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Scorpio: Personality Analysis, Traits And Horoscopes

Scorpio is one of the most complex and mysterious signs of the zodiac. The fascinating Scorpio personality is like no other and is extremely decisive and emotive. Passionately expressive, strong, intense and rebellious are amongst some of the best adjectives to describe this sign. Scorpio is such a rich and deeply interesting zodiac sign, that there is always something new to learn about this star sign. How much do you actually know about this enigmatic sign?


We reveal the Scorpio traits in our unmissable video:

Scorpio dates

The Scorpio dates go from October 23 to November 21. If your date of birth falls between these dates, you are a Scorpio.

Scorpio horoscopes:

♏Scorpio meaning ♏

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is a Water sign. When looking at the Scorpio symbol, the stinger of the scorpion's tail points upwards representing the desire to aim higher. Scorpio is the sign of relentless determination and passion, meaning no dreams or goals are too big for them!

Scorpio zodiac signFigure out your ascendant with our rising sign calculator.

Scorpio zodiac sign: What is Scorpio's ruling planet?

Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio

This passionate and intense zodiac sign is ruled by Mars and Pluto, both of which contribute to the Scorpio traits.Mars is a fast moving planet and has an incredibly volatile temper; just like Scorpio. Pluto is associated with intense passion and ruthlessness.

Thanks to the ruling planets, Scorpio traits include instinctive willpower, fiery passion and emotion. The Scorpio zodiac sign is guided by sensuality and intuition. For the most part, this sun sign is one of the more misunderstood signs, yet they do in fact make very loyal friends.

- Discover how Mercury retrograde will impact Scorpio. -

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Scorpio traits: 10 Things to know about Scorpio

Here are 10 facts you must know about the Scorpio born traits. We've gone even further and have chosen 15 facts about the Scorpio personality that you need to know!

  • Scorpio dates: October 23 to November 21
  • Scorpio strong points: Tactful, persistent
  • Scorpio qualities: Coherence, pugnacity
  • Scorpio faults: Aggressive
  • Gems: Garnet, Ruby
  • Scorpio planet: Mars/Pluto
  • Scorpio element: Water
  • Colors: Red, gray
  • Metal: Iron
  • Corresponding body parts: Genital organs

'When Scorpios fall in love, they fall deep!'

Scorpio quote

The art of happiness for Scorpio

In order for a Scorpio to feel happy and content in life, strong sensations and adventures need to be on the horizon. Scorpio has very deep feelings and has a very intense personality that needs to be constantly entertained. Living a normal 9-5 standard life is nowhere near thrilling enough for this fiery character!

Unexpected adventures and surprises are what gets this zodiac sign’s heart racing.

Scorpio personality: What are the characteristics of a Scorpio?

Scorpio is one of the Water signs, like Cancer and Pisces, which explains why Scorpio feels compelled to express their emotions and feelings. While Scorpios can be secretive about things they consider important, they do however open up when they feel safe.

Scorpios are normally known for their strong sexuality, desire, and passion, personality traits which make them very intense zodiac lovers.

What are Scorpio's positive and negative traits?

Understanding Scorpio will help you build better relationships with Scorpio born people in love, work and life. Here are their 5 biggest positive and negative traits.

Scorpio's positive traits:
Scorpio's negative traits:
1) Focused
1) Jealous
2) Brave
2) Possessive
3) Loyal
3) Secretive
4) Faithful
4) Domineering
5) Ambitious
5) Resentful

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Scorpio traits male:

A Scorpio male is a complex character and when in a relationship, he can let his aggressive nature and jealousy get the best of him. A Scorpio man isn't always confident and is always prepared to scrutinize and evaluate his behavior. 

Self-evaluation doesn't scare a Scorpio man. A Scorpio man can be very resentful and has trouble forgiving and letting things go. 


Scorpio man’s intense character means he is highly competitive.

Scorpio traits female:

Scorpio women are very complex characters and they are quite frankly hard to keep up with! A Scorpio woman is naturally mysterious and sexy, which is why she is challenging to date. Scorpio females have explosive personalities and can really erupt like volcanoes when they are mad. 


Scorpio is one of the angriest zodiac signs!

What are Scorpios good at?

Scorpio are strong leaders and have very intense personalities. Scorpios are very determined and thanks to their devotion, they always see things through to the end. Their powerful ideas and energy mean they are capable of success on a large scale. Due to their courageous nature, they make great friends and team players. 

Are all Scorpios jealous?

Scorpio is the most jealous zodiac sign. Scorpios love hard and are such intense characters that their emotions are often magnified and deepened and jealousy is no different. When a Scorpio feels jealous and threatened, they can become very unkind and hurtful.

