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Aquarius And Cancer Compatibility: ♥ Aren't Made To Get Along

They both have mood swings, but for very different reasons. Cancer will tend to be overly sensitive and Aquarius could find themselves feeling a little thrown off by this tornado of emotions. Aquarius will also have difficulty managing the Cancer's need for intimacy as well as their possessiveness and jealousy in love. On second thoughts, this pair would probably do best to avoid a romantic relationship. Read on for more details on the Aquarius and Cancer compatibility and discover their love score.

"Aquarius and Cancer aren't in tune sexually." 

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility score: 1/5

This duo gets along better in a professional setting or friendship than an intimate relationship. Cancer personality and Aquarius will discover they have a strong understanding of each other very quickly. In love, a Cancer needs constant reassurance, while Aquarius likes adventure, improvisation, and can’t give Cancer the security they need and crave. Aquarius will be attracted to the poetic side of Cancer but will struggle giving the Cancer what they need. Aquarius people are very romantic, however they have a problem when it comes to exclusivity and stay faithful in a relationship; something that Cancer doesn't appreciate.

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Could Aquarius and Cancer have a successful relationship?

They should instead bank on the easiness of each other’s company when they play games together, if not, Cancer will become frustrated by their desire for companionship from an Aquarius who doesn’t want to be tied down. Aquarius will not be insensitive to Cancer's charm far from it, even if they are not from the same astrological universe. Thus, their relationship will quickly prove to be surprising, surprising but so delightful. 

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What could bring this couple down:

Aquarius wants to build for the future, whereas Cancer has a hard time not focusing on the past. This fundamental difference means they will have to learn to make your their ways of thinking cohabit in order to be able to move forward and build! They must be understanding and communicative!

Aquarius and Cancer's sex life:

Although both of these natives are intuitive, they have difficulty understanding each other's desires in the bedroom!

Love advice for this pair:

Don't play games.

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