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Aquarius And Virgo Compatibility: ♥ Won't Go The Distance

Aquarius and Virgo are about as far apart on the personality spectrum as possible. Virgo lives their life following a strict schedule, whereas Aquarius hates planning and is for living in the moment. The problem between this pair is that neither of them seems to be prepared to make the compromises needs for a successful relationship. They do however understand each other's need for space and reflection. Read on for more details on the Aquarius and Virgo compatibility and discover their love score.

"Aquarius and Virgo have an atypical relationship." 

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility score: 1/5

Here’s a strange combo! Shy, anxious, and conventional Virgo personality looks on skeptically at the loud and brave Aquarius, Virgo really does regard Aquarius as an adventurer! In a professional setting, Aquarius could help Virgo push the limits and increase their creativity and in return, Virgo will offer wise advice and will help advance the projects. In friendship and as family members, they need to keep love alive or they risk becoming strangers to each other, without strong communication, this love match will have the impression that they both come from different planets.

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Could Aquarius and Virgo have a successful relationship?

In a relationship, Aquarius will that Virgo won't be able to take them seriously and the chatty Aquarius may even get bored in a relationship with the shy Virgo. Virgo is less creative and exciting that the some what wild Aquarius, who is ready to make crazy decisions at any minute. This duo will argue lots when children and their families are involved. Their relationship is funny and unpredictable. So, if they get along well, not everything is a foregone conclusion. In any case, their relationship is built on exchanges of ideas and ways of living. 

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What could bring this couple down:

This couple is very different on paper, which is why they'll have such difficulty understanding each other. For their relationship to work, both natives will have to be more attentive to each other and be less critical.

Aquarius and Virgo's sex life:

Aquarius, you'll be able to take Virgo to worlds that scare them, but once they've had a taste of it of what you have to offer, they'll be totally hooked!

Love advice for this pair:

Set out your expectations.

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