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Taurus Personality: Discover Taurus' Best And Worst Character Traits

The Taurus zodiac sign is known for being reliable, practical and trustworthy. Taurus personalities are at one with nature and can adapt themselves to all sorts of environments. A Taurus personality loves simplicity and leading a calm life. Sentimental, loyal, conservative, yet a little egocentric, a Taurus personality is far from being one-dimensional and boring. Do you know everything there is to know about the Taurus traits?

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Taurus zodiac dates:

April 20 - May 20

Taurus zodiac sign meaning

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is an Earth sign, just like Capricorn and Virgo. Taurus is grounded, realistic, hands-on and practical. The Taurus zodiac sign is represented by the wandering Bull who betrayed the Goddess Hera. Following his betrayal, the Bull consequently had to roam the Earth alone to seek his freedom. 

Taurus traits

Taurus personalities are deeply caring, smart and wise, especially when it comes to money. The second zodiac sign has a clear plan for earning, saving, and investing. For more information on Taurus, we've selected 15 fun facts about Taurus personality.

What is Taurus' ruling planet?

Taurus is ruled by Venus; the planet of love, beauty and attraction. Venus ensures Taurus' natural charm and strong desire to develop harmonious and peaceful relationships. Taurus personalities crave tranquility and really do appreciate the little things in life.

Thanks to Venus, a Taurus will often develop artistic and culinary talents. Taurus is a loyal zodiac sign and absolutely hates surprises!

What are the qualities of a Taurus?

Taurus people's positive qualities include being stable, practical and honest. Taurus people don’t take risks and love staying in their comfort zones. Other Taurus traits include being supportive, kind and understanding.

How is a Taurus personality? 

Here are 10 facts you must know about the Taurus personality. 

  • Taurus zodiac sign dates: April 20 to May 20
  • Taurus strong points: Endurance, prudence, solidity
  • Taurus qualities: Wisdom, loyalty
  • Taurus negative traits: Laziness, stubbornness
  • Gems: Emerald, Aquamarine
  • Taurus planet: Venus
  • Taurus element: Earth
  • Color: Green
  • Metal: Copper
  • Corresponding body parts: Neck, vocal cords

'Taurus are good listeners, they try to see both sides of the story'. 

Taurus traits: What is a Taurus like?

Taurus is known for being stubborn and determined; a Taurus will never give up. Taurus people have a huge professional potential, and they won’t hesitate to work late to finish a job. Hard work doesn't scare a Taurus because they crave professional success. 

Taurus personalities make excellent friends who, despite risks in life, will always be there to support those closest to them. A Taurus hates being faced with tough and uncertain situations and needs stability to feel good. Taurus people appreciate the little things in life!

Taurus positive and negative traits

How well do you know the personality traits of the Taurus zodiac sign? Understanding the Taurus personality will help you build better relationships with Taurus in all aspects of life and love. Let’s take a look at Taurus' 5 biggest positive and negative traits. 

Taurus positive traits:
Taurus negative traits:
1) Generous
1) Jealous
2) Understanding
2) Lazy
3) Logical
3) Stubborn
4) Kind
4) Materialistic
5) Patient
5) Possessive

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Taurus personality female

Taurus woman have amazingly diverse personality traits including being emotionally strong, independent and genuine. Out of all the astrological signs, a Taurus female is the most reliable zodiac and always stays level-headed. It’s fair to say that a Taurus personality female knows how to make wise decisions.

Taurus personality male

Taurus guy traits include being loving, cuddly and sensual. A Taurus man loves to think his decisions through before taking the plunge and won’t jump into a relationship too quickly. Taurus men love taking their time when it comes to relationships. Taurus men are calm and stable influences and make for very supportive partners. Taurus guys love being in long term relationships because they dream of settling down.

Is a Taurus jealous?

Dating a Taurus isn't always easy because take it from us; Taurus people can become very jealous and possessive. A Taurus hates seeing other people check their partners out and become jealous when threatened. Taurus people love really deep and when a Taurus personality falls in love, it's normally for life. The Taurus personality is naturally jealous as well as materialistic.

Taurus compatibility: Who is a Taurus most compatible with?

The most compatible signs with Taurus are Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces. Taurus and Cancer have similar personalities and life goals which is why they make a good match. As for Taurus and Capricorn, they make amazing sexual partners. Taurus and Virgo share a high work ethic and as for Taurus and Pisces, they both dream of starting a family. 

Taurus horoscope:

More details about Taurus:


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