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Gemini and Scorpio compatibility: ♥ A Promising Duo

The balance between this pair is delicate and needs work, but if both partners are willing to give things a shot, the result will be unique. Gemini and Scorpio are the perfect mix of excitement and curiosity yet could boil over at any point. If they manage to communicate well and establish balance, they could be a great match! Discover the compatibility score of Gemini and Scorpio and whether or not they have a future together.

"Gemini and Scorpio have mesmerizing chemistry!" 

Gemini and Scorpio compatibility score: 3/5

As two strong characters, Scorpio personality admires the lively intelligence of Gemini, while Gemini’s clear reasoning matches well with Scorpio. This authenticity often passes by Gemini’s tricky, witty, and lying tendencies. Beyond that, Scorpio, troubled by a jealous internal torture, sometimes doesn’t understand the carefree nature of Gemini. As they’re both awful during verbal altercation, there can be much debate and memorable moments of anger between the two.

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Why Gemini and Scorpio work out

Jealous Scorpio will have a hard time dealing with Gemini's need for freedom and exclusivity. This couple could experience huge disputes and major explosions of anger. You won't get bored of each other and your relationship definitely won't lack any spice! Thus, your relationship will at times be fiery, wise, tense and harmonious.

What makes them incompatible:

If Scorpio knows how to deal with your states of mind, they will have more trouble getting used to your relaxed side. You in turn will sometimes find Scorpio too ruthless and too impulsive for your taste. In the long run, it won't work!

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Gemini and Scorpio sex life:

Your bedroom expectations let you down here. You are not compatible at all because you don't have the same demands when it comes to sex.

Love advice for this pair:

Improve your communication.

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