Gemini Season Is The Time To Embrace Lightness

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May 21 saw the opening of the Gemini season, and, what better way to close spring than with this air sign's light and creative influences? When this period of the astrological year swings around, it’s a sign for us to refocus on ourselves, to open ourselves up to the world, and of course, to relax!

Gemini Season Is The Time To Embrace Lightness

Gemini season brings with it a breath of fresh air

In the astrological calendar, Gemini is the first of the Air signs. Its arrival, between late spring and early summer, gives us a sense of liberation. In fact, Gemini’s energy encourages every zodiac sign to open up to the world, to go out, and to discover new things. It excites our curiosity, awakens our sense of humor and invigorates our spirit. So, it’s officially time for lightheartedness, festivities, harmless flirting, and fun ideas!

That's right! Because let's not forget that the Gemini personality isn't just about looks 🤔 ! Yes, beneath these natives’ somewhat crazy exterior, lies a huge brain, a creative mind and, shall we say... daring communication skills 😆. Yes, Gemini is the king of talk, and while these folks can sometimes bore us with words, during its special season of influence, it can above all help us express our ideas, desires, talents, and skills. And for that, we say thank you, Gemini 🙌!

For some extra insights:

Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, but whatever your zodiac sign, you must know that Mercury has a formidable influence on all of us (just look at what Mercury retrograde is capable of making us do! #runforthehills). Be careful, though, because the combination of Mercury and Gemini can give you a headache. As ideas, communication, and exchanges intensify, they can also demand a lot of energy - and sometimes, too much.

During the Gemini season, how will your zodiac sign get on?

From May 21 to June 21, we enter the season of Gemini, and we’ll have to embrace the wind of freedom it brings with it. Each sign will experience this liberation and openness quite differently, so how will you manage?

♈ Aries
The feeling of freedom does you good, and you feel a general harmony that you cultivate... something quite rare concerning you, but it works, your relationships are much calmer.
♉ Taurus
You feel an energy that relaxes you, and you take advantage of it to stop self-flagellating because of your past mistakes. You prefer to use your failures as learning curves. Now that's the mindset we love!
♊ Gemini
You're enjoying a simple, pleasant life that's bolstered by high spirits... probably because we're about to celebrate your birthday 🎂!
♋ Cancer
The time for introspection is over, now it's time for ambition. It's with confidence and a certain swagger that you assert yourself when it comes to your projects.
♌ Leo
You've just been through a few head-scratching weeks, but when the Sun moves into Gemini, things seem to calm down. Calm down is an understatement, since you, tempestuous Leo, are even experiencing the virtues of patience and listening. That's a first!
♍ Virgo
This month is all about well-being. The Gemini season helps you relax and better manage your emotions. You'll be able to let go of the heavier ones and move forward more serenely.
♎ Libra
You’ll experience love in every shade 🩷. Incipient relationship, love, or friendship, the Gemini season invites you to silence your insecurities and nurture your special relationships.
♏ Scorpio
You're on the move! Professional opportunities or new projects, things are moving, especially if they fulfill long-held desires. We're tempted to say "at last", but it's only the beginning, the realization will come in the next few months.
♐ Sagittarius
The Gemini season will give you a better understanding of the relationships around you and, more particularly, the feelings that drive you. It's during this month that you'll finally understand that you're in love with your crush... It's about time 🙄 !
♑ Capricorn
Soothing is on the agenda for Capricorns, who will (as if by magic/miracle) understand that they are happy with the person they share their life with. They want to perpetuate this happiness with special moments. As for communicating their feelings... well, they're still Capricorns.
♒ Aquarius
For you, the Gemini season is all about relaxation and peace of mind. You've been through a bit of a rough patch, and now you feel reassured and more confident about the future.
♓ Pisces
It's time to sort things out for Pisces! Between the period of questioning under the influence of Taurus and now the liberation and ability to communicate with Gemini, you're taking the opportunity to eject toxic people from your life. Bye-bye!

How to make Gemini season a successful one

The Gemini season is above all a time for opening up to the outside world and to others. So let go, get out of your comfort zone, and dare to do new things:

1. Write

Turn to journaling or therapeutic writing. Mercury, the planet of the astrological sign Gemini, urges us all to communicate more, and when or if things get out of hand, we can do so through writing.

2. Getting together with friends and family

Going out, seeing the world, partying with friends, the season lends itself to this and the influence of Gemini pushes us to do so, so any occasion is good for getting together, exchanging, and sharing.

3. Try different things

The Sun in Gemini piques our curiosity, so it's the perfect time to discover and try out new experiences. Open your mind and take the plunge into something new if it takes your fancy.

4. Letting go

Flexibility and suppleness could also be the watchwords of this Gemini season. In fact, this is the perfect time to let go and soften your daily routine by taking things a little more as they come, without trying to control them.

5. Seduce

Flirtation, seduction, and light-hearted lovemaking are also favored during this period. Fidelity is not a cardinal Gemini value, but you don't have to run out and grab your future lover! What you can do, however, is draw inspiration from the lightness of this Air sign in your relationships and head towards a path that leads to pleasure. Once again, we're talking about letting go, daring to meet new people, making the first move, and seducing without fear.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Focus on your projects

As you can imagine, the Gemini season is a time of lightness, freedom, and openness toward others. It's also a time of great energy and creativity. It's quite possible that you'll want to take advantage of this dynamic to embark on a new personal or professional project, or to enter into a new relationship.

 If you have questions about your future, if you need answers, don't hesitate to make an appointment with one of our psychics. They will enlighten you about your future with great attention.

- The future is mine -

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