Aquarius And Aquarius Compatibility: ♥ Friends With Benefits

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Of course, this pair will get along and understand each other, especially in their non-conformism and eccentric ideas. However, this duo of intellectuals will lack the emotional depth that is often the key element in making relationships last. If however they decide to cultivate their electric and fruitful friendship, they will manage to make things last, perhaps also in a non-traditional couple configuration. It's hard to find this couple at home during the weekend as they love to travel, discover and live! These signs are free-spirited and what counts for them is to open up to the world and fulfill their thirst for knowledge. Read on for more details on the Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility and discover their love score.

Aquarius And Aquarius Compatibility: ♥ Friends With Benefits

"Aquarius and Aquarius are evolving in the same direction." 

❤️ Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility score: 2/5

Can two Aquarius personality people fall in love and stay in love? This is the question we're all asking! As friends and in a professional setting, two Aquarius individuals can help the other make lifelong progress, all whilst working closely together. As independent signs, they get along better in a friends with benefits sort of arrangement, we have a hard time imagining them in a more classic relationship. They do share the same friends, hobbies, and emotions, but beyond that they remain vague in showing their true selves. They complement each other with the same goals, which brings a strong sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. The harmony of this combination results in a unique complicity, which is difficult to find in the zodiac.

The relationship between two Aquarius signs works well because they share the same outlook on life and have many common interests. Aquarius natives are often considered the most original of the zodiac signs, and to some extent, this observation is quite accurate because they never do things like everyone else. They appreciate fantasy, anything out of the ordinary, and breaking away from the beaten path.

Their connection revolves more around a friendly love than a grand, devastating passion. Aquarius seeks to create a story with someone like themselves, someone with lofty ideals and always an astonishing project to develop.🧠 The strength of an Aquarius couple results more from a strong spiritual and intellectual connection than from physical communion.

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Could Aquarius and Aquarius have a successful relationship?

Two Aquarius personalities will be hesitant when it comes to being honest with each other, and may not agree on whether they want kids or not. Even if their relationship lacks intensity, it doesn’t lack joy or fun for that matter. Two Aquarius people need an open-relationship, to travel, and to share among groups of friends. 👫 They spend more than they should, but never get bored around each other! Two Aquarius natives form a pretty amazing relationship and get along well. This way, they're able to share projects, outings, hobbies. They are made to evolve together, as they have the same vision of life. As independent and cosmopolitan natives, this couple can tend to isolate themselves, which can compromise their socialization. If they can find their balance, this combination has everything to succeed.

Aquarius is an independent being who values the notion of individual freedom, especially their own! They are generally much less tolerant of the freedom of others because boundaries are always blurry, leading to occasional conflicts. Generally, disputes quickly calm down because Aquarius natives hate conflicts; they always find a way to compromise. These air signs are mostly honest and open to discussion, so problems do not linger between them for long.

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What could bring this couple down?

You are like two mirrors put face to face and in fact, you sometimes have the impression of losing yourself in the other. So rely on ingenuity to make a difference! These two natives are fiercely independent, and it is therefore hard to imagine them in a classic union. However, they can commit themselves in the long term in a "love-friendship" where their affinities would be based more on their common tastes, on their conversations, their outings, their common friends than on a sentimental, sensual and emotional union.

From an emotional point of view, Aquarius people are quite impulsive 😱. It is not uncommon for them to rush stages, such as moving in together, making grand life plans, and skipping straight to intimacy. These reserved air signs can also display a very stubborn side. Indeed, when they have a fixed idea, it is exceptional for them to deviate, which can generate conflicts in their relationship. However, they almost always manage to find a creative solution to the problems they may encounter.

What will their sex life be like?

Between this pair, sex will be electric; a real storm of sensations and impulses! As far as passion is concerned, they are likely to be rather vague, reluctant to get to the bottom of things, to give themselves up to each other by letting go of their guts and opening up about their feelings 💏. The romantic relationship between two Aquarius people may be perceived as cold or unromantic, but that's not the case. They are quite reserved when it comes to intimacy and rarely show affection in public. However, their sexual compatibility is not dazzling from the first moments; they take time to feel comfortable, and initially, their encounters under the covers are quite traditional and devoid of great passion.

However, as they get to know each other, they finally dare to reveal their preferences and are willing to satisfy each other's desires. Don't expect their sex life to become torrid or completely depraved, but they are satisfied with it, and if it makes them happy, that's the main thing. Since they are not lacking in imagination, they always try to invent something new to avoid boredom.

📍 Love advice for this pair 📍

If this couples wants to survive, they need to live a free union, far away from traditions and sacrifices!

In conclusion...

As Aquarius is a rather tolerant sign, it can be assumed that they will overlook certain indiscretions that might scare away earth, fire, or water signs. The advantage between two Aquarius natives is that they effortlessly decipher the complexity of their partner. An Aquarius will never judge another Aquarius; they accept each other as they are and show authenticity to each other.

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