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Gemini and Capricorn compatibility: ♥ A Strong Match

This pair may seem like a mismatch but they make for a fascinating match. They each find each other mysterious and their curious natures push them to move forward and discover each other's personality. Gemini and Capricorn may experience real difference in character when it comes to their difference in reliability, however if they opt for open communication they could go all the way to marriage! Discover their compatibility score here and whether or not they have a future together.

"Gemini and Capricorn could end up married!" 

Gemini and Capricorn compatibility score: 3/5

Here are two signs with a lot of ambition in their shared projects. Gemini, childlike and talkative, can show an introverted, contemplative nature, and mature Capricorn personality something new. On the other hand, Capricorn can truly be the backbone at work for an unorganized Gemini. Even if there isn’t sensuality here, comforting words and concrete acts solidify their attachment. Gemini's chatty character could help shy and reserved Capricorn to come out of their shell. Be wary that Capricorn’s silence doesn’t put out the spark of joy, or Gemini may flee, causing Capricorn to turn away from it all forever…

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Why Gemini and Capricorn work out

Capricorn will calm you down, Gemini and bring you back to reality. Thus, your relationship is based on opposite but not incompatible values. Sexual attraction and sensuality are missing from this couple, but their attraction to each other could be proved by declarations of love and cute gestures. Capricorn's cold side could rain on Gemini's parade and bring them down. 

What makes them incompatible:

If your relationship seems promising, the main problem lies in communication and you sometimes have to break the ice to start a dialogue between you. Someone will have to make the first move!

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Gemini and Capricorn sex life:

There are no fireworks here because one intellectualizes the relationship and the other spends their time focusing on other things. Sexual pleasure will be limited here...

Love advice for this pair:

Show each other how you really feel.

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