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Scorpio And Taurus Compatibility: ♥ A Sexy Couple

The intense chemistry between these two means that they are immediately attracted to each other. These natives also have what it takes to enhance each other's loyalty, emotional awareness and understanding. Scorpio will teach Taurus not to be too naive in business and love, and Taurus will appease the somewhat tortured inner world of Scorpio. Read on for more details on the Scorpio and Taurus compatibility and discover their love score.

"Scorpio and Taurus live for sensuality." 

Scorpio and Taurus compatibility score: 3/5

These two are different, but complementary. As sensual beings, they can pass hours in the bedroom. It’s a very physical relationship, but intellectually they just aren’t a great match. Scorpio is too complex for Taurus personality, who thinks pragmatically. Scorpio can’t pick on Taurus, which may incite violence. Nonetheless, Taurus’ life calms Scorpio through patience. Instinctive Scorpio teaches Taurus to use intuition to think things through.

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Could Scorpio and Taurus have a successful relationship?

Scorpio could provoke nasty reactions from Taurus with their teasing; these personalities are made to clash. Although, when times get tough Taurus will be there to calm Scorpio and reassure them. Scorpio is more reactive than Taurus and will therefore help Taurus to seize all the opportunities available. As they often say, opposites attract each other and here they do. Your relationship is a bit like a mixture of the senses and alchemy that no one can really explain.

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What could bring this couple down:

Scorpio, you intoxicate the Bull who is often bewitched by your magnetism, even it hurts them! Very often, your relationship is built on a mutual dependence, God knows where that can lead you!

Scorpio and Taurus' sex life:

Complementary, you will be able to meet the expectations of the other without difficulty, but beware of dependency!

Love advice for this pair:

Learn to understand each other.

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