to change their mind. 


In love, they know how to settle down but always have an escape route in mind, in case they feel suffocated. These folks seek to develop their individuality by abolishing hierarchical and state systems.

What are their best traits?

First of all, these folks are original which injects fresh air into all situations. They refuse to be like everyone else and have a deep visionary and creative side, which means they are always one step ahead, making them a real source of inspiration. Many famous Aquarians people have moved things forward or created great inventions. They are capable of anything to help a person in need whether it is a family member, a close friend or a complete stranger.

And what about their worst traits?

And since no one is perfect, here are some pointers for them to improve on. Their exacerbated individualism can cause strain on their relationships and see them become stubborn and insensitive in their quest to follow their ideas. This personality struggles to take into account other people's emotions and has a hard time finding the right balance between freedom and the need for satisfied attention. Their superficial side coupled with their overconfidence also rubs people up the wrong way and leads to conflict.

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Susan Taylor's handpicked facts to know about this sign

  • Strong points: Avant-gardism
  • Qualities: Kindness
  • Faults: Individualism
  • Gems: Crystal, Amethyst
  • Ruling planet: Uranus
  • Colors: Purple, blue, cobalt
  • Metal: Chrome
  • Corresponding body parts: Legs, venous system

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What makes these folks smile?

For them to be happy and fulfilled in life, they need to spend their time travelling and adventuring the world. These folks love emerging themselves into new cultures and learning new things. Their unique identity makes people fall deeply in love with them and reassures them of their sincerity. 

Being different and standing out from the crowd is what makes them happiest, it’s really out of the question for them to follow other people. They need to live for themselves and put their needs first!

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Astrologist Susan Taylor

Our Astrologer Susan Taylor's insights

This is the sign of individual freedom, but also of social and humanitarian concerns, solidarity and cooperation. Their original ideas  sometimes make people born under this sign rebellious, unstable and eccentric.

Aquarius compatibility: Who is their perfect match? - It's Gemini

As for their compatibility with other signs, these folks make the perfect love match with Gemini! As two Air signs, this duo loves intellectual banter and will always be there for each other. This pair loves to enrich themselves intellectually and debate for long hours together, they also share a love for trips abroad. 


The one drawback is that they get on so well that their relationship could become a little too platonic. These sun signs risks ending up friends because they lack raw sexual tension and passion. 

Which sign are they incompatible with in love?

They ought to run away from Scorpios or risk ending up with a broken heart. Scorpio is too severe and possessive, which will impact their confidence in you. Scorpio will make these natives feel deep contempt, lost and bruised. Beware also of other Aquarians, who are most likely to let them down in times of need.

Which tarot card matches Aquarius? The Fool

The Fool represents the departure towards an unknown and an unpredictable journey. Like this creative sign, this card represents imagination, intuition and originality. The Fool represents an imminent journey, an important turnaround that your life could take, especially on a professional level. However, in a negative position, it leads to unexpected events and events that are not always easy to control.

What is the significance of the Fool in a tarot spread?

- Positive aspects: Altruism, kindness, fantasy.

- Negative aspects: Impulsiveness, irrationality, uncertainty.

What does it mean to have Aquarius as your rising sign?

Having Aquarius rising in your natal chart means you will often be one step ahead of the others. This way, you will often be where you are least expected. This sign rising sign blesses you with thirst for discovery and adventure, but also for change and transformation. You are communicative, cheerful and your good mood andsense of humour will be qualities that will be very much appreciated. 

Calculate your rising sign here -

Your sun sign + Aquarius rising:

Main traits described:

Aries sun Aquarius rising

Sociable and bubbly

Taurus sun Aquarius rising

Dreamy and idealistic

Gemini sun Aquarius rising

Fun and versatile

Cancer sun Aquarius rising

Creative and innovative

Leo sun Aquarius rising

Enthusiastic and original

Virgo sun Aquarius rising

Smart and direct

Libra sun Aquarius rising

Free and insightful

Scorpio sun Aquarius rising

Flits between hot and cold

Sagittarius sun Aquarius rising

Happy and bright

Capricorn sun Aquarius rising

Respectful and pensive

Aquarius sun Aquarius rising

Trustworthy and original

Pisces sun Aquarius rising

Fancy and idealistic

'This personality is very protective over the ones they love'.

Aquarius quote

We reveal more traits in our unmissable video:

Aquarius video

More details about this sign:

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* Literature Source: The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, Author; Joanna Martine Woolfolk, Published in 2012 and available here: Amazon - The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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