What Does It Mean To Have A Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising?

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Capricorn sun Aquarius rising, you often have a monastic appearance with a serious, sometimes austere demeanor. Be cautious: your rectitude can border on intolerance, and your emotions are always under control. Your career is your raison d'être, and you may sacrifice your emotional life for it, so driven are you toward an ideal. You need a partner as independent as you are to have a chance at building a home, but you often feel distant from people...

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Capricorn sun Aquarius rising - An idealistic personality

You possess an idealistic personality, naturally inclined to delve into abstractions and liberate yourself from conventional life clichés and patterns. There is something very personal in you to live, build, and perpetuate. Exchanges are opportunities for evolution and pleasures that allow you to broaden your ideas. However, you regularly need solitude and aspire to express your uniqueness.

Capricorn sun Aquarius rising, you are a free spirit 🤡. Whether discreet or distracted, immersed in a world of reflection, you seem inaccessible and care little about what others may think of you. Idealistic, you have faith in humanity and its capacity for evolution, but you are more absorbed by ideas and the study of anything that can aid this evolution than by people. You are very independent, absorbed in your work and interested in all learning; you excel in your field. You are cold, distant, have your own vision of things, and feel too different to share it.

Capricorn sun Aquarius rising in love and relationships

In love, you are demanding. You want to preserve your independence and may be tempted to sacrifice your intimate life for your work, or you take the time to find a partner who is as independent as you are to stabilize yourself. In love and friendship, your affections are sincere, and when you commit, it's for life.🥰 

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What is Capricorn sun Aquarius rising like with their family?

You devote a lot of time to your professional life, so you must find partners who are autonomous and understanding sharing your family life. With those around you, you are impatient, impulsive, and full of initiatives if you find personal interest. You have an original character, dominated by idealism, and you find it difficult to accept advice or directives 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. However, in case of problems, you can discover innovative solutions by leveraging your creative and avant-garde qualities to change methods, paths, or even ideals and establish a new harmony.

How about with money and finances?

Capricorn sun Aquarius rising, you are original, tolerant, and support collective projects, but you remain somewhat aloof in your interactions. Serious, conscientious, ingenious, you display great intellectual maturity and are drawn to work in research, metaphysics, innovation, as well as professions related to new technologies or science, where you can showcase your visionary qualities. You detest routine and constraints, prompting you to assert your singularity and impose your choices.🧑‍💼

What are they like at work?

Material possessions don't really interest you, and you generally lead a modest, even ascetic life. However, you need comfort and material security. You fear lacking or being unable to fulfill your responsibilities, causing anxiety. Moreover, it's a matter of pride for you, and you tolerate no compromises.

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In conclusion…

Establishing balanced relationships is essential in your life. You achieve this when you allow yourself to relax. You are generally secretive, making it difficult to confide in your problems to others. However, you are an effective advisor and an attentive ear for your friends. You possess great imagination, and your emotional resources are particularly significant. You are dedicated to charitable causes, and it seems natural for you to channel your energy into them.

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Capricorn sun Aquarius rising; a respectful mix

This interaction between these two signs results in a complex personality. Aquarius ascendant adds a mature, composed, honest and pensive side to you – you’re very respectful of rules. In the professional sphere, however, this respect for hierarchy doesn’t stop you from saying what you think, you just smooth things out with your tact and diplomacy. Capricorn’s profound idealism pushes you to make the most of strength of character and make your opinion heard, which brings its risks.

You are a complex but rich character. Capable of being both avant-garde and conservative, you are quite confusing, thus, you are thoughtful, poised, delicate, upright, honest, and respectful of the established rules. Underneath your confident and communicative appearance, you are a shy person who likes your independence and tranquility.

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