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Gemini sun Capricorn rising Gemini

Gemini sun Capricorn rising; cool and collected

These contradictory signs give you a double personality. One second, you’re serious and mature, the next you’re cheeky, curious and showing a youthful mentality. Capricorn rising is important to the rather reserved Gemini, who shows more confidence as a result of its presence. Capricorn makes you more audacious, which can lead to some unexpected repercussions – perhaps a friend becoming a lover or a close friend being key to your professional success.

How Capricorn rising influences Gemini

The mischievous air that your ascendant adds to your distant nature has the power to draw all eyes on you. A touch of malice to your glances makes everyone around you drop.

What is Gemini sun Capricorn rising like in love?

Gemini sun Capricorn rising, you are often caught between the need for freedom and the desire for stability, therefore, your emotional life is not always easy. However, after a difficult start in your emotional life, you slowly move towards a settled life. You take commitment seriously and when you get involved in a relationship it is for the long term. In a relationship, you make a real effort to be more spontaneous and communicative... As someone solid, your spouse can count on you. Moreover, it is not rare that you carry your relationship. Calm, calm, sincere, faithful, you know how to develop an ideal context for the creation of a home.

What are they like at work?

Reasoned, vigilant, square, rigorous, determined, voluntary, and objective, you are a hard worker who does not count your hours or your investment. As a perfectionist, you are organized, methodical, and have an eye for detail. Although you are independent, you have no trouble integrating into a team, especially if it is serious and dynamic. You know how to respect orders and the hierarchy. Overall, your professional development is slow but steady.


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