Scorpio compatibility: What zodiac signs are compatible with Scorpio?

The most compatible signs with Scorpio are Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. Scorpio and Cancer are made for each other and really have what it takes to go the distance in a relationship. Scorpio and Virgo make a great couple, as long as they decide to open up to each other. Scorpio and Capricorn get on like a house on fire, though they must accept each other's quirks.

Who do Scorpios not get along with?

Scorpio is considered to be the least compatible zodiac sign with Leo and AquariusLeo and Aquarius both know exactly how to push Scorpio's buttons and get them to explode. If a Scorpio dates a Leo or an Aquarius, things probably won't last very long and there is likely to be lots of drama.

Scorpio zodiac sign:

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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world Astrology, Tarot and Numerology and I also love sharing my insights into every aspect of these domains. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world Astrology, Tarot and Numerology and I also love sharing my insights into every aspect of these domains. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

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Sheet, Me and the person I hated the most are good couples.................................... H E L L N O

I don’t really get jealous that much even though I’m a Scorpio. But when someone hurts one of my friends or family, then I’ll become a real Scorpio.

I get jealous when one of my bffs spend to much time with others. I'm okay for one or two days, but a week or more, THAT'S WHERE I BECOME A REAL SCORPIO!!! PLZ HELP ME щ(゚Д゚щ)

A Scorpio only get jealous when we cannot have something we really really want which is why it comes out in the case of our partners. We want them really bad and the reason we are that way is because when we feel deep inside our hearts about someone we are convinced we are theirs and they are ours. We think of the individual as ours in every romantic way possible from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Those are all parts of ourselves we give which is why we behave the way we do. What most don't realize about us is when we give our hearts to someone we give our entire essence and this is not something we do often. Maybe once or twice in our lives do we love someone deep enough to get through our crevices. When we are new to love as in never felt it we get so emotional that we withdraw through fear. We are bombarded constantly against our will with images of the person, from the way they smile to how they smell to how they feel,to their laugh to the eyes, nothing goes unnoticed when a Scorpio is in love. It's like we truly bond with the person and for us it involves all our senses. You think we do not care because we may not say it alot or at all when we are young. As we age and mature we learn to express our feelings as they come. The truth is if we love you and your love is just as true as ours there's nothing we won't do for you. So most Scorpios get a hard time for not revealing how we feel but the truth is most people would not really understand or accept what love is to us. Our innermost parts are sensitive and the only people we let see those places are those who will protect and cherish it. Those we believe have the ability to give what we give.


Very well expressed. Couldn't agree more. Nice to read & know I'm not alone.

Thanks for the comment. I have a suitor, he is mysterious, not easily approachable but watches every move I make. Is VERY careful, but when I back up he moves forward. This will take some time, I have this feeling neither one of us trusts easily. He is cool on the exterior. I am on fire on the exterior but we are probably opposite inside. It's a very interesting engagement, a challeneg but I'm up for it.

I’m a Scorpio so doesn’t this mean I’m a bad person and I should go kill myself :( okay fine bye!

Actually Scorpio know what they want and if they don't get it the first time they will get it second and third because Scorpio are perfectionist, will learn from mistake and will improve and they aren't afraid to fail and make a mistake and a Scorpio is not a jealous person because with the talent of a Scorpios don't need to be jealous. Yet they are only jealous in relationship because Scorpio are long term relationship, you are like they a hook up but if they have hook up that because they like or are interested in you it actually a complement because Scorpio are picky with who they like and if they know you are going to be unfaithful and not going to take it seriously they are not even go to consider you so they are actually not that jealous at all. And we aren't the angriest sign to be exact we are actually cool and collected you are thinking because they are co rule go Mar they are angry we only anger when we have to but angry is in Aries.

I recently ended it with another scorpio man and I am now done dating them. My ex-husband was a scorpio and I have dated two since then and Leo-Scorpio relationships all start and end the same way from my experience. I find them mysterious to begin with and our differences are a novelty while we are still in the non-dating phase. But once I let them catch me, the excitement quickly fades and it's as if we drop our masks and our real selves come out more and more. And those differences are terrible to live with. Scorpios play so many mind games, I never know what they are really thinking as they are never open and honest with me. They get insanely jealous, have huge mood swings and then disappear, which I can't stand! I have walk on eggshells all the time and try to work out what the hell they are thinking! I was completely devoted to my ex and he just never seemed that interested for long. And they all just know how to push the worst buttons when we argue! It is far too much hard work for what it's worth!


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