What Does It Mean To Be Aquarius With A Scorpio Rising?

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Aquarius sun Scorpio rising, you are perceived as a seductive, attractive, alluring, and mysterious predator, but you remain profoundly individualistic despite your humanitarian appearance. Brimming with revolutionary ideas that align with collective progress, you still maintain a somewhat selfish demeanor in your personal relationships. Your rebellious independence clashes with your quest for intense and passionate emotions, leading to a sometimes tumultuous but rich love life.

What Does It Mean To Be Aquarius With A Scorpio Rising?
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Aquarius sun Scorpio rising - A mystifying personality

Endowed with a complete personality, you never let go of your principles, and you imperatively need to lead a life in line with your values. As a purist, you do what you say, adhering to your principles in your actions. Throughout your life, you extend your understanding and combativeness beyond known limits, anticipating the future with greater mastery. Aquarius sun Scorpio rising, you are unconventional, independent, whole, and secretive, you are difficult to grasp, and your personality both fascinates and worries.

Your ideals are made of tolerance and brotherhood, but you yourself are very demanding, even intolerant and rebellious 😠. You can be sympathetic, warm, and humorous, but you can also exhibit great coldness and brutal frankness. You need to isolate yourself regularly to recharge, but you also enjoy being surrounded. Passion is your driving force in all areas of your life.

Aquarius sun Scorpio rising in love and relationships

Your sentimental life is far from easygoing, what with your complicated character, your path is often tumultuous, painful and unstable. Your passionate and idealistic character pushed to the extreme does not facilitate anything. Therefore, break-ups are commonplace for you. Aquarius sun Scorpio rising, when you are in a relationship, you rely on the intensity of feelings and passion in order to judge how far things will go. Your union is often marked by tensions and reconciliations.👫

In search of intense emotions, your love life is tumultuous. Possessive, jealous, and somewhat selfish, your relationships are marked by passion, conflicts, and reconciliations. You are a passionate partner in love, a bit jealous and possessive, but fun and surprising. The laws of love are not the same as those of war, and in love, you must know how to lose to win. Too proud, you never lay down your weapons, fearing loss of face.

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What is Aquarius sun Scorpio rising like with their family?

You naturally enjoy group activities, but you fear that family agreements will reduce your independence. You need an autonomous family. Intelligent, kind, friendly, compassionate, but also very original and independent, you pursue your path without regard for what your loved ones think. You may even act against your own household just to assert your independence. With eccentric and avant-garde ideas, you defend your freedom.

How about with money and finances?

Professionally, you need an interesting job that aligns with your convictions to fully invest yourself. Conqueror, determined, fearless, your will often borders on obstinacy. You can excel in sciences or any research work. Aquarius sun Scorpio rising, you are observant, intuitive, and calculating, you are a skilled strategist. You can be blinded by pride and greed when you are in a bad mood, but assuming a leadership position is easy for you if that's what you want. Any job that allows you to shine suits you perfectly. 🧑‍💼

What are they like at work?

The increase in your wealth pushes you to firmly hold the reins of your money and aspire to free yourself from influences to express your uniqueness even in your investments. You have immutable values, which can push you to isolate yourself too much and step back from conventional investments. Your intuition and common sense protect you from major issues, and you have rather simple tastes. You constantly need to get things moving, and you rely on the diversity of your current tasks to break up the daily routine. You are certainly not afraid to take up challenges, and you like to take risks in order to carry out your projects, thus, you have a true spirit of an adventurer. Likewise, you know how to question yourself, and you are not afraid to start from scratch.

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In conclusion…

Maintaining balanced relationships requires compromises that sometimes seem ungrateful to you. However, Aquarius sun Scorpio rising, you can learn without sacrificing what matters to you. You make choices without sufficiently considering the opinions of those close to you, even if you often say the opposite. You appear committed to various causes, but if it doesn't benefit you, you quickly let go. Likewise, you cannot stand authority that could be exerted over you, but you genuinely value your friends.

While our zodiac signs are the most well-known parameter of astrology among the public, anyone that knows anything about astrology would testify that the ascendant sign is an equally important consideration for evaluating a personality. The ascendant is known to play a significant role in the development of character, along with having an influence on physical characteristics.

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Aquarius sun Scorpio rising; surprising mix

Independent and passionate, this combination is full of color. Sometimes a bit shy, you can count on your ascendant to make you more sociable. In effect, sensitive and patient, you want to gather the world around you and share your knowledge – everyone enjoys your funny, empathetic and original speeches. This year your relationships will be particularly pampered, notably with lovers that you’ve made official or with whom you have a new level with, both emotional and romantically.

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