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Scorpio And Scorpio Compatibility: ♥ All Or Nothing

Intensity, radicality, depth and authenticity are just some of the defining points that this duo shares. As soon as they have judged with certainty that the other is trustworthy, they will devote themselves fully to the relationship. Together they will share a taste for psychological analysis and detective novels and movies. At work, they will excel at righting wrongs and hunting down corruption hidden in the spheres of power. Read on for more details on the Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility and discover their love score.

"Scorpio and Scorpio are too similar." 

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility score: 2/5

Whatever their relation, be it familial, friendly, romantic, or professional, these two signs being alike isn’t necessarily a good thing, and could lead to total warfare despite the fact that they have lots of potential! Together, two Scorpios like challenges and complexity, and their passion for personal progression sees the light of day after stormy bouts of arguing. In a couple, the sexual chemistry can be intense. But the instinctive side of their nature brings them to feel jealous, although a jealousy that is tolerable.

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Could Scorpio and Scorpio have a successful relationship?

Scorpios love complicated yet passionate relationships, which evolve, transform and progress. Two Scorpios together will form an intensely sensual relationship, but their jealousy could ruin everything and become totally uncontrollable. This couple could work out but in order to do so, they need to work hard to contain their negative traits.

You are both of the same sign and that brings you closer in terms of taste, desires and habits. Thus, your relationship is a story that has every chance.

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What could bring this couple down:

As passionate, possessive, jealous and whole as each other, your relationship will be perpetually punctuated with ups and downs. You will therefore have to learn to manage your moods if you want your relationship to last!

Scorpio and Scorpio's sex life:

You are in tune, in good times and bad!

Love advice for this pair:

Ride through the hard times.

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