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Gemini and Gemini compatibility: ♥ Brilliant Match

This pair seem to hit it off right away, yet when it comes to establishing their love things often get complicated. This duo form the the brightest and funniest couple of the zodiac, but they still have a hard time committing to each other. Their common appreciation for adventure means they'll see the world together, but will their passion be enough to solidify their love? Discover this pair's compatibility score and whether or not they have what it takes to fall in love.

"Gemini and Gemini struggle to stay loyal!" 

Gemini and Gemini compatibility score: 3/5

Playful and carefree, these two get along wonderfully! Gemini likes diverse, rich intellectual rapports. A Gemini wants to communicate effectively, to go out, and live an eternally youthful life. However, two Geminis can be nervous around the other and sometimes verbally aggressive, this is why open communication is very important. They should both have a good sense of humor to be able to avoid dwelling on bad vibes.

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Why Gemini and Gemini work out

Two Geminis together will take life by the horns and work through their problems together. Although when angry, a Gemini can really show another side of their personality and get really hurtful with their words. To succeed, this pair need a good dose of giggles and laughter. You are the same person and know almost instinctively what your partner thinks. You are made to get along and make memories. From the same mould, you are a bit like a mirror of the other without knowing it, real soul mates.

What makes them incompatible:

By having the same reflection, you can lose yourself in each other and see your personality swallowed up by your astrological double. Thus, you will only have the impression of existing through the other, which will jeopardize your relationship.

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Gemini and Gemini sex life:

Between fantasy, reality, words and gestures, everything fits together perfectly and sparks fly in the bedroom!

Love advice for this pair:

Be clear about your feelings and goals.

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