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Scorpio And Libra Compatibility: ♥ Passionate Partners

Although this pair is linked by their fiery passion and admiration for seduction, they are fairly different and could end up bugging each other. With bold seduction tactics, philtres and spells, they compete with each other in ruses tomake each other happy. Beware, then, of the war of attrition between these two beings who could, in addition to that, experience a beautiful complicity and passionate hours. Read on for more details on the Scorpio and Libra compatibility and discover their love score.

"Scorpio and Libra need to trust in each other." 

Scorpio and Libra compatibility score: 2/5

Libra personality and Scorpio are very attracted to each other and their chemistry really is intense. Libra is guided by Venus and Scorpio by Mars and Pluto, thus they are naturally sensual when paired together, although this love match should ensure that their passion for each other doesn’t become toxic. Scorpio may become annoyed by the nonchalance of Libra. Jealousy plays a destabilizing role in their rapport…in the office they can work well in activities related to justice, as well in friendship.

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Could Scorpio and Libra have a successful relationship?

Scorpio could have a hard time dealing with Libra’s relaxed personality, which could create some serious tensions between them. Scorpio and Libra are intensely passionate which at times leads to jealousy and jealousy could really push them away from each other and destroy their budding relationship. Although indecisive, Libra knows how to stabilize Scorpio and soothe their anxieties whilst encouraging them to follow their intuition. A relationship between these two is therefore possible!

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What could bring this couple down:

Scorpio, you will have many difficulties in understanding this indecisive Air sign. As for Libra, they will struggle putting up with your demands, your moods, your possessiveness and your self-destruction.

Scorpio and Libra's sex life:

Between sensuality and hyper sexuality, you should be complementary but beware of the suffering that this causes!

Love advice for this pair:

Make the efforts needed to understand each other.

